This email has a lot on offer. Take 10 minutes to review it today or tomorrow. What's inside:  Workshops to develop your craft. An Action Network to build a structure that can move your career forward. And public forums to introduce your work to audiences that will adore it. Plus... Some1Speaking this Monday which you won't want to miss.
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Hello Darling,

Who among your close friends and associates deserves to be invited into the RT "Inner Circle?" Only "Inner Circle" members will be given the opportunity to enter this year's
Hear Me Out New American Monologue Competition early and compete for exclusive prizes and opportunities. Official 2021 Call For Entries goes out on Mother's Day. "Inner Circle" members get a 10-day head start. Studies have shown that people who share information about career opportunties rather than hoarding them tend to win more prizes. Something to do with the electrons that are sent dancing when we act selflessly. 
Support the free programming with a gift of any amount.

R O L A N D   T E C

You have work to create that the world urgently needs. Consider all that's required to get from here to there.

This e-Newsletter contains half a dozen keys that when employed in the proper context are designed to nurture, inspire and sustain you in your career as you develop, create, refine, produce and distribute new work that can and will change the world. 

Take a look at these opportunities and choose what's right for you in Spring/Summer, 2021, a seasonal emergence like none we've ever lived through.

If you ever have a question about anything on offer, just send an email to

How much you accomplish each year is directly dependent on how you're setting goals and checking progress. When you engage others in your plan of attack rather than relying on privately held benchmarks, new opportunties find their way to you.

Once a month, a small group of artists gather to check themselves on their best practices, organizational systems, career strategies and business accountability. When you begin to devote a serious level of attention to how you get from an idea to a fully-realized piece of work that is seen and loved by many, your career will advance by leaps and bounds. 

Make time each week for benchmark checking and longterm planning. Shepherd your best work into the world with the care and attention to detail it deserves.

the Roland Tec Action Network (RTAN)

2nd Saturday of each month at 11AM, EST.
Space is Limited.
Registration Deadline for May Start: April 15, 2021

Membership costs less than the price of dinner for one at the Olive Garden. And who in their right mind is running to a restaurant. Invest in your career. 
Register for the Action Network for $35/month

3 Hours That Just Might Change Everything

Have you ever wondered what the secret was? What it might be that sends audiences crowding into box office lines for some shows and just forgetting about others? Here's a secret. It has very little to do with what your play or film is about and a lot more to do with how you choose to tell your story.

Now You Draw Us In is Roland's 3-hr introduction to a whole new way of thinking about audience curiosity. The one commodity you cannot afford to ignore is the curiosity that keeps audiences in their seats and coming back for more. This 3-hr interactive workshop is your window in to a new way of harnessing the most important fuel there is.

Now You Draw Us In

Sunday April 18th at 2PM, EST

Registration Deadline: April 6, 2021 at Noon. 

Inner Circle Registration Just $33

Give a Gift that Honors Talent

Know a writer who absolutely blows you away? Why not give them a gift that underscores your belief in their talent. Underwrite someone's tuition in an RT workshop or gift them a 6 or 12-pack of private sessions with Roland. 

Explore Here

Know Your Show on the Deepest Level and You Can Pretty Much Figure Out a Way to Present it Anywhere. The Key Lies in its Heart.

Expanding on the lessons learned during Online Solo.... Join a group of writer-performers all on the same path, developing a solo show which they will perform themselves. 

Admission into this workshop will be by application only. Ten pages of your script submitted. Plus an appearance at one of Roland's Wednesday Gathering Open Mics  to try out 5 minutes of material for a small supportive audience of fellow artists.

This workshop culminates in 4 nights of public showcases of your new show before an audience that includes some of the best minds in the business. Class size limit: 10.

Zoom Box Black Box

Wednesdays 1:30-4PM, EDT 13 weeks starting May 26

Early Bird Deadline: April 23, 2021 at Noon. 

Apply Today with 10 pages of material and a 5min. appearance at a Wednesday Gathering open mic
Special 50% Discount to Online Solo Alumni.

If a tree falls in a forest...

Yes. As intimidating as it can sometimes be, forcing ourselves to get up and out in front of new audiences for our material is an essential way we grow as artists. To keep growing you must be in frequent dialogue with your audience.

Join us any Wednesday evening for one hour of 8 or 9 artists sharing work. This is a low-impact supportive environment where it's completely safe to fall on your face and get back up. Start here. And other opportunities will begin to appear on the horizon.

Participation is free to all though if you'd like to make the occasional gift to support the work, there's a button at the bottom of this email you can use for that.

Wednesday Gathering

Every Wednesday at 6:30PM, EST

Register once to receive the Zoom link.

Register for Wednesday Gathering here
Support the free programming with a gift of any amount.
"The most beneficial aspect of RTOWW is Roland's generosity of spirit and obvious love for writers and their writing. In this oftentimes overly competitive business, it is so nice to feel safe in a room, albeit virtual, where you know the leader truly has your back. Of course there were many helpful pointers and great exercises, but I think the real power of Roland's work is in his willingness and enthusiasm to embrace his fellow artists in service to our own goals for the work."
--Rich Hoehler, actor, playwright & director

A consistent writers workshop where you can bring an idea to first draft or refine something you've been putting on the back burner for way too long. 

The Roland Tec Online Writers Workshop meets three times a month for 6 months and provides writers with a balance of pages read in workshop and full manuscripts read outside of session so that short works and full-length masterpieces all have a shot at catching informed thoughtful feedback, feedback built on one essential question: What is the writer's intent?

Applications for the workshop are now open. Submit by April 30th to get a 20% discount off tuition when you pay in full upfront. 

RT Online Writers Workshop

June - November

Early Bird Application Deadline: April 30, 2021 at Noon. 

Apply Today

Some1Speaking continues Monday April 5th with a collection of characters to show us just how much we've changed in a year. 

After a year of dressing from the waist up how ready are we to reconnect with our public-facing selves?

Six monologues that really speak to this unique time we're in. We face tremendous uncertainty as we face the possibility of returning to life as it used to be. 

Living While Asian 
written & performed by Christine Toy Johnson

To Strangers in Airports
written & performed by Amanda Martin
A Monologue
written & performed by Rich Hoehler
Concrete Overpass
written by Heidi Mae, performed by Meghan Blish
written & performed by Romy Nordlinger
I Am the Worm
written & performed by Lisa Stathoplos

And this month we're excited to welcome our new resident director, Suzanne Bachner (of JMTC Theatre) who will direct each Some1Speaking monologue performance from now on. 

As always, Inner Circle members (that's you) should feel free to enter Promo Code: Comp4U to drop the ticket price from $5 down to zero.

Some1Speaking (the Art of Monologue)

1st Monday of the month at 6PM, EDT

$5 tickets here
Playwright Doug Burch on Some1Speaking (the Art of Monologue)
DO YOU TRUST ME? Written & performed by Tony Targan
(Me & My Masks YouTube)

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