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Personal Audiovisual Collections Newsletter Issue 4, May 2014

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About the Personal Audiovisual Collections Community
Standards Register

As part of the Presto4U project’s mission to raise digital preservation awareness and offer new services and information gathering, we have recently developed a Standards Register. The Standards Register incorporates information on standards for content and metadata used across all communities involved in audiovisual digital preservation. The Register aspires to collate and display information on audiovisual standards relevant to digital preservation workflows. Users can filter results by a variety of ways including type of standard and relevance to different communities. Records will continue to be added and we welcome suggestions on standards that may not be in the register yet.

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Mémoires Partagéés: collecting amateur films
A small interview with Flavie Lecompte, responsible for internal communication at Ina (The National Audiovisual Institute in Paris, France) and in charge of “Mémoires Partagées”, an initiative that aims to collect amateur films through calls for contributions. Started in July 2012, Ina asks users to submit their home movies on thematic proposals and has published to date a selection of over 900 video excerpts for free consultation on its website (compared to more than five thousand videos received), some of which will be broadcasted on regional television, in cinemas and at cultural events.

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Upcoming Events
Register Now: Preservathon on AV Preservation Storage Solutions
Register now for PrestoCentre’s Preservathon on AV Preservation Storage Solutions, taking place in Turin on 25 - 26 June 2014.

Learn to select the best storage solution for your AV archive
There is no such thing as ‘everlasting’ data storage. Digital preservation requires the indefinite, error free storage of information, together with the means for its retrieval and interpretation, irrespective of changes in technologies, support and data formats, or changes in the requirements of the user community. Any choice of storage solution, therefore, involves careful consideration, needs assessment, long-term cost evaluation and so on. Where and when do vendors become involved and what do you need to know about them and their products before you make your decision?

Target Audience
Library and archive technologists, directors of collection care and IT advisors interested in the various motivations and priorities of storage for digital audiovisual media across different domains.

Learning Objectives
After this Preservathon you:
  • Will have a better understanding of the concept of procurement and vendor rating;
  • Will be able to map organisational requirements to the market of storage solutions;
  • Will have a better understanding of functionality vs technology;
  • Will have a better understanding of costs (full costs of ownership).
The Preservathon will take place on 25-26 June at Rai “Museo della Radio”, Turin, Italy. The first day will be a hands-on workshop where teams will learn what is involved in selecting the best long-term audiovisual storage solution. The second day will host a mini-conference. This Preservathon is made possible by the Presto4U project.

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How to help content owners to bring their collection to institutions?
Register now for the free webinar entitled “How to help content owners to bring their collection to institutions”, taking place on June 3rd, presented by Daniel Teruggi and Luca Bagnoli from the Institut national de l'audiovisuel. This will be 7th webinar in a series created by PrestoCentre and Presto4U on diverse topics related to AV digitisation and digital preservation.

Heritage institutions are increasingly interested in receiving contributions from users and content collectors. On the other hand, content holders are willing to give or to make accessible content they have produced or inherited to institutions, which can assure a long-term access and preservation of their values. This is why many initiatives have started in the last years to bring both actors together in a mutual trusted relationship. What are the implications and actions of such contributions? How should institutions and users think about this collaboration?

More information and registration

Featured Blog
Is there a (digital) afterlife for your AV collection?
By: Luca Bagnoli

Almost without realising it, we have shifted towards an all-digital culture. Family photos, home movies, and personal letters now only exist in digital form, and in many cases they are stored using popular services like Flickr, YouTube, and Gmail. Think about the huge amount of photos and videos that we accumulate in a lifetime; these digital possessions form a rich collection that chronicles our lives and connects us to each other.

But what happens to all this digital data when you die? It’s a question that may seem macabre, but spells aside, it’s part of the world in which we live. And the finding so far, is that the law can’t keep up with the evolution of digital property, in the sense that not only emails, but also our multimedia archives on social networks, after death end up in a grey area. The property rights surrounding digital information aren’t well regulated in the US, and it leads to most companies making common-sense approaches to the topic.

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Library Highlight
Protect your data: information security and the bounderies of your storage system
How are we defining a Storage System? What are you keeping in it? What is it made from and, exactly, what are the controls on access to the data? Jane Mandelbaum, IT Project Manager at the Library of Congress, tries to answer these and other questions with plenty of information for planning your personal digital preservation. It is intended to be a relatively easy-to-use set of guidelines useful not only for those just beginning to think about preserving their digital assets, but also for institutions planning the next steps in enhancing their existing digital preservation systems and workflows.

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Upcoming Events
October 18: Home Movie Day – Home Movie Day is a celebration of amateur films and filmmaking held annually at many local venues worldwide. Home Movie Day events provide the opportunity for individuals and families to see and share their own home movies with an audience of their community, and to see their neighbors' in turn. It's a chance to discover why to care about these films and to learn how best to care for them.

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