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March 2014
Flash #98

14th Annual EBAN Congress & Awards 

The Power of the collective

19-20 May 2014 | Dublin Castle, Ireland
European angel investment grew in 2012 to levels as never seen before - 5,1 billion Euros. Although an untapped community of potential business angels is still to be explored, the path for continuous growth relays in the power of the collective. Only by joining forces between different market players we can foresee a full performing market with liquidity and perspectives for exits to all parties involved. Join us in Dublin to explore this and other sector trends.

Enjoy the early-bird registration period before March 21st and take advantage of discounted fees made available to EBAN and HBAN members. Register from today!


EBAN meets European Commissioner to enhance collaboration of early stage investors with Horizon 2020

EBAN Director of Secretariat Luis Galveias met Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, Member of the EC in charge of Research, Innovation and Science earlier this week in Brussels, in the context of the presentation of Horizon 2020 support actions to SMEs. EBAN proposed to the Commissioner the valorisation of market driven SMEs having received private investment on the assumption these dispose of dedicated coaching/business guidance from early stage investors and are in a better position to leverage the public funds received. A further 5 action points plan comprising measures addressing competencies of Horizon 2020 was also shared to foster a greater engagement of the early stage investment community.


Annual Statistics Collection

EBAN's annual collection of investment statistics is under way. Thank you for your contribution knowing upfront this is a critical resource which EBAN extensively makes use of to inform the market and all its stakeholders. Please select the survey that best fits your profile (business angel network, federation of business angel networks, individual angel and other early stage investor) and fill it before March 17th with your 2013 data. Submitted data will be subject to validation by the EBAN Secretariat. The statistics collection is open to non-members of EBAN through online or word forms in the following link



Angel Syndication
with Michael Culligan, HBAN (Ireland)
31/03/2014 | 12.00 CET

Ireland is probably the leading country when it comes to Angel Syndication. HBAN has extensive knowledge and experience in this topic and Michael Culligan, its National Director will be sharing with us how angel syndicates: 
a) stimulates angel investment, 
b) empowers angel investors to build and maintain a portfolio of investments, and 
c) streamlines the funding process for the entrepreneur. 
Save the date!

Did you miss our latest "Angels in... your City" webinar earlier this week featuring London Business Angels' lead initiative Angels in the City? The session presented this initiative aiming at attracting potential investors from the financial City into Tech/Digital sector start-ups and invited other cities to explore their potential angel investment communities. To access the document presented by Anthony Clarke and Alexander Sleigh follow the link


Interview with EBAN Director of Secretariat

Interview by KITE Invest: «Angel investment is not about the money, but rather, it is about smart money, the culture of the company, and about guiding the company.» Full interview available at this link.

EBAN welcomes three new members

Business Angel Institute [Venionaire Capital], Austria (SME Associated)
The Business Angel Institute is a non-profit project focused on the international professionalisation of business angels. Venionaire Capital, the company behind this initiative, is a SME Consulting Company focused on angel and venture investment processes. 

Toniic LLC, USA (International Network)
Toniic is a global network of action-oriented impact investors, both individuals and institutions. Toniic members commit to discover, evaluate, nurture and invest in entrepreneurs, enterprises and funds that promote a just and sustainable economy. With members in over 20 countries, Toniic is committed through Nikolaus Hutter in EBAN's Impact Investment Committee

Sharifa AlBarami, Oman (Affiliate Member)
Sharifa is the founder of BizHub Entrepreneurs Coworking Space in Oman. She is an entrepreneurship and development consultant, coach and businesswoman, involved in the Cell Startup Accelerator and Executive Partner of Al-Jazeera Global Services & Investments (AGSI). She values the support of EBAN to exchange best practices within our network, to enhance their seed funding angel investment programme together with their accelerator.


EBAN Members & Partners'
News & Updates

€60 million investment milestone for DublinBIC/ Halo Business Angel Partnership
HBAP has announced that supported start-ups have broken a €60million total investment milestone in 139 deals since the organisation was founded six years ago. “In total €25m has been invested by angel investors brought to the table by the national HBAP organisation over the last six years. The balance of €35m was committed by seed funds, Enterprise Ireland and other private investors,” commented John Phelan.

 HBAN’s new business angel Food Syndicate helps Irish start-up Elivar raise €700,000 investment
Halo Business Angel Network announced that the newly formed business angel Food Syndicate has invested in its first company, Elivar. Elivar has raised €700,000 from multiple sources including the HBAN food syndicate, Enterprise Ireland and other private investors, to support the ongoing development of its sports nutrition products and brand.
IESE: 2013 Investment Activity(press release in Spanish)
IESE BAN has presented its final figures of 2013, in which the network has reinforced their position with a total of €2.6M invested in 18 deals. Investee companies comprise Sales Point, Effilogics, Gerium and Smadex, among others. IESE is a successful network that gathers entrepreneurs looking for funding and angel investors seeking top-class entrepreneurs to invest in their projects.

IN2:BA - New co-investment fund to business angels announced (Portuguese only)
FNABA, the Portuguese Federation of Business Angels Networks reports that a new co-investment fund was announced by the Portuguese Government to reinforce the results produced by the scheme which is currently in its final leg. By the end of 2013 and exclusively through the co-investment facility, 91 start-ups had received 16,3 million Euros of investment. The new fund, which amount was not yet announced, is expected to keep positively influencing the number of active angel investors and funds going into SMEs.

London Business Angels Featured on Bloomberg TV
London Business Angels (LBA) was today featured on Bloomberg TV, with Anthony giving an interview on the Pulse show this morning. You can watch the video here.

Talent, Resources for Innovation & Business Angels: Barcelona Gathers It All
Barcelona’s combination of a broad talent base, university centres of great prestige and financial networks makes it possible to successfully undertake entrepreneurial projects and promote innovation. Entrepreneurs have at their disposal nine business angel networks which invest 18 million euros in around fifty projects every year. These investors put up their capital, know-how and trust to form the basis for future investments at the highest level.

Overview of European Startup Scenes
European start-ups like Sykpe, Rovio or Soundcloud are global success stories but would you know where the next hot start-up from Europe could emerge? The european startup initiative and the VentureCapital Magazin present in a comprehensive overview the diversity of European start-up scenes.

There are surprisingly few such conferences, for the very good reason that there are actually relatively few such people (venture capitalists and ‘professional’ angel investors) to attend them! But that said, here are the biggest events of their type.

Angel investment activity in Western Europe continues to look promising as we move towards March, according to data from Zephyr, the M&A database published by Bureau van Dijk. January surpassed December in terms of both volume and value, and February looks close to reaching a similar level.


How Impact Investing Can Earn Returns, Peace of Mind (source: abcNEWS)

Bitcoin turns into Bitangels (source: Entrepreneur.com)

German VC Earlybird Looks East with New $110M Fund (source: Venturebeat)

Total Investment in UK's SMEs Rises by 35% in 2013 (source: RealBusiness)

Spanish Government prepares to announce restrictive measures for Crowdfunding (source: ElConfidencial; Spanish only)

Mobile Companies Grab Larger Share of Deals and Dollars from Angel Investors in Q3 2013 (source: Silicon Valley Bank)


Opportunities for SMEs under Horizon 2020: "Horizon 2020 is Open for Business"
The European Commissioner for Research Maire Geoghegan-Quinn spoke to an audience of 250 participants in Brussels on March 3rd to welcome and present the full set of support measures being made available to innovation-driven SMEs. The speech as well as the presentations concerning the overall SME support and the SME Financial Instruments are available for download in the following link.

Call for Experts
The European Commission calls for experts within the early stage investment community to assist with research and innovation assignments including the evaluation of proposals, monitoring of projects, evaluation of programmes and design of policy. Experts are subject to a selection process upon the needs of the Commission. Participants are entitled fees and reimbursement of travel expenses.

Small Business Act Stakeholder Survey
This survey is launched in the context of the “SME Performance Review ”, an annual study which is carried out on behalf of the European Commission (DG Enterprise and Industry). The survey aims at gathering opinions and first-hand insights from diverse stakeholder groups, with different viewpoints, for assessing the national implementation status and progress of the Small Business Act (SBA). The survey also aims to identify the main challenges facing SMEs in each EU country.

The webinar, as well as the e-guide which is in its origin, aims to help those with an interest in investing in early-stage impact enterprises see how this work is being done around the world. We invite you to go from learning to action as global practitioner in impact investing by using the proposed 7-Step Framework.
Business Angel, Co-investment Funds and Policy Portfolios by Jesper Lindgaard.
This publication is a Growth Analysis’ third interim report linked to the Swedish regional co-investment fund policy instrument. The main theme of the report is to describe and learn from different policy interventions aimed at promoting business angels’ investments. Experience has been gathered from France, Belgium (Flanders), Wales and Denmark.

The Transformation of the Business Angel Market: Evidence from Scotland by Mason, Botelho (Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, UK) and Harrison (Queen’s University Management School, Queen’s University, Belfast, UK)
Angel investing is evolving from a fragmented and largely anonymous activity dominated by individuals
to one that is increasingly characterised by groups of investors investing together through managed angel syndicates. The implications of this change have been largely ignored by scholars.

Catalytic First Loss Capital by Global Impact Investing Network
Alternative finance intermediaries have been growing in size and impact in recent years in the UK as they attempt to provide much needed capital to individuals and businesses. The research presents the size and growth of alternative finance activities such as crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending in terms of amounts raised, ventures funded and individuals contributing funds.

Patenting Strategy Booklet by Kilburn & Strode
This booklet is aimed at anyone who has to deal with patents at practical level, with particular emphasis on companies new to IP such startups.


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Raising Business Angel Investment - European Booklet for Entrepreneurs by EBAN and HBAN

Raising Business Angel Investment - European Booklet for Entrepreneurs

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Upcoming events from the EBAN community and partners

6 March
2nd Business Angel Workshop
Athens, Greece
Ari Korhonen will be a speaker at this event

10 March
Go Beyond Investment Event & Group Meeting
Paris, France

10-11 March
Innovation Convention
Brussels, Belgium
EBAN representatives will attend this event

11 March
Seed Forum Investor Seminar by Aalto Start-up Center
Helsinki, Finland

12-13 March
European Robotics Forum 2014
Rovereto, Italy

13 March
NorBAN Meeting with Minister of Commerce 
Oslo, Norway
Paulo Andrez will be a speaker at this event

14 March
Accelerate EU - Making Europe an Easy Place for Startups
Berlin, Germany

17 March
First International Congress of Business Incubators
Seville, Spain
Paulo Andrez will be a speaker at this event

17-18 March
Angels Bootcamp
Berlin, Germany
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18th March
The Future of Technology
Lisbon, Portugal
Paulo Andrez will be a speaker at this event

20th March
SBI Annual Conference
Lisbon, Portugal
Paulo Andrez will be a speaker at this event

20-22 March
Euromed Business Opportunities Roadshow
Beirut, Lebanon

23-24 March
Digital Tech Summit 
London, United Kingdom

26 March
European SME Transfer Summit
Brussels, Belgium

26-28 March
2014 ACA Summit
Washington DC, USA
Special Rates for EBAN Members!
Paulo Andrez, Albert Colomer, Baybars Altuntas and Ari Korhonen will be speakers at this event

27-28 March
Entrepreneurs Day - Mountain Partners
Rottach-Egern, Germany

4 April
Swiss Private Equity Conference
Zurich, Switzerland
Special Rates for EBAN Members!

19-20 May
EBAN 14th Annual Congress & 9th Annual Awards
Dublin, Ireland

European Early Stage Investors Atlas


Presence of EBAN Team across Europe

Picture at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland (12th February) with Paulo Andrez (EBAN).

Pablo Garrido participated in the KT Stakeholder Forum meeting, on 13th February in Brussels, Belgium.
Luis Galveias and Paulo Andrez participated in the Co-Investment Funds Event organised by the European Commission, on 18th February in Brussels, Belgium.

EBAN's Board of Directors gathered together in a regular Board Meeting on 20-21st February in Barcelona, Spain.

Luis Galveias presented "Investment Readiness & Investment Attractiveness of Global Navigation Satellite System SMEs" in a workshop coordinated by DG Enterprise on February 25th in Brussels, Belgium.

Paulo Andrez participated as a jury member of the European Business Awards on 5th March in London, United Kingdom.

Ari Korhonen will participate as a speaker in the 2nd Business Angel Workshop held by StartTech Ventures and Colab Athens on March 6th in Athens, Greece.

Paulo Andrez will be a speaker in the NorBAN Meeting on 13 March in Oslo, Norway.

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