I got you a bunch of links for Valentine's Day. You're welcome.

Modernizing Your T-SQL

I love the concept of this series - revisiting T-SQL challenges now that new features are widely available - like how to split strings today.

Columnstore Compression Tuning

Is really hard work.

How to Calculate DTU Usage

Microsoft made the calculation method official by publishing it in the documentation.

Durability vs Availability

Simple primer on a big tradeoff.

Sorry, I'm Working

An attempt to take back Mondays and Tuesdays.

Redundancy Only Helps

If the system can survive when the redundant part fails.

The Dark Side of Fame

Tim Ferriss explains why it's not all roses, and I shared my (much smaller) dark experiences.

The Loneliest Place

Stannard Rock Lighthouse.

Live Satellite Map

There's a lot of stuff flying around up there.

Gifs That End Too Soon

My new favorite subreddit. Like, I'm dying here.

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