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Issue 2, June 2013
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PrestoCentre Events
Videos Now Available for STFCON 2013 

All keynotes and focus sessions of the Screening the Future 2013 conference have been recorded and can now be played back at your convenience!

The theme of the 2013 annual conference was "Crossing Boundaries for AV Preservation". The conference took place on May 7-8, 2013 at the Tate Modern Museum in London. Around 150 leaders in the field of AV media technology, policy and research gathered together to discuss the latest trends in audiovisual preservation.

Screening the Future is an annual showcase delivered by PrestoCentre aiming to navigate participants through current case studies and latest thinking on standards and planning for the digital preservation of AV assets.

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Presto4U Status Update

PrestoCentre Communities of Practice

Six months after the kick-off of the Presto4U project, we have identified nine Communities of Practice and have been scoping all the actions required to support their work. Experts will be invited to broker with the various communities. Together they will share knowledge and identify major challenges on digital audiovisual preservation issues related to their specific Community of Practice.

Overall, the Presto4U project will encourage the adoption of best practices, guidelines and standards related to digitisation and long-term preservation of audiovisual assets. PrestoCentre will help the communities to collaborate, understand and extend their knowledge of the methods, tools and services they need to preserve their digital collections.

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AV Insider - From the Editor
Moving Images into the Future  

The 4th edition of AV Insider is in the pipeline and expected in July.

This issue provides a peek in the curent state of affairs of film digitisation and preservation. It feautures Lene Halvor Petersen of the Danish Film Institute and their transition into a full swing digital film archive. David Pfluger (Memoriav) describes the experiences in digitisation of small gauge film to HD. Sillvester Stöger writes about open source digitisation at the Austrian Mediathek. And Richard Wright (PrestoCentre) and Dave Rice (CUNY) continue their debate on the pros and cons of compression.

PrestoCentre Members can expect to find the magazine on their doormat around mid-July.

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Featured Blog
Going, Going, Gone: prospects for analogue audiovisual content
Richard Wright, PrestoCentre Foundation
PrestoCentre is devoted to keeping digital audiovisual content alive – and well and active. There are many new risks to identify and cope with, and a whole new workflow – not just for archiving but for the entire lifecycle of AV content creation and re-use. But the audiovisual collections of the 20th century were analogue, and we are now at a critical time for considering the digital future of that analogue content.


Library Highlight
Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative
We've recently included in the PrestoCentre Library an interesting new resource: FADGI (Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative). FADGI is an important project to anyone trying to find, and follow, best practices and standards for anything to do with 'going digital'.

The US Library of Congress has been tasked with gaining agreement on digitisation practices across all US government institutions. As such, they are a major test case for whether anybody can implement common standards and practices.

The FADGI website offers a range of guideline documents. It is not a 'Beginner's Guide to Going Digital' but for professionals who are facing technical choices, the FADGI guidelines are signposts to 'the beaten path': best practice and its associated standards.

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Upcoming Events
July 2-4: SPRUCE Mashup London 2 – SPRUCE Mashups provide the perfect environment to work closely with peers and solve concrete digital preservation challenges. Practitioners will (bring along and) contribute their digital data and their requirements, and will have the chance get their challenges solved, while building a business case to help them get the resources they need to preserve their data. 

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July 8-12: Open Repositories Conference – The aim of the Open Repositories Conference is to bring those responsible for the development, implementation and management of digital repositories together with stakeholders, such as researchers, librarians, publishers and others. The conference will address theoretical, practical, and strategic issues across the entire lifecycle of information. From the creation and management of digital content, to enabling use, re-use, and interconnection of information, and ensuring long-term preservation and archiving. 

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