Esmerelda Hits a Home Run

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Hi Darling,

For today's e-Note, allow me to introduce you to a lovely young writer named Esmerelda. 

Like you, she's written a lot. Some plays. Maybe a screenplay or two. She's even published an article or two and a couple books. She never talks about her books. Why is that?

Esmé, as her close friends call her, is usually quite prolific. In fact, in happier times, she could be counted on to have more than a couple irons in the fire... until a cold March day in 2020 when suddenly she found herself curled up in the fetal position with the bedroom door closed, unsure of whether it would be safe to breathe the same air as her roommates.

By mid-July of that first year it was clear to this bright young writer that pandemic isolation had slowly transformed the wellspring of her creativity into an anemic trickle. In fact, she can't seem to remember when she last sat down to write with anything approaching her usual flow.

She knew she had to do something to save her creative life. And quick.

Fortunately for her, Esmerelda was a longstanding member of the RT Inner Circle.

Every serious artist understands that inspiration doesn't just fall down from heaven. It gets cultivated. Purposefully by the artist herself. 

If you're ever feeling a little lost (like Esmé), unsure of what to pick up next, remember this: nothing will ground you as quickly or as reliably as reconnecting with your tribe. 


Today's e-Note

imagines the next few weeks through Esmerelda's eyes and offers you one example of a path she (and you, too) might well take from I Have No Idea What I Might Want to Do to the ever loving embrace of Oh My God I Can't Get This Project Out of My Head!

I'm Roland Tec and I approved this message.

In Audience Solidarity,

P.S. Wondering where it was you saw that RT Inner Circle announcement about X, Y or Z? Look no further than the RT Inner Circle Archive. Why not bookmark it while you're at it.

June 10th |.    Clearing the Cobwebs

With less than one week to go before the Early Bird Deadline for the Hear Me Out Monologue Competition, she wanted to use this time to open her mind so that she might review her own monologue with fresh eyes capable of spotting just the right minor edit to elevate her work to new heights. 

So she went browsing the archives at EXTRA CRITICUM. Here are two interesting pieces she may never have discovered had it not been for that odd disruption to her usual routine. 

June 14th | The Power to Name It (early)

Being slightly superstitious and never quite letting go of the intense memory of a certain freshman term paper printer jam missed deadline tragedy, Esmé submits her monologue on the 2022 When We Name It theme exactly 24 hours ahead of the Early Bird Deadline, thus ensuring her eligibllity for the coveted Alvin Epstein Memorial Prize for Solo Performance. 
As a solo writer-performer Esmé was excited when Christine Toy Johnson won the Epstein Prize for 2022.

What better way to unwind after getting her submission in early than to listen to the latest version of this year's winning piece, A Little More Blue by Christine Toy Johnson.

June 15th | Embracing Zoom Theatre Fully

While most of her own inner inner circle of writer friends were frantically proof-reading and uploading to make the Noon deadline, Esmé took the morning off from writing and instead decided to explore this strange little solo Zoom show Roland had been developing.

A Nagging Feeling Best Not Ignored (3 min. video teaser)

3 min video of a recent rehearsal of Roland Tec's solo Zoom show
Then something she'd never before noticed caught her eye. 

A special offer: Theatre-lovers Night Out.  


When you and your friends purchase 4 full price tickets, the 5th is yours for free AND you and your friends are automatically invited to a post-show discussion with the playwright. 

July 4th | Oh, What a Rich Tapestry it Is

Not quite yet ready to turn in her CoVid-safety wings, she knew a beer, wine and fried chicken picnic underneath a fireworks display was not going to be how she marked the American birthday this year.

When she happened to notice that the 4th fell on a Monday this year she wondered aloud whether Roland Tec and the Hear Me Out Team (Kaleigh Cerqua, Suze Allen, Bill Crouch and Michelle Moltz) would have quite the chutzpah required to keep their first Monday evening of the month schedule for Some1Speaking.


Monday July 4th at 6PM


written & performed by David Simpatico

A Brilliant Prospect

written by Marjorie Bicknell
performed by Robert Weick

Johnny Vance

written by Michael Crockett
performed by Lisa Stathoplos

Phillie Ain't No Fool

written by Susan Rabin
performed by Richard Hoehler


written & performed by Star Stone

all monologues directed by Suze Allen

As a member of the RT Inner Circle you may enter Promo Code: Comp4U to drop the ticket price from $5 to zero whenever you like.
S1S Box Office
Esmé cried herself to sleep that night. She was that moved by the talent and ambition on display in those 5 quintessentially American characters, each desperate to be better understood and determined never to be ignored. (Not so unlike the country they called home)

"I always feel so inspired when I go to hear the work of other playwrights. I should remember that and make it a monthly priority." 

That was the last thought dancing gently through her head just before she slipped from consciousness and into dreamland.

July 6th | What Just Happened to Us?

Two days after Independence Day, the premiere of A Nagging Feeling Best Not Ignored was finally upon us.

Before tuning into the 8PM performance, she thought she'd drop in on Wednesday Gathering again to see if Roland was still running an event that runs right up to half hour.

Yup. There he was! And eating a bowl of spaghetti, no less. After reading a short poem which she couldn't make up her mind about she told Roland to break a leg and reminded him that she and her 8 Theatre-lovers Night Out pals were looking forward to both the play and their exclusive post-show conversation. 

Roland looked up from his bowl of spaghetti. Had he heard correctly? 

"Did you say you're bringing 8 friends to see my new solo Zoom show?"

Esmé just shrugged her shoulders and smiled. All in a day's work. 

"Why couldn't they all be like Esmé," he mused as he slipped out of one shirt and into another.

And then, the house was open and they started trickling in.

The Audience.

How hard we'd worked to court them. And how hard they'd worked to find us. 

And what a privilege and a joy it was just to be together again. 

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