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It's summer time, and to beat the heat most of us will spend some time in the movie theater.  This edition's blog highlights are all about movies!

Reed jumps in with his first musical experience and his love of film scores: For my reminiscenses on how I “got the bug” for classical music, check out my earlier blog “Discovering Classical Music” and my bio. But as an overview and focus on my “first time”: my parents were both musicians and music teachers, so I was exposed to music since before I can remember... read more

 Dyana writes about two movies and the new meaning for the term "Soap Opera": While all of us on the WBJC staff love movies, we’re often annoyed by the way in which classical music is portrayed on the silver screen these days. If it’s used at all, it’s generally depicted as something stuffy rich people enjoy, or it’s the background music to a serial killer’s gruesome exploits. This wasn’t always the case... read more 

Burt Shapiro, formerly our WBJC Program Guide Editor and resident Movie Critic, is back reviewing movies for our website! He's written about several summer releases, and keep an eye out for more to come! What movies have you seen lately? Post them in the comment box!  


So we have it, and we're talking about it... but what *IS* it??  Jonathan Palevsky explains here: 

Many years ago I dated a girl who had a passion for what she called ‘Nobody Wants Me Paint’.  This unique kind of paint could be had for free at Home Depot or Lowes because someone had ordered it and either didn’t want it, or never came to pick it up.  What does this fond memory have to do with HD radio?  Read on and find out.


A Brief History of the Piano 
By Mark Malinowski

Perhaps the most ubiquitous musical instrument, after the guitar, is the piano.  You see them everywhere.  In homes, sometimes in offices, in hotel suites (the really nice, expensive ones), schools—just about everywhere.  They come in all shapes and sizes, from a small spinet to a huge 9-foot concert grand, upright, console, grand, electric, digital reproducing.  How often have you walked past a piano, and not even noticed it, let alone give any thought to the instrument itself and how it came to be the instrument we know so well? 
Let’s take a brief look at the history of this instrument, which is such an important part of western music.  The path it took to get to the instrument we know today is a long and interesting one. Time, space, and, quite frankly, scholarship prevent me from bringing you the entire history, but we will look at some of the highlights and milestones in the development of the modern piano.  


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Remember those essays you used to write in school once you started the new year?  Well, we want to know all about the summer adventures you've had!  Write in to and we'll post your story on the website and you might even get highlighted in the September newsletter!

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