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Learning and Teaching Repository Newsletter Issue 6, May 2014
About the Learning and Teaching Repositories Community
What is happening?
As the Presto4U project moves into its last semester work is under way for the formation of the Marketplace – the junction where users can express their audiovisual preservation needs and be presented with solutions tailored to those needs. The marketplace will also bring together some of the services already delivered by the Presto4U project including the Standards Register and the Tools catalogue.

At the same time the Community of Practice for Learning and Teaching Repositories has identified some categories of tools which they would like to see as part of the assessment carried out by project partners RAI, IT Innovation, EURIX and Joanneum Research. Among the tools selected by the project on behalf of the communities are Information extraction solutions such as MediaInfo, FFprobe, tools for metadata mapping and validation (e.g. ExifTool, JHOVE) as well as technology for quality control (e.g Vidcheck, Vidicert). The software tools assessment will be carried out in the next few months following a specific template of requirements identified for each category.

The Core experts group continues to share their experiences on the main challenges related to the preservation of audiovisual materials. Documentation appears in some ways one of the most challenging aspects of digital preservation facing teaching and learning environments. Understanding and implementing metadata standards is key to making content searchable, discoverable and accessible, but there is an urgent need for the community to share case studies and learn more about automated solutions.

Share with us your experiences and post your questions on PrestoCentre Answers. Sign-up here for free if you don't have a PrestoCentre account yet, or become a Member.

More about the Community

PrestoCentre Events
Preservathon on AV Preservation Storage Solutions

The Presto4U team invites you to attend the first hands-on workshop on storage solutions. A two-day event with practical advice on the assessment of long-term audiovisual storage solutions as well as an overview of new developments and storage trends. Activities will include roleplaying, demonstrations, presentations, writing and negotiation exercises (e.g. draft an RFI and RFP). It will also be a great opportunity to meet fellow library and archive technologists from various domains together with some of the core experts who are leading the work in the Community of Practice for Learning and Teaching Repositories.

The programme for the PrestoCentre Preservathon “AV Preservation Storage Solutions” is now mainly set and online available. The Preservathon will take place on 25-26 June at Rai “Museo della Radio”, Turin, Italy.

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Related News
Invitation to Comment: New Edition of Digital Preservation Handbook
The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) are scoping and planning for a new edition of the online Digital Preservation Handbook and are giving you the opportunity to contribute your needs and views to this work.

The Digital Preservation Handbook, written by Neil Beagrie and Maggie Jones, will be made freely available by DPC as an online resource. The Handbook provides an internationally authoritative and practical online guide that is heavily used for continuous professional development, for university students, and for training in digital preservation.

There is a maximum of 13 questions in total and should take around 10 minutes of your time to complete. The survey will close on Wednesday 16th June.

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Featured Blog
Analogue to digital - using the past to prepare for the future
By: Linda Ligios, King's College London

Further and higher education institutions are not immune from the threat posed by the variety of analogue collections scattered across different departments. What can we do to preserve learning and teaching materials? 

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Library Highlight
Preservation Metadata (2nd Edition)
A DPC Technology Watch Report on new developments in preservation metadata. Written by Richard Gartner and Brian Lavoie this second edition focuses on PREMIS implementations, including revisions of the Data Dictionary, packaging (with a focus on METS), tools and other implementation resources.

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Upcoming Events
June 25 - 26: PrestoCentre Preservathon on AV Storage Solutions â€“ This event will be a showcase for the latest developments in the evolution of the Semantic Web, exploitation of Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS), metadata annotation to aid workflow automation, information retrieval in networks of diverse media assets, Linked Data, and other opportunities for using metadata. It is a Joint Meeting of ISKO UK, IRSG (Information Retrieval Special Interest Group of BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT) and DCMI (Dublin Core Metadata Initiative)

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October 10: SAE Annual Conference 'International cooperation in archival education" â€“ More information not available yet.

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