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Video Production and Post-Production Community- Issue 3, January 2014
About the Video Production and Post-Production Community
Annual Report: Results and Conclusions
The Core expert group for Video Production and Post-Production has produced input and conclusions to the annual report of the Presto4U project based on the experiences and results from this field. The progress report resulted in a number of conclusions, with the most significant one to focus on business cases and cost-efficiency to define standards, missing tools, technologies, and preservation issues. The results from the questionnaire in 2013 and interviews with experts prove that financial issues, need for smarter and simple roadmaps and best practices are shared by all sub-communities and their incitements to join dialogues with other players.

From a technical point of view the results from the questionnaire and interviews have charted several issues. In general, users are requesting more centralised and industrialised solutions. Actually, users emphasise the need for ‘one-point-of-access-like’ services that might act as a kind of common or international switchboard, providing services where plenty of video deliverables and different assets are exchanged, transformed and served.

Some of the specific demands for more efficient workflow and practices are:
  • Outsourcing of distribution and delivery methods (external as well as internal / in-house)
  • Sharing of storage solutions in flexible frameworks (CLOUD)
  • Sharing of preservation systems with defined content processing methods
  • Intelligent management of versions, compiling, wrappers etc.
  • Generic search, tracking and management-tools
  • Flexible training, shopping, and distribution facilities, including services for efficient handling of copyright and administrative issues.
Many of the actual demands and needs are reflecting the fact that, many users and players in this community are very small with reduced budgets and an extended need of flexible and cost-efficient tools and standards.

Community Cohesion and Communication

From the questionnaire and user-survey it has been revealed that the post-production community is extremely inconsistent and divers regarding objectives, tasks, business cases, solutions and practices for earning revenues from post-production. Cohesion and cooperation between national or international players is seriously affected. Opportunities of using more rational and cost-efficient methods for creating more efficiency in the workflow from order to delivery by using modern preservation end exchange tools are almost non-existent.

The aim of creating common agreement about workflow and preservation formats require more communication and collaboration in terms of sharing digital benefits without damaging the competitive rules of order. Suggestions for new efficient platforms for communication and interaction are needed. Users and experts are invited to suggest new initiatives for exchange of ideas and communication to

PrestoCentre Events
Webinar in the Pipeline

March 25, 2014, PrestoCentre and the Presto4U project will organise the webinar “Exchange of video assets: Best practices and standards in different organisations” interesting for the Video Production and Post-Production Community.

How are assets and media files exposed, exchanged, compressed, adopted? How is metadata used in order to ensure information flow and reuse of data? How are media files captured and adopted? As mentioned, the objective is to promote best practises  through the lenses of businessminded experts, i.e. to demonstrate how post-production professionals are making more positive benefits by using specific tools and workflows. 

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PrestoCentre Publications
Preservation Case Studies for Archives

In November 2013, PrestoCentre published the first three issues of a series of Case Studies, called "Preservation Case Studies for Archives". These case studies are an innovative educational experience that places the student in the role of the decision maker, where one has to balance both resources and constraints. Through a dynamic process of idea exchange, students first learn about the situation, then identify and analyse the problems to determine the causes, and finally develop alternative strategies for a solution. Preservation Case Studies for Archives provides the context for teaching the real world issues confronting archives staff and managers in a dynamic and exciting way. The students do most of the talking and are stimulated by learning in a supportive environment. Each case study contains important activities that help guide the direction and focus of the discussion by the teacher who leads through questioning and observation. Students learn from their fellow students’ experiences and perspectives in an exciting forum that puts them in the centre of real world situations and requires them to develop real world solutions.

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Your Participation
Fill out our survey on the Software Tools Catalogue

Presto4U aims to create a set of services aimed at helping users to identify their audiovisual preservation needs and to find outcomes that contribute to preservation planning activities. The software tools catalogue will bring together information on a wide range of tools specific to audiovisual preservation. The Presto4U project is inviting feedback from users as to the type of software tools catalogue they would like to use. Please help us in our planning to create a catalogue that reflects the needs of audiovisual communities by participating in this short survey, which only takes 15 minutes of your time.

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Library Highlight
The Coming Storm? A report on the impact of cloud on broadcast
The UK Digital Production Partnership have commissioned a study on the impact of cloud on broadcast. It's a very good read and includes discussion of archive storage including explicit discussion of Standards. It also covers various other areas such as how the Cloud technology may impact on the market. The report provides interesting parallels to what we're looking at in the AV preservation market.

The focus of this paper is on what is or will be available in the market, more than the adoption of cloud by broadcasters and media companies. The research has been based on interviews with technology providers, supported by interviews with broadcasters.

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Upcoming Events
April 5 - 10: NAB Show - NAB Show is the world's largest electronic media show covering filmed entertainment and the development, management and delivery of content across all mediums. With more than 93,000 Attendees from 156 countries and 1,550+ Exhibitors, NAB Show is the ultimate marketplace for digital media and entertainment. From creation to consumption, across multiple platforms and countless nationalities, NAB Show is home to the solutions that transcend traditional broadcasting and embrace content delivery to new devices in new ways.

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