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Personal Audiovisual Collections Newsletter Issue 3, April 2014
About the Personal Audiovisual Collections Community
What is Happening?

We continue to gather valuable information from the Core experts in the Personal Audiovisual Collections Community of Practice through customised questionnaires. What it is emerging is a picture that in some ways is fragmented but homogeneous at the same time. This is the youngest domain from an archival point of view. It concerns contributions made by individuals to institutions as well as the problems people face with their own collections at home, then the case studies can be quite diversified.

Probably the main problem for personal archiving is the lack of tools and services for efficient archiving. Since this domain is expanding, these tools may appear in the future. Social media also is playing a big role in this domain, online user-generated sites permit contents to be accessible and create the illusion that contents are being somehow preserved.

More about the Personal Audiovisual Collections Community of Practice

Audiovisal Archive Workflow - An Interview with NosArchives
Read the interview with the creators of (a portal), who believe that old reels are precious and could definitely be a source of profit for you and your heirs. 

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Upcoming Events
Free Webinar: How to help content owners to bring their collection to institutions
You are invited to join the free webinar entitled “How to help content owners to bring their collection to institutions”, taking place on June 3rd, presented by Daniel Teruggi and Luca Bagnoli from the Institut national de l'audiovisuel. This will be 7th webinar in a series created by PrestoCentre and Presto4U on diverse topics related to AV digitisation and digital preservation.

Heritage institutions are increasingly interested in receiving contributions from users and content collectors. On the other hand, content holders are willing to give or to make accessible content they have produced or inherited to institutions, which can assure a long-term access and preservation of their values. This is why many initiatives have started in the last years to bring both actors together in a mutual trusted relationship. What are the implications and actions of such contributions? How should institutions and users think about this collaboration?

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PrestoCentre Publications
Discover the Preservation Case Studies for Archives

In 2013 PrestoCentre started publishing new training material, called "Preservation Case Studies for Archives". Currently five issues are available and new issues will be added to the series during 2014.

The Case Studies are an innovative educational experience that places the student in the role of the decision maker, where one has to balance both resources and constraints. Through a dynamic process of idea exchange, students first learn about the situation, then identify and analyse the problems to determine the causes, and finally develop alternative strategies for a solution. Preservation Case Studies for Archives provides the context for teaching the real world issues confronting archives staff and managers in a dynamic and exciting way.

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Featured Blog
Did you really think that your old home movies were of no use?
By: Luca Bagnoli

Nos Archives is the world's first archive of videos and amateur images. The portal hosts more than 18,000 movies in high definition from 1922 to 1984 and an endless repertoire of images that have shaped the history of the twentieth century. An unconventional history, because unaware reporters have moulded it: enthusiasts and hunters of the image, who gave birth to a common visual heritage neither exploited nor disclosed so far.     

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Library Highlight
Digital Curation and the Citizen Archivist
The increasing array and power of personal digital recordkeeping systems promises both to make it more difficult for established archives to acquire personal and family archives and less likely that individuals might wish to donate personal and family digital archives to archives, libraries, museums, and other institutions serving as documentary repositories. This paper provides a conceptual argument for how projects such as the Digital Curation one ought to consider developing spinoffs for archivists training private citizens how to preserve, manage, and use digital personal and family archives. Rethinking how we approach the public, which will increasingly face difficult challenges in caring for their digital archives, also brings with it substantial promise in informing them about the nature and importance of the archival mission. 

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Upcoming Events
May 26-30: 18th SEAPAVAA Conference ''AV Archives: Why They Matter'' – In what ways do AV archives matter? To whom and for whom do these archives matter? Do the importance and relevance of AV archives cross national boundaries? If AV archives matter, what must archivists do in terms of their advocacy and branding, engagement with stakeholders, community outreach, provision of access, appraisal, selection, acquisition, documentation and preservation? What resources, opportunities and inspirations are there for archivists to tap on and propel them to garner greater recognition for AV archives and the archiving profession? What challenges do archivists face in their endeavours? How are these challenges being addressed?

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