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Video Production and Post-Production Community- Issue 7, July 2014

"If there was a lightweight, very user-friendly way for stations and other producers in the community to have access to a tool that really helps them do their job and integrate it with other tools they’re already using, people would totally jump at the chance to make their lives easier."

Hannah Sommers, NPR librarian 
About the Video Production and Post-Production Community
What are the most common obstacles in preservation?
During research efforts and meetings in the Video Production and Post-Production Core expert group five general preservation problems have been identified. All of them are more or less represented among companies and players dealing with post-production and audiovisual media.
  1. Disorganised collections The main impression is that most post-production companies are not capable of maintaining an archive of their material. Some assets are saved and preserved, some are not. Archiving and storage is often a question of how often assets will be reused. Also cultural and organisational habits are critical factors for how much attention post-production professionals are paying to preservation and storage workflows.
  2. Lack of resources
    Most companies have not estimated preservation efforts in their budget. To be able to be competitive and to survive on a turbulent market, companies are very often not able to include costs for preservation and media management. However, the price of not dealing with preservation and proper media management standards has never been calculated.
  3. No formal archivists in post-production companies
    The most post-production companies have less than ten employees. Although most editors and media managers are partly familiar with preservation standards, they do not have the sufficient time to improve their skills and manage archive and preservation tasks professionally.  
  4. Rapidly changing technologies
    The turnaround time for new technologies is becoming shorter. This affects the support for investments in preservation and media management tools negatively.
  5. Lack of semantic context for content
    Semantic data is crucial for an efficient workflow, professional search- and retrieve facilities and exchange of assets between multiple actors. However, the lack of preservation efforts, use of librarians / archivists and the lack of financial priorities affects the availability of metadata. 
More about the Video Production and Post-Production Community

Library Highlight
Exchange of Video Assets - Best Practices and Standards in Different Organisations
This recorded webinar poses several questions and answers on the importance of best practices and standards in the exchange of video assets across a diverse range of organisations within the media industry. How are assets and media files exposed, exchanged, compressed, adopted? How is metadata used in order to ensure information flow and reuse of data? How are media files captured and adopted? The objective of this video is to promote best practices through the eyes of business minded experts, i.e. to demonstrate how production and post-production professionals with preserved collections are making more positive benefits by using specific tools and workflows.

The video is aimed at productions and post-production companies with preserved collections and an explicit need of exchanging assets with other companies in business-to-business solutions.

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The PrestoCentre Publications
AV Digitisation and Digital Preservation TechWatch Report #02
The second TechWatch Report has been written by Members of the PrestoCentre involved in the Presto4U project and was compiled through meetings they had with specialist technology vendors and researchers at the National Association of Broadcasters 2014 Convention (NAB). This TechWatch aims to provide audiovisual archive practitioners with a view of what is relevant, new and ‘bleeding edge’ in distinct areas of AV Digitisation and Archive technology. 

Topics include:
- Workflow Management
What’s happening in Scanning?
- File based Video QC
- Storage and Metadata Solutions at NAB 2014

The PrestoCentre's TechWatch Reports are about identifying technology trends and business issues which exist in digital AV archiving and finding a way to bring clarity in a language that is accessible to nonspecialists.

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Out now: Super thick summer edition of AV Insider!
The latest edition of AV Insider is out! This special 44 pages summer edition is all about the new challenges for the audiovisual archivist:

- New support roles for the AV community
- Where can you find old manuals?
- How do you increase your digital maturity level? 
- What we learn from other practitioner communities?
- How inventions become an AV preservation product
- What are Preservathons?
- What to do with analogue carriers after digitisation?

You can download your free sample copy here (PDF-format). Are you a Member to the PrestoCentre Foundation? Download the magazine for free here

Members of the PrestoCentre receive AV Insider as part of their annual subscription. If you would like to read the complete edition and to receive AV Insider on a regular basis, you can find out about all our member services and rates here.

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Past Events
First Successful Preservathon on Storage Solutions
On June 25 - 26 the RAI ‘Museum of Radio and Television’ (Turin, Italy) had the honour to host the first ever PrestoCentre Preservathon; The topic of this 2-days intensive workshop was "AV storage solutions". During the first day attendees worked together in small groups on a self-defined storage challenge, while on the second day a mini-conference delivered to the participants in-depth insights in current storage solutions and new developments. 

Divided into three groups, attendees to the Preservathon defined an imaginary archive, owning 6 Petabytes of heterogeneous audiovisual material, with a growth rate of 1 Petabyte per year and with a network traffic of about 1,5 Terabyte per month. The archive ideally had to guarantee 15 years preservation and access to their collections. Each group discussed all the related challenges and defined the requirements. Their archive needed to acquire a storage facility urgently and the groups had the responsibility to provide an answer on how to proceed.

The mini-conference on the second day hosted presentations and demos from various vendors, including Cambridge Imaging Systems (Ian Mottashed) on their state of the art Media Asset Management solution; Sony (Colin Thompson) about their long-term content archiving strategy; and Front Porch Digital (Guillaume Neveux) about cloud infrastructures. AV archives such as the British Film Institute (Charles Fairall), BBC (Tom Heritage), Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, (Ernst van Velzen) and RAI (Laurent Boch) shared their long experience and views on storage and procurement. Research institutions, such as the specialised University of Southampton's IT Innovation Centre (Paul Walland and Ajay Chakravarthy) presented a panel discussion on relevant R&D outputs and future technology trends.

The recordings from the mini-conference will be available online soon. Keep an eye on the PrestoCentre website for more information and upcoming Preservathons or read about announcements in the newsletters.

Upcoming Events
September 11-16: IBC Conference & Exhibition â€“ IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) is an annual event for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment and news content worldwide. Attracting 50,000+ attendees from more than 170 countries, IBC combines a highly respected and peer-reviewed conference with an exhibition that exhibits more than 1,400 suppliers of electronic media technology.

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