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Music and Sound Archives Newsletter Issue 4, May 2014
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About the Music and Sound Archives Community
Standards Register

As part of the Presto4U project’s mission to raise digital preservation awareness and offer new services and information gathering, we have recently developed a Standards Register. The Standards Register incorporates information on standards for content and metadata used across all communities involved in audiovisual digital preservation. The Register aspires to collate and display information on audiovisual standards relevant to digital preservation workflows. Users can filter results by a variety of ways including type of standard and relevance to different communities. Records will continue to be added and we welcome suggestions on standards that may not be in the register yet.

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Archiving Music and Digital Audio

Interview with Marc Danger, former archivist in a multinational music recording and publishing company. We speak with him about the policies adopted within a commercial company, a different meaning from what we intend traditionally as a public utility archive or institution. Since 2009 Marc Danger is also working on the Gamelan project, an environment for the management and archiving of music and digital audio. The project objective is to build a meta environment, allowing you to control specific tools (sequencers, audio effects, MIDI instruments and tools, etc..) and to exchange information with them to allow capitalising the production process for archiving, repurpose and study.

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PrestoCentre Events
Preliminary Programme Available PrestoCentre Preservathon on AV Preservation Storage Solutions
The programme for the PrestoCentre Preservathon “AV Preservation Storage Solutions” is now mainly set and online available. The Preservathon will take place on 25-26 June at Rai “Museo della Radio”, Turin, Italy.

The first day will be a hands-on workshop where teams will learn what is involved in selecting the best long-term audiovisual storage solution. The second day will host a mini-conference. This Preservathon is made possible by the Presto4U project.

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PrestoCentre membership helps archives develop through the five stages of digital maturity and long-term sustainability. Each stage can be identified by certain challenges, needs and requirements for digitisation, storage solutions, and media asset management. Our Preservathons concentrate on these three areas and support archives in finding out all about the latest  solutions and products available to the market, and about their makers and vendors. Membership is already available from 150 Euros a year. More information at

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Past Events
Why Preserving Contemporary Music Productions is so Difficult
On April 8th, PrestoCentre and Presto4U organised the webinar "Why preserving contemporary music productions is so difficult" presented by Daniel Teruggi and Yann Geslin from the Institut national de l'audiovisuel. For those who missed the webinar or just did not have time to participate, it has been recorded and is now online available.

The recorded webinar helps you gain useful insight into the issues around the long-term preservation of contemporary music productions, current technological devices and the complexities of re-versioning original music for future recordings. Music productions, ranging from commercial recordings to contemporary electroacoustic music, use technical devices to combine, adapt and mix the sound components that will produce the final version of music. The result of the work is kept in complex environments, which are often re-accessed for new mixes or versions, and need to be preserved and kept accessible through time. Not only the constitutive elements needs to be preserved, but all the associated knowledge that will permit in the future to understand the components and the way they should be organised for a new production. No efficient tool exists today to take care of these environments and this lack constitutes a major issue for the musical production industry as well as for contemporary creators who aspire to a future existence for their works.

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Library Highlight
The Library of Congress National Recording Preservation Plan
This document provides detailed information on the characteristics of, and preservation problems associated with, each audio format that may be assessed using FACET. It is not comprehensive and does not attempt to present everything that is known about the formats themselves or the processes by which they deteriorate. Rather, it succinctly covers the format characteristics and preservation problems identified by FACET as contributing to instability, degradation, and/or increased risk, providing specific information to aid in ranking field collections using the FACET software application. Included are descriptions of each characteristic/problem along with guidance on how to identify it and, if appropriate, rate its severity.

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Upcoming Events
June 10-14: EMS 2014 – “The EMS Network has been organised to fill an important gap in terms of electroacoustic music, namely focusing on the better understanding of the various manifestations of electroacoustic music. Areas related to the study of electroacoustic music range from the musicological to more interdisciplinary approaches, from studies concerning the impact of technology on musical creativity to the investigation of the ubiquitous nature of electroacoustic sounds today. The choice of the word, ‘network’ is of fundamental importance as one of our goals is to make relevant initiatives more widely available”.

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June 16-20: Frame 2014 - Future for Restoration of Audiovisual Memory in Europe –A training course on new technologies applied to the restoration, digitisation, preservation and use of audiovisual and cinematographic archives. The 2014 edition of the FRAME seminar, dedicated to European professionals of the media industry, will take place in June and October, hosted by Ina EXPERT.

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