Books, Reboots, and Customer Service

Things we liked this week

Brent’s Books

Yes, books. This week, we’re gonna get our learn on the old-fashioned way: by killing trees.

One Page Project Manager

Forget complicated methodologies and fancy software - track your projects on one page of paper. Anything more is overkill.

SQL Server Clustering

There’s not a book out yet on SQL 2012 clustering, but as you plan your 2012 deployments, start with the basics in Allan Hirt’s 2008 Failover Clustering book. It’s still very relevant.

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened

The Bloggess is the funniest, filthiest blogger out there. Her book drops April 17th. Order it right effing now.

The Cost of Non-Ownership

Amazon’s latest whitepaper shows how much you can save by renting your database from Amazon.

The Customer Service Circus

Welcome to Customer Service


LinkedIn needed fast, flexible, resilient change data capture so they rolled their own

How Many Times Did That Query Run?

Here’s how to use XEvents in SQL 2012 to see the number of times a query ran in a workload.

How Big Will Magnetic Drives Get?

4 Terabyte drives are shipping, and bigger drives are coming— maybe even 60 Terabyte drives. What does this mean for how we think about storage?

The Desktop OS that Doesn’t Need Rebooting

Here’s the story of OS/2, and how you may still be using it.

What to Do When You Get Rejected for A Job

When you get turned down, you’re not necessarily done.


This week, Brent gives out DBA Darwin awards: T-SQL Edition


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