Peace on Earth - Save the Universe - Goodwill to All
Dear Global Entrepreneurial, Innovation and Investment Community,
The recent events in Paris, the City of Light have underlined how fragile we all are when divided, and yet how much we can do together once we put our minds to it.  
The current challenges to humanity around the globe and throughout the universe are more and more man-made.  
We owe it to ourselves and our next generations to provide solutions by mankind.
This last July when I was privileged to be invited to Nairobi for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, I remarked at the time what a unique gathering it was.  Here, among 800 entrepreneurs, innovators, early-stage investors, policy makers — coming together from every country in the world — there was only a spirit of positiveness, only a can-do attitude, only hope, belief, dedication and determination that the impossible was possible and would be done.
Whether it is helping develop new platforms, such as the MENA Business Angel Network (MBAN), African Business Angel Network (ABAN), the Global Business Angel Network (GBAN) or the Global Accelerator Network (GAN) for cross-border entrepreneurship and investment; 
Whether it be incubating Rising Tide Europe - the first cross-border investment program and fund for women business angels; whether it be exploring new horizons in Science with the European Research Council (ERC) or in Space with the European Space Agency (ESA), or creating the E-Zone with our e-Residency colleagues from Estonia; 
Whether it be working with our wonderful eco-system colleagues from incubators, accelerators, venture capital crowd-funding, stock-exchanges, bankers, and the European Commission at EBN, e-Xcelerator, EVCA, ECN, LSE, EuroNext and Nasdaq Groups, DG Connect, DG GROW, DG Regio, and the Horizon 2020 and Eureka organizations, 
Whether it be building a new platform - The Innovation Europe Fund - for all of Europe’s citizens to participate in helping create the solutions for the challenges of the 21st century, or joining all of our EBAN, MBAN, and ABAN members to create the world's biggest Business Angel Week just finished today, EBAN and its members feel privileged to be part of the global entrepreneurial, innovation, and early-stage investment community making a difference.  
We hope that together we can indeed help continue our contribution to bringing Peace on Earth, Save the Universe and Goodwill to All.
With very kindest regards,
Candace Johnson
Featured News

EBAN Celebrates the Publication of the 2015 Compendiums of Fiscal Incentives and Co-Investment Funds

In the latest editions of these two compendiums, EBAN concisely and accessibly presents useful information for business angels and other players in the early-stage market regarding the current tax outlook for Europe and regional trends as well as country-specific rules for co-investment funds.

The 2015 Compendium of Fiscal Incentives gives a more nuanced view of fiscal incentives for business angels across Europe and is a must-read for any investor. For example, fiscal incentives specifically available for venture capital, private equity and start-up angels can now be found in thirteen countries as opposed to eight in 2014: Belgium, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom. [Download the 2015 Compendium of Fiscal Incentives]

The 2015 Compendium of Co-Investment Funds details the myriad of co-investment initiatives currently operating in Europe as well as detailing their successes and failures. Based on EBAN's research, more than half of the co-investment funds in Europe are public-private agreements offering various incentives and benefits to the business angels involved. [Download the 2015 Compendium of Co-Investment Funds]

The "Fostering business angel activities in support of SME growth" Guidebook is now Available! 

Written by EBAN for the European Commission as part of a series, this guidebook describes how business angel investments and co-investments can reach a critical mass across certain sectors, regions or countries. It discusses the various financial instruments policymakers and other stakeholders can implement to cultivate business angel investments, particularly the creation of co-investment funds.
A provisional copy of the guidebook will soon be available from the European Commission website.

News From Space

EU Comission Research & Innovation Call for Space Experts

The EU Commission's Research & Innovation arm has announced a search for new independent experts in the field of Space Research for 2016. 
Assignments mainly concern research and innovation, falling within the Horizon 2020 programme designed to address the challenges Europe is facing through funding excellent science, technology and innovationTake a look at the most recently funded projects.
and register for this great opportunity here.

In the Press

EBAN Co-founded GBAN Mentioned in New York Times article on Business Angel Investing

The New York Times recently featured a piece by Sarah Max about business angel investing titled “A Global Academy’s Crash Course Makes Angels Out of Investors.” The article discusses the rationale behind Business Angel Networks and the effect such networks have had on the startup ecosystem across the world, more recently in the USA. EBAN is a co-founder and co-chair of GBAN - the Global Business Angel Network...[more]

EBAN cooperates with HandsOn Startup Tour to Showcase Europe's Hottest Startups

On 26 November, the largest startup competition in Europe held its finals at Microsoft France HQ in Paris. EBAN was proud to mightily contribute to the efforts of the team of HandsOn.TV which had spent 3 months visiting the 8 main European scenes of entrepreneurship, where a total of 367 startups applied for 8 local pitch sessions. At every location EBAN provided a member of the jury as well as one entrepreneur.  Among the 367 startups,  68 were selected, and only 2 from each city continued on to Paris. EBAN is delighted that one of our startups - Optimiam from France was among the 8 final winners.  EBAN member Audra Shallal  (pictured in pink) from Boss Consulting represented EBAN as the jury member for the finals, The 8 winners who will now get to spend a week immersed in Silicon Valley are: TutoToons (Spain), Optimiam (France), Glowee (France), Signaturit (Apain), Antelope.Club (Germany), ProdPad (UK), Powr of You (UK) and Inviita (Portugal).
Welcome to the European Finals:
Final event and feedback from founders, judges and attendees:

EBAN Winter University entrepreneur and ERC Grantee and Regional Government to set up Gene Therapy Centre

During EBAN's Winter University in Copenhagen, we were very pleased and honored to present BrainGne, ERC grantee Professor Deniz Kirik’s spin-off company will join forces with Skåne Regional Council in southern Sweden to build a specialised hospital and a state-of-the-art gene therapy centre, the parties announced on 8 October. The new facilities are expected to be operational by 2020. They will provide researchers unique opportunities for clinical trials, while patients will gain access to the latest treatment methods for Parkinson’s disease and other illnesses...[more]

EBAN partners with EVPA to support Non-Financial Support Crucial to Achieving and Sustaining Social Impact: EVPA Launches Key Report on its Value-Add


Non-financial support is absolutely crucial in helping organisations achieve and sustain effective social impact. But how to deliver the support which is needed and valued? How to fund and account for it? And what precisely is its value add? EBAN is very proud that its Board Member and President of the EBAN Impact Investment Committee, Hedda Pahlson-Moller is also Vice President of the European Venture Philanthropic Association (EVPA). We are pleased to promote this  key report that EVPA is launching, plotting for the first time, the value-add of non-financial support and recommending the best ways in which social sector funders can accelerate the progress of their investees towards producing solid societal outcomes...[press release here]

Women in Private Equity Awards
Highlight Today's Female Leaders

The Women in Private Equity Awards, created to bring awareness of gender diversity issues in executive leadership and particularly in private equity, recently announced the winners for the fall 2015 edition. Of the many women celebrated in this prestigious event, Sophie Dingreville won for “Best Woman in GP Venture Capital.” Responsible for investment in the digital media industry and in technology at Iris Capital, Dingreville also heads a co-investment partnership with Capnamic fund in Germany. Learn more about all of the winners here.

Members News

EBAN cooperates on "Investment Opportunities for European Emerging Markets", a Huge Success in Bucharest

2 November, 2015 - For the first time ever, Romania played host to a Business Angel conference focused on investment opportunities in European emerging markets. Organised by the Romanian Business Angels, the first day of the event centred around SME, investor and government collaboration, with pitches and networking taking place the second day at the National Institute for Research and Development in Physics and Nuclear Engineering at Magurele. Finally, the gracious hosts led their visitors around a number of  tourist attractions in Bucharest.

GUST and ABAN Announce Strategic Partnership Supporting African Early Stage Investment

November 17, 2015 – NEW YORK, NEW YORK and Mauritius – Gust, the world’s largest global platform connecting high-growth entrepreneurs and active early-stage investors, and ABAN, the Africa Business Angel Network that represents early stage investors across Africa, have entered into a long-term strategic partnership establishing Gust as an official deal-flow management and investor relations platform for the financing of high-growth African startups...[more]

EBAN Vice-President Altuntas and CRANE's Štetner Meet in Zagreb

December 2, 2015 - Baybars Altuntas, Vice President of the European Business Angels Network (EBAN) and President of the Turkish Business Angels Network, came to Zagreb on official business, to meet with the leadership of CRANE, the official candidates for the organization of Winter University 2016. Baybars Altuntas was welcomed by Davorin Štetner, President of CRANE, and together they visited the office of the President of the Republic in order to meet with Mr Marko Jurčić, President’s economic advisor...[more]

  Event: Refugee Projects Catch the Imagination at Social Innovation Investor's Fair

December 3, 2015 -  The European Investment Bank (EIB) Institute and the European Commission held the Social Innovation Investor's Fair at the EIB in Luxembourg-Kirchberg, where twelve projects chosen from the Social Innovation Tournament and the Social Innovation Competition which aim to fight unemployment, marginalisation of disadvantaged communities and promote access to education in a wide range of fields, as well as advance Europe's growth model by challenging current assumptions and conceiving of new solutions...[more] 

First EU-GCC Entrepreneurs Forum Bridges Geographic and Innovation Gaps

December 9, 2015 - The first EBAN, MBAN, EU-GCC event took place in Berlin to a full house. During the day 20 entrepreneurs pitched to GCC investors. connecting scale-up companies, entrepreneurs and business people from European and GCC countries. The event was honoured by the presence and inspiring speech of the President of the German Association of Medium-Sized Businesses and President of the European Confederation of Associations of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Mario Ohoven. EBAN President Candace Johnson, MBAN President Mohammed Al Tawash and MBAN Board Member Dr. Nazar al Baharna also gave speeches.

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December 9

5th FIWARE ePitch on "Education & Social"
On the Cloud

December 3

Finance and Law Day
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25-27th May 2016
Scale Up for Europe: EBAN 2016 Congress Porto
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Events of the Month

From mid-October to beginning December, EBAN celebrates an active and growing business angel community with Business Angels Week!

December 16
Matchmaking with SMEs in Germany: Innovation Workshop on Smart Production
Stuttgart, Germany

December 18
Industry Forum
Karpacz, Poland

January 8 - 10
Greek Innovation Forum
Athens, Greece

January 19
Impact Investing Congress
Zurich, Switzerland

January 22
French Private Equity Conference
Paris, France

Past Events Featuring EBAN 

2 - 4 November
Investment Opportunities for European Emerging Markets
Candace Johnson, EBAN President

5 November
Nordic Venture Forum
Ari Korhonen, EBAN Vice-President

10 November
Slush for Angels
Ari Korhonen, EBAN Vice-President

1-2 December
EVPA Conference
Hedda Pahlson Moller, EBAN Board member and Chair of EBAN Impact Investing Committee

3 December
Social Investor's Fair
Candace Johnson, EBAN President
Hedda Pahlson Moller, EBAN Board member and Chair of EBAN Impact Investing Committee

3-4 December
Balkan Venture Forum
Baybars Altuntas, EBAN Vice-President

9 December
EU-GCC Summit Berlin
Candace Johnson, EBAN President

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