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Once upon a time Extra Criticum was founded as a group blog. Blogs had just become a thing and my friend Robert David Sullivan advised me to get one. I said (in my way) "I'm only going to start a blog if it's a group blog." 

Little did I know that the blog would for awhile feel like a personal appendage. I watched as one by one each of the authors I'd recruited for the blog defected to create their own. 

Long story short? I still welcome voices and perspectives other than my own. If you have an idea for an Extra Criticum post, send me an email pitching it.  I'd love to include you.
Hey, Rolando!

Jumpstart this Pandemic Holiday Season with 5 Characters Refusing to be Still.

Our Monologue Odyssey Continues.

On the first Monday evening of each month, Hear Me Out Monologues introduces us to 5 characters through 5 monologues written by 5 fabulous writers. We call this: Some1Speaking

Monday December 6 at 6PM

Red Shoes

written by Jennie Redling, performed by Roland Tec

Comedy Cavern

written & performed by Carl Kissin

There's Always Tomorrow

written & performed by Rick Park


written & performed by Serena Norr


You Wreck Me Baby

written & performed by Lisa Stathoplos

all monologues directed by Suzanne Bachner

As a member of the RT Inner Circle member you may enter Promo Code: Comp4U to drop the ticket price from $5 to zero whenever you like.
S1S Box Office

Channel Surfing Hear Me Out YouTube

a recurring spotlight from the archives

Here's a monologue I find particularly wonderful. 
Please welcome Christine Toy Johnson performing her own piece:


Let's Talk About the Work

I invite you to share your observations about this monologue.  What makes it so thoroughly entertaining and unforgettable? Use the comments section on the YouTube Channel.

While you're there, why not subscribe?

"Roland Tec has done a remarkable thing with his Hear Me Out Monologue series: he has brought back the audience! With a simple solution, he bridges the divide between performer and audience by creating an intimate aural connection between both sides of the monologue. Being able to hear the audience respond is vital to the performance experience, but now it is even amped up to an intimate level, wherein the subtle intake of breath or a rueful chuckle registers among the active sea of audience response. The sharing of sound makes all the difference in the world."
—David Simpatico, playwright, librettist & performance artist

Please submit your monologue to Some1Speaking.

Visit our Monologue Uploader.

Monologue Uploader

Roland Tec Online Writing Workshop with Tammy Ryan is now full. 

Allow me to introduce you to 3 of the 12 writers in this year's workshop. Over the next several months I'll introduce you to them all. Each of today's trio took home a Hear Me Out Ear at this year's Labor Day Fest. 

Rick Park

Rick Park is a Boston area playwright and actor who enjoys writing about the odd people in the world and the delicious intricacies of their life perspectives. His monologue Border Lines (Feels Like I'm Going to Lose My Mind) won the August van der Becq Memorial Prize for Daring at Hear Me Out 2021.

Andrea Aptecker

Andrea Aptecker is a teacher and playwright. Her plays and monologues have been performed in the United States and UK. Her monologue It's Nice to Be Out in Society won the Audience Favorite Award at Hear Me Out 2021.

Anya Martin

Anya Martin ran away from her rural Mennonite home to study theatre at Carnegie Mellon, and then kept running to Sarah Lawrence where she received her MFA. She is a writer, director, producer, and theatre thinker who is also the Founding Artistic Director of Hiawatha Project, a 10-year-old original theatre-devising company in Pittsburgh. Her monologue Mother(Land) Will Teach You That won the Silver Ear (short form) at Hear Me Out 2021.

Come Again?

Every delicious monologue starts with this fact of life. We are seldom completely heard.

And of course that's why I offer this workshop three times a year. Celebrate the Holidaze with your tribe... writers who notice everything.
December 26-28

save 20% with Coupon Code: DECMONO21 when you register before 11/15.
Register Today

Register Before November 15 and Save 20%

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