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Happy Winter Solstice. 🎄
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Hi Darling,

As a member of the Roland Tec Inner Circle, in countless ways you nurtured curiosity and generosity during a time of great upheaval. We are all committed to the performing arts regardless of the physical challenges.

Almost everything in this email is offered by someone I know personally. These are people I know and trust. No one has paid me to endorse them. (How strange to live in a world where we need to say such a thing!)

Clicking on most of the images in this email will link to more information.

This email is free. Social Media is not. No one's tracking where your gaze lands or on which link you choose to click in order to wire funds into some offshore account. It's just me offering you stuff I hope you'll find useful. 

Me to you. Period. Simple. Quaint. 

I'm Roland Tec and I approved this message.

In Audience Solidarity,

P.S. And if you're curious to revisit last year's Holiday Email Stuffer, you'll find it here.

P.P.S. Important Announcement. There will be no Jan 3 Some1Speaking. We will return to our monthly programming on Monday February 7th.

Okay, so this guy I've never met. 

I wanted you to hear some music that may be unfamiliar to your ears. (Not you, Olga! But everyone else.) Happy Holidays! Enjoy!

Most popular posts of 2021: 

Last year I got lucky and a script of mine was invited to the Stowe Story Lab. I cannot say enough good things about this developmental opportunity. There are at least three ingredients found in the best such conferences. First, you want to know that the people at the top are actually interested in helping shepherd new work to find its way to its best audience. Then, you also hope that the quality of the participants is at a level that will provide you with inspiration and the possibility of deep artistic growth. Finally, you want all the facilitators to be both expert and human. Stowe hit a homerun as far as I'm concerned and if it weren't for my own pandemic-adjacent malaise, my television pilot would be further along. 

Healing Voices Deadline January 15

A few years ago I had the pleasure of participating in the Healing Voices Festival put on by the New Jersey Theater Alliance.

Scripts from caregivers on anything related to the topic of caregiving are workshopped and assembled into an evening program which then is presented at each of the participating theaters including: Premiere Stages, Art House Productions, Vanguard Theater Company and the McCarter Theatre Center. The selected scripts are first workshopped at one of the producing theaters before the mini tour of venues. My script was workshopped at Premiere Stages and it was a wonderful experience. The staff members working with us on our pieces were thoughtful and smart, as were the other writers having work presented. 

Check out the submission guidelines. Deadline January 15th.
Submit to Healing Voices
Suzanne Bachner, Resident Director of Some1Speaking and Hear Me Out Monologues is also a terrific playwright and she has a new play. Conversations with my Divorce Attorney is streaming through the end of this month only. Many years ago I randomly happened to walk into one of JMTC Theatre's Bachner-Brader creations. And I was so impressed that I've hardly missed a show of theirs since. 




8 Activities to Inoculate You From Pandemic Funk


#1: Early Morning or Late Night Walk with Headphones

Pick one of your favorite neighborhoods (if you live in a city) or easy hikes (if you don't) to revisit at the most quiet time -- either early early AM or 'round midnight. 

Plan your walk and take time to select a soundtrack that will support your rediscovery of this once familiar path. Grab your best set of headphones or earbuds, cue up the music, put on your warmest hat and gloves and scarf and step out into that winter wonderland letting your ears open your eyes to a new way of experiencing this familiar path.

#2: Do a Favor for Someone Who Has Not Asked

This one will take some thought. Make a list of friends and ask yourself what you might be able to offer them that might make life more wonderful. Depending on the precise circumstances you may not even need to let the person know what you did. I recently recommended a friend for a professional job opportunity I just know she'd flourish in. And I've not said a word. 

On the subject of helping friends and family, check out singer-songwriter Kate Schutt's brilliant Ted Talk, 

A Grief Casserole -- how to help your family and friends through loss. Ted Talk by singer-songwriter Kate Schutt

#3: Set Aside One Day to Explore a Mystery You've Often Wondered About But Never Had the Time to Pursue

Try to pick a mystery that will require you to get up and out from behind your laptop. 

#4: Ask Someone for Help.

When you ask a friend for assistance with an eye toward who you're asking and what they can and cannot easily do, you'll be opening up a new opportunity to connect. Maybe there's someone you miss speaking with.  

#5: Call Somebody Who'll Be Pleasantly Surprised to Hear from You

I try to pick up the phone and dial someone I've not seen in awhile at least once a week. Inevitably, there's always a surprise in store for both of us and I always end the call feeling a little less down.


#6: Pick a Fight with Yourself

Step into a room and announce your displeasure. Respond to your own intrusion. See if you can really keep it as petty and petulant as possible.  (I had fun with this just long enough to think I might want to turn it into a Podcast but then I woke up to the fact that I really don't have time to create and produce a podcast. But I had fun for a few days.)

#7: Make Wednesday Gathering a Weekly Habit

#8: Pick up a new skill like a musical instrument you always longed to play or a language you'd like to speak when you step off a plane somewhere.

The best music teachers run on love. If you're thinking of picking up the accordion, look no further than Ronen Segall. After 35 yrs of neglect, I returned to the accordion thanks to Ronen's super website, When I devised an exercise to beef up my left hand technique he surprised me by posting it to the site. The best teachers meet the unexpected with delight.
Kia Corthron was kind enough to serve as a Finalist Judge for the inaugural Hear Me Out Monologue Competition. Did you know that in recent years she's turned her unique powers of observation for which her plays are loved and admired to works of fiction? Her latest, Moon and the Mars has just come out in paperback. Grab it.

In Kia Corthron's Moon and the Mars, set in the impoverished Five Points district of New York City in the mid-19th century, we experience neighborhood life through the eyes of Theo from childhood to adolescence, an orphan living between the homes of her Black and Irish grandmothers. Throughout her formative years, Theo witnesses everything from the creation of tap dance to P.T. Barnum's sensationalist museum to the draft riots that tear NYC asunder, amidst the daily maelstrom of Five Points work, hardship, and camaraderie, as the nation divides and marches to war. 
"Ms. Corthron’s humility and curiosity match her outsize intellect and ambition. Her big, immersive novel almost never sermonizes; it is, however, eager to teach." – The Wall Street Journal

Mark your Calendars

Inner Circle Members will be given priority access to the public readings of new work by members of this year's online writers workshop. Four Sunday afternoons at 3PM in the Hear Me Out Zoom Black Box. 
February 27
March 20
April 10 & 24

Director of the RTOWW Reading Series: Janice L. Goldberg
Playwright Andrea Lepcio's Mighty Fit will craft a fitness program that suits you. Choose from one-to-one training, group classes, wellness coaching or custom training you can do on your own time.
Cosy Sheridan has brought her songwriting wizardry to both Hear Me Out Monologue Fests. She also happens to be one of the sharpest teachers of the craft I know. Her next workshop begins January 8. 
Since the start of CoVid, I've tried to enroll in at least one class or workshop each year. Recently, I had the pleasure of taking Suze Allen's 6-week workshop in Memoir. Many of you may remember Suze's entertaining and poignant appearance at the August 2021 Some1Speaking when she performed her own piece, The Joys of Motherhood. For all of her various workshop offerings, visit
When I think of how much I miss live concerts, I often think of Diane Schuur who I first saw perform at the Regatta Bar in Cambridge in the 1990s.
Rumor has it she's touring again this Spring. 
Christine Toy Johnson (2021 Hear Me Out Finalist Judge) has work in two anthologies, She Persisted: 100 monologues by Women Over 40 and She Persisted: 30 ten-minute plays by Women Over 40.  Many of you will also remember her unforgettable performance of her own piece, Living While Asian at Some1Speaking last Spring. 

Jill Bess' 10-minute play The Ransom is published in The Best 10-minute Plays of 2021 (Smith & Kraus). Many of you will also remember her for her heartbreaking monologue, Rehearsal for the Talk We May Never Have which she performed at Some1Speaking.

Some1Speaking is taking January off. Please join us February 7th when we return with work by: Donna Sorbello, Janet Kenney, Jeremy Kehoe, Donald Loftus and Roland Tec

Please submit your monologue to Some1Speaking.

Visit our Monologue Uploader.

Monologue Uploader

Save the Date • February 14, 2022
Join us for an online announcement and celebration of the winner of the Alvin Epstein Prize for Solo Performance. 

Business Resources

People often ask how Hear Me Out manages to produce both an annual international competition and a year-round monologue series. I certainly credit two business resources that have made an enormous difference in terms of setting up functional systems for getting from point A to point B and beyond. 

Marcy Stahl Consulting
Baruzotech IT Solutions
Marcy Stahl is a terrific coach, consultant and mentor for any independent entrepreneur. Since leaving my full-time position at the Dramatists Guild, my online teaching has grown exponentially, in large part due to the clear-eyed guidance I receive from Marcy. 
If we had never found Kevin Vaghasiya and Baruzotech I honestly can't say where the Hear Me Out Monologue Competition would be today. Google Scripts, Website Design and Architecture and all forms of online automation. Set up a free call to learn more.
At a Wednesday Gathering in September, poet and performer Marnie Anderson (who many of you will recall from her Labor Day performance of Kate Cortesi's stunning Hear Me Out Golden Ear Winning monologue, I Love Parties) shared a poem and some photographs of the Harlem Audubon Society Mural Project. A month later I signed up for one of the fascinating walking tours led by Leigh Hallingy of Harlem Walks dot com. For the pandemic wary, Leigh now offers every one oif her tours in virtual format via Zoom. Check it out. 

Monologue Intensive Dec 26-28

After Christmas, Before New Years. 3 Spots Available for the most intimate version of RT Advanced Monologue.
We'll meet
Sunday Dec 26 4-6PM, EST
Monday Dec 27 5-8PM
Tuesday Dec 28 1-4PM, EST. 
Save an additional 10% with Discount Code: CBFX3DX
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