Some1Speaking season closes tonight
Roland's solo Zoom show - 4 more perfs
Hear Me Out Labor Day Fest & Awards Ceremony

Each time we gather online to hear monologues we are less alone

Why is this? 

We are all listening intently and we are listening for signs of life. Listening and looking at the face that is speaking and trying to decide what we think and how we feel. Is this someone we can trust? Is this someone we admire? Pity? Fear? Envy? Adore? And why are they talking right now? What are they after? 

Generally speaking in life we tend to wonder most about the people whose intentions are not immediately crystal clear. Because we know that to be alive is to be always seeking, we intuitively search (sometimes unconsciously) for clues as to what this person might be up to. Once we think we've solved that puzzle, everything done and said will make sense to us first as it relates to that thing that seems to be driving this person forward.

And when we discover we were wrong about them, that's one of the most delicious thrills we can have in the theatre. 

Join us whenever you crave a little face time with a character whose actions may surprise you. To be surprised by the actions of others is one of the ways we stay alive.

To have that moment of being caught unawares in the presence of 20, 40 or 100 other people who may or may not be as taken aback by you?

There's almost nothing quite so thrilling.

The theatre is one of the few places in life where it's always thrilling to be proved wrong. 

In Audience Solidarity,

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We've added 4 more performances to the Nagging Feeling schedule. 

Following each performance you're invited to remain in the Hear Me Out Black Box for a conversation led by one of our esteemed Process Moderators bringing the unique perspective of Psychology, Sociology, History, Law, Governement, the Arts and Media to the strangely disorienting hour you've just enjoyed.
Tonight we meet characters created by these six writers: Ann Marie Shea, Deborah Dashow Ruth, Patricia Barrier, Jill Bess, Tori Rice and Rex McGregor.
Some audiences are raving. 

Book your Audience Seen & Heard Seats for the Third Annual Hear Me Out Labor Day Fest.


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Congratulations, Mr. Garrison. 

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On the first Sunday of each month, writers and lovers of great writing gather for one hour of Suze Allen's Memoir Church. 4PM, EDT. 
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