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PrestoCentre Newsletter
Issue 15, September 2014

Upcoming event
Preservathon November 13 & 14: Select the best services and tools for your digitisation project
Ever heard of a Hackathon? — where “hack” is used in the sense of playful, exploratory programming, and “-thon” refers to a marathon (we’re talking about multiple days rather than hours). The PrestoCentre is now introducing a series of Preservathons: two-day, hands-on workshops on digitisation, storage, MAM, procurement, SLAs — you name it.

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On 13 and 14 November, a new Preservathon is scheduled, concentrating on the procurement of digitisation solutions and tools. Digitising analogue AV collections has been a challenge over the past decade or so. Since then, a great amount of knowledge and experience has become available on the technology and format choices and the challenges regarding selection and workflow. The Preservathon will give you a hands-on learning experience helping you increase your understanding of the more obscure pitfalls of preparing a large-scale digitisation project.

Participants may bring their own case to the Preservathon. The location is VRT, Brussels.

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Webinar on Quality Control
Webinar on October 15: Essence quality control for AV archive digitisation, migration and exploitation
Unfortunately, we had to postpone Peter Schallauer's webinar on essence quality control. The webinar will now take place on October 15. Registration is open, so subscribe now!

About the webinar
The webinar is an introduction to essence (baseband) quality control (QC) in the context of audiovisual preservation. It will start with the role of essence QC in the use cases video archive digitisation, digital migration, content selection and use. Currently available and emerging functionalities will be presented. Strategies for cost-efficient implementation of essence QC will be introduced, and showing how this can be achieved by automation and efficient interactive essence QC.

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Library Highlight
This report investigates procedures to reformat sound on analog carriers to digital media or files. It summarises discussions and recommendations emerging from a meeting of leading audio preservation engineers held January 29–30, 2004, to assess the present state of standards and best practices for capturing sound from analog discs and tapes. 

This report is one of several studies that CLIR is undertaking on behalf of the Library of Congress and the National Recording Preservation Board.

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News from Learning and Teaching
The importance of preserving AV Learning and Teaching Materials

Whilst we continue to assess needs and best practices of audiovisual archives in further and higher education institutions, our campaign to raise digital preservation awareness reaches out to the European network in the frame of the Lifelong Learning Program with an article on the future of audiovisual learning resources.

Earlier in July we also appealed to the British Universities Film and Video Council and we were granted a 3-page feature in the online and print version of ViewFinder magazine.
To support the community in their mission to preserve we are preparing a webinar on preservation metadata. The webinar will be a beginner’s guide to the world of metadata and will offer users an overview of the importance of using standards like PREMIS. The webinar will be held in November 2014, but watch this space for further updates.
Watch the Presto4U webinar series

Understanding the cost of digital curation

The 4C project has recently announced the launch of the beta version of the ‘Curation Costs Exchange’ (CCEx) website.

Helping organisations to make smarter investments in digital curation by enabling knowledge transfer and cost comparisons between organisations of all types, the CCEx is an online community platform for the exchange of curation cost information.
“The value we can all derive from the CCEx depends entirely on the willingness of organisations to share their cost data, and on their understanding of the benefits that sharing will bring about,” observes Alex Thirifays of the Danish National Archive (DNA). “The more costs are shared, the more we can all learn about making smarter investments in digital curation.”

A crowd-sourced driven database and library of curation cost information, the CCEx uses the costs data it gathers to provide automatic generation of results for the purposes of self-assessment, cost comparisons with peers and insights into the financial accounting and activity costs of other organisations; supporting the 4C Project’s vision of creating a better understanding of digital curation costs through collaboration.

“Anyone with an interest in or a need for a deeper understanding of the costs of preserving your digital material can try out the CCEx and let us know what they think,” encourages Luis Faria of KEEP Solutions in Portugal who has led the team charged with developing the CCEx.

All comments and any cost data shared with the 4C project will be treated confidentially and will be used solely for the purposes of refining the performance of the CCEx.
Take part in the CCEx beta-testing!

Upcoming events
November 6 - 7: workshop Future proof AV content for education and research

This 2 ½ day Presto4U workshop covers the main issues and challenges surrounding the digital preservation of audiovisual content in the academic domain. The workshop is organised by the Department of Digital Humanities at King’s College London in collaboration with the University of Venice IUAV and Italian broadcaster RAI. 

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October 22: webinar Managing digital rights metadata with semantic technologies

Hosted by Henry Stewart Group, this free webinar will discuss the advantages of using new semantic technologies to manage digital rights metadata.

Key issues to be addressed:
•    Common techniques and limitations of storing digital rights data in a DAM
•    Common digital rights data points
•    Key concepts in semantic technology
•    How to model digital rights semantically
•    Demonstration of querying digital rights metadata in a DAM

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October 27: World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

The World Day for Audiovisual Heritage is a commemoration of the adoption of the Recommendation for the Safeguarding and Preservation of Moving Images. We will plan activities around this special day, so save the date! 

More on Audiovisal Heritage Day

October 27: meeting Values of film heritage (related Community of Practice: Learning an Teaching)

This edition of the SMC Audiovisual Heritage Meeting poses three fundamental questions:
•    Should policymakers support film heritage preservation and audience development with more conviction? Why does it matter?
•    Why might it be important to systematically integrate archival discourse into Film and Media Studies?
•    What are the practical initiatives that archives, universities and policy-makers need to focus on and support?

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