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Footage Sales Libraries - Issue 1, February 2014

About the Footage Sales Libraries Community
Welcome aboard!

You have just opened the first Newsletter for experts in the field of Footage Sales Libraries and Archives. Through this newsletter you will stay up-to-date on digital preservation topics related to this Community of Practice. You’ll find discussions and information about standards, methodologies and best practices that will help you in managing your audiovisual collections.

You receive this newsletter because we believe you are interested in information and updates on digital preservation of audiovisual material intended for Footage Sales Libraries and Archives.
What is this Community of Practice about?

The long-term preservation of digital audiovisual media presents a range of complex technological, organisational, economic and rights-related issues, which have been the subject of intensive research over the past fifteen years at national, European and international levels. Although good solutions are emerging, and there is a large body of expertise at a few specialist centres, it is very difficult for the great majority of media owners to gain access to advanced audiovisual preservation technologies.
The Presto4U project will focus research efforts onto useful technological solutions, raise awareness and improve the adoption of audiovisual preservation research results, both by service providers and media owners, and with a particular emphasis on meeting the needs of smaller collections, private sector media owners and new stakeholders.

In order to reach these objectives we have identified nine different Communities of Practice, each based on a shared concern, a shared set of problems and a common pursuit of technological solutions related to the particular custodial practices and digital preservation challenges in a principal sub-sector of audiovisual media.

Following the Presto4U project's mission to encourage the adoption of best practices, guidelines and standards related to digitisation and long-term preservation of audiovisual assets, we have invited a first group of professionals to join the Core expert group of Footage Sales Libraries.

This Core expert group includes professionals, coming from commercial audiovisual archives, that are mainly involved in digitisation and preservation activities, both at a technical and a decision level, chosen for their experience and their enthusiasm in exploring and facing audiovisual preservation challenges and also for their capacity to influence the footage library community.
Coordinated by Marco Rendina from Istituto Luce – Cinecittà, the experts will act as a steering group for the community, and will help to gather some insight into the digital preservation challenges faced by footage libraries and archives.
Who are involved?

The Core expert group will provide peer support, knowledge creation and transfer through dialogue, feedback and the sharing of examples of problems and challenges that people within footage libraries and archives face when dealing with digital preservation. 

Until now the following experts have agreed to take on a representative role in the core group of experts in the Community of Footage Sales Libraries:
  • Heather Powell (ITV)
  • Ben Jones (Science Photo Library)
  • Rita Constantinou (ITV Sport Archive)
  • Jean-Luc Vernhet (INA) 
We are searching for other representatives to complete this Core expert group, if you are interested in joining and contributing to this group, do not hesitate to contact us at
Your Participation
Fill out our survey on the Software Tools Catalogue

Presto4U aims to create a set of services aimed at helping users to identify their audiovisual preservation needs and to find outcomes that contribute to preservation planning activities. The software tools catalogue will bring together information on a wide range of tools specific to audiovisual preservation. The Presto4U project is inviting feedback from users as to the type of software tools catalogue they would like to use. Please help us in our planning to create a catalogue that reflects the needs of audiovisual communities by participating in this short survey. The survey only takes 10 minutes of your time.

Take the survey

How do you Contribute?

This Community of Practice is a great opportunity to get to know and learn from peers, share what you know and increase your contact network. We've created an exclusive public discussion platform related to digital preservation in Footage Sales Libaries where you can share your knowledge and opinion. We value your participation and are very much interested in your expertise, experience and points of view. Bring your examples from your day-to-day practice to the community and engage with colleagues in the field.

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Past events
From the Paris Workshop

On December 4th, audiovisual archivists from across Europe gathered in Paris for a workshop in the context of the Presto4U project. The workshop concentrated on Digital Audiovisual Preservation in Communities of Practice. About 70 audiovisual archivists and vendors from a wide variety of organisations discussed their different needs for knowledge and tools for digitial preservation in the different domains they work in. Museums, archives and service providers all wondered about tools and methods to make their sounds and images survive through the 21st century.
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PrestoCentre Events
Start of free webinar series in 2014

PrestoCentre and Presto4U are organising a webinar series on diverse topics related to AV digitisation and digital preservation. Each webinar will be focussed on a specific topic and hosted by experts within the field. The webinars are a unique opportunity to interact with professionals and learn from their knowledge, expertise and experience. Get a discussion going with them and other participants during and after the webinar. For all upcoming webinars see the PrestoCentre Events Calendar.

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Library Highlight
Assessing the Audiovisual Archive Market

With the advent of the digital era, AV archives have been called to face new challenges: ensure the preservation of digital content and provide online access to the material. Both these actions require funding, quite a scarce resource in the years of the economic crisis.

Audiovisual archives have recently started exploring new models for revenue generation through innovative partnerships with commercial and non-commercial institutions. This paper provides an overview of the current practices of archives on examining, appreciating, and embracing business and commercial interactions. It describes models and tools that have proven successful and provides recommendations for AV heritage curators to appreciate and maximise the value of their assets.

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Upcoming Events
June 16 - 20: Focal International Annual Footage Training Week -  A week long course designed for anyone from anywhere in the world who needs to know more about the footage industry - image archivists, footage researchers, production managers, producers, directors – whatever your media background, learn how to expand your knowledge and appreciation of the world of footage archives, their systems and uses.

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February 25: Webinar: The role of standards for the preservation of audiovisual material -  The webinar is an introduction to standards in the context of audiovisual preservation. It will start with basics on what standards are, how they are created and which purposes they serve. The webinar will discuss the potential benefits of using standards in audiovisual preservation as well as the additional efforts that may be needed. Moreover it will spot some potential barriers to the adoption of standards and new technologies. There will be a brief overview on the wide range of standards that can be useful in the context of audiovisual preservation. Some more details will be given on recent work in MPEG on the Multimedia Preservation Application Format (MPAF).

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