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PrestoCentre Newsletter
Issue 14, July 2014

Past Events
First Succesful Preservathon on Storage Solutions
On June 25 - 26 the RAI ‘Museum of Radio and Television’ (Turin, Italy) had the honour to host the first ever PrestoCentre Preservathon; The topic of this 2-days intensive workshop was "AV storage solutions". During the first day attendees worked together in small groups on a self-defined storage challenge, while on the second day a mini-conference delivered to the participants in-depth insights in current storage solutions and new developments. 

Divided into three groups, attendees to the Preservathon defined an imaginary archive, owning 6 Petabytes of heterogeneous audiovisual material, with a growth rate of 1 Petabyte per year and with a network traffic of about 1,5 Terabyte per month. The archive ideally had to guarantee 15 years preservation and access to their collections. Each group discussed all the related challenges and defined the requirements. Their archive needed to acquire a storage facility urgently and the groups had the responsibility to provide an answer on how to proceed.

The mini-conference on the second day hosted presentations and demos from various vendors, including Cambridge Imaging Systems (Ian Mottashed) on their state of the art Media Asset Management solution; Sony (Colin Thompson) about their long-term content archiving strategy; and Front Porch Digital (Guillaume Neveux) about cloud infrastructures. AV archives such as the British Film Institute (Charles Fairall), BBC (Tom Heritage), Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, (Ernst van Velzen) and RAI (Laurent Boch) shared their long experience and views on storage and procurement. Research institutions, such as the specialised University of Southampton's IT Innovation Centre (Paul Walland and Ajay Chakravarthy) presented a panel discussion on relevant R&D outputs and future technology trends.

The recordings from the mini-conference will be available online soon. Keep an eye on the PrestoCentre website for more information and upcoming Preservathons or read about announcements in the newsletters.

Watch our recorded webinars on AV digitisation and digital preservation topics
PrestoCentre produces a webinar series on diverse topics related to AV digitisation and digital preservation. Each webinar is focussed on a specific topic and hosted by experts within the field. These online events are a unique opportunity to interact with professionals and learn from their knowledge, expertise and experience. All webinars are being recorded to be played back at your convenience.

Upcoming webinars will be announced in the PrestoCentre events calendar.

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Presto4U Status Update
How are we doing at the Presto4U project?

24 June 2014 | PrestoCentre's nine Communities of Practice are working on the collection and comparison of shared preservation concerns and digital preservation needs. They organise virtual meetings with core experts as an opportunity for discussing tools of interest to the various communities, currently with a particular focus on quality control and metadata extraction technology. The Community leaders are also reaching out to wider audiences in their respective communities by contributing to newsletters and starting collaborations with relevant institutions, including EBU, DPC, APARSEN.

Two more webinars have been held, one for the film Community of Practice about the creation of a Master Archive Package, and one dedicated to Personal Audiovisual Collections and how to organise the handing over of this material to formal archives. In the meantime, PrestoCentre is working on a webinar calendar for the second half of 2014, which will be published soon. 

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Related News
NDSA Survey on Standards and Practices: Ranking Stumbling Blocks for Video Preservation
Digital video, whether it was created as a digital iteration of analogue-sourced video or is born-digital, presents us with large and complex preservation issues. The Standards and Practices Working Group of the U.S. National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA) has created a short survey to help identify and rank some of the issues that may hinder digital video preservation. The results of this survey will help the Standards and Practices Working Group to explore more effectively these issues, better inform the creation and stewardship of digital video, and help establish best practices for the long-term sustainability and accessibility of video assets.

Responses will be collected until August 2, 2014.

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Library Highlight
Still Available:
Preservation Case Studies for Archives
The first issue in PrestoCentre's series of Preservation Case Studies concentrated on ethical issues. The Bishop and the Candidate for Parliament explains how archives do not exist in a bubble, and are impacted by the communities in which they serve. Sometimes their collections and staff can become resources used by special interest groups with different agendas. Technology can be used to provide a distorted vision, and archival resources can unwittingly become the basic building blocks for a reality that never existed. What is the ethical role of the archive and archivist when a producer with an agenda chooses to create a fiction using archival materials? This case study explores ethics in the archive and how staff can become part of an ethical transgression. Read More

Five case studies have been published so far. More and ordering information can be found here

Upcoming Events
July 21 - 23: Digital Directions – Digital Directions is a 2 ½ day event on the basics and best practices for creating good digital objects, collections, and initiatives. You'll have the opportunity to network and interact with colleagues who have similar challenges.

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July 24 - 26: NHF Summer Symposium – The NHF Summer Symposium is a multi-disciplinary gathering devoted to the history, theory, and preservation of amateur and nontheatrical moving images. For over a decade, the Symposium has been bringing together archivists, scholars, and artists in an intimate setting for three days of viewing and discussing lesser-known, amateur, and found films.

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