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Learning and Teaching Repository Newsletter Issue 1, December 2013
About the Learning and Teaching Repositories Community
Welcome aboard!

You have just opened the first Newsletter for experts in the field of Learning and Teaching Repositories. Through this newsletter you will stay up-to-date on digital preservation topics related to your Community of Practice. You’ll find discussions and information about standards, methodologies and best practices, that will help you in managing your audiovisual collections.

You receive this newsletter because we believe you are interested in information and updates on digital preservation of audiovisual material intended for Learning and Teaching Repositories.

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What is this Community of Practice about?

Many universities and higher education institutions are creating an unprecedented amount of audiovisual content in their mission to enhance education and grow their distance-learning provision, however there are currently limited resources and skills to preserve this content.

Following the Presto4U's mission to encourage the adoption of best practices, guidelines and standards related to digitisation and long-term preservation of audiovisual assets, we have invited a first group of  professionals to join the Core expert group of the Learning and Teaching repositories Community of Practice.

Coordinated by Linda Ligios in the department of Digital Humanities at King's College London, the experts will act as a steering group for the community, and will help to gather some insight into the digital preservation challenges faced by further and higher education institutions who are using and producing audiovisual content to support learning and teaching.

Who are involved?

This Core expert group will provide peer support, knowledge creation and transfer through dialogue, feedback and the sharing of examples of problems and challenges that people within learning and teaching repositories face when dealing with digital preservation. 

The following experts have agreed to take on a representative role in the core group of experts to the Community of Learning and Teaching Repositories:
  • Antonella Scarpa (IUAV University of Venice – Italy)
  • Eva Binder (University of Innsbruck – Austria)
  • Helen Guerin (University College Dublin – Ireland)
  • Ine van Dooren and Nick Clark (Screen Archive South East, University of Brighton - UK)
  • Mariella Guercio (Digilab, University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’ – Italy)
  • Ruth Cammies (The Open University Library – UK)
  • Sandra Collins (DRI, Royal Irish Academy - Ireland)

What is happening?

Since the launch of the activities in October 2013 the Core expert group has joined in bi-weekly calls with the Community Coordinator to define the working plan and identify some common concerns for discussion. The team has also shared a case study, some video files for testing of software tools, and is currently taking part in the PrestoCentre questionnaire covering the digital workflow, needs and barriers to the adoption of technology and standards. The findings will feed into the Presto4U project and will help the analysis of requirements from the academic sector and commonalities with the other communities.

Your Participation
How do you Contribute?

This Community of Practice is a great opportunity to get to know and learn from peers, share what you know and increase your contact network. We've created an exclusive public discussion platform related to digital preservation in Learning and Teaching Repositories where you can share your knowledge and opinion. We value your participation and are very much interested in your expertise, experience and points of view. Bring your examples from your day-to-day practice to the community and engage with colleagues in the field.

The Community is growing and open to any further and higher education institution involved in audiovisual preservation of educational resources. If you would like to participate in the Core expert group, don't hesitate to contact us at

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Library Highlight
Digital Moving Images and Sound
Archiving Study

This large and detailed report is an early, comprehensive investigation of the preservation of digital sound and moving image recordings. Nearly 100 individuals and institutions responded to a survey conducted in 2005-2006 by The Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS), a UK national service funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC). The report has five main areas: professional experience and requirements for the curator, key characteristics of audiovisual materials, preservation methods, preservation lifecycle models and finally preservation costs. 

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Upcoming Events
January 30-31: Unlocking Sources – The First World War online & Europeana Conference  – The conference is focused on the use of digital resources: How do digitised materials fit into research and teaching? How can different online activities contribute to the “digital humanities”? What ideas for the teaching of history in schools, museums, and media are developed? What are the strengths, and what are the weaknesses of the existing and newly created offers? In addition to the critical discussion and reflection at the panels, innovative projects approaching the theme of the “First World War” by using digital forms can present their results to a broader public.

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