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July 2015
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Angel Investing Takes Center Stage as a Global Asset Class at Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2015 

They came from all over the world - Entrepreneurs, Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, Banks, Corporations, NGO’s and Policy Makers including the Presidents of the United States and Kenya to celebrate and to recognize the enormous contribution Entrepreneurs and Angel Investors have on societies, economies, and the universe.  
Started by President Obama 6 years ago as part of his initiative to promote entrepreneurship as a tool for growth,
President Obama and President Kenyatta opened the 6th annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES), co-hosted by the United States and the Government of Kenya. During the Summit both Presidents announced new commitments to promote entrepreneurship as a driver for economic growth, social inclusion, and secure communities. Following his historic 2009 Cairo speech, President Obama elevated innovation and entrepreneurship in the U.S. engagement agenda and hosted the first GES at the White House in 2010. Over the past six years, the United States has been a leader in catalyzing entrepreneurship globally by developing innovative ecosystems; advocating for stronger business climates through rule of law and transparent business conduct; promoting entrepreneurship for women, youth, and marginalized communities; and mobilizing the private sector to expand impact.

EBAN was proudly represented at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit by President Candace Johnson, Vice President Baybars Altuntas, President Emeritus Paulo Andrez and EU Project Manager Ana Barjasic. All EBAN representatives gave speeches and participated in panels. 

Juncker Plan Presentation Includes Angel Investing as Pillar

Following on the recognition by President Obama of the importance of Business Angels in Nairobi, the European Commission has put the final building blocks in place to kick-start investment in the real economy. A package of measures agreed and announced last 22 July will ensure that the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) is up and running by early autumn 2015, keeping the ambitious timetable set by President Jean-Claude Juncker to implement the Investment Plan for Europe.
EBAN and its colleagues in the Eco-System had presented the E-Zone to President Juncker for inclusion in his Investment Plan.  We are delighted that our suggestions for a more important role for Business Angels are now foreseen in the plan.
Most particularly, in the context of the Horizon 2020 InnovFin facilities, the Commission, the EIB and the EIF also signed another agreement on a new pilot scheme run under the InnovFin SME Venture Capital facility, which will co-finance investments by business angels (BAs) in innovative SMEs and small midcaps that predominantly aim to commercialize new ICT-related products and services.
The aim of this pilot is to help overcome the deficiencies of the BAs financing environment by providing equity stakes in funds aiming to co-invest with or managed by BAs for the ultimate benefit of innovative SMEs and small midcaps located in the Member States and countries associated to Horizon 2020, with a particular focus on Central and Easter Europe. With an initial EU financial contribution of €30 million, this pilot is expected to generate an amount of up to €120 million of investments and in particular, also provide a roadmap for further co-investments with Business Angels. 
[Read more here]

Altuntas of EBAN Recognized as the 7th JCI Ambassador

EBAN Vice President Baybars Altuntas has been recognized as the 7th JCI Ambassador at a ceremony at the United Nations Headquarters after his keynote speech on angel investment at the JCI Global Partnership Summit in New York.  A sterling example is UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, whose recognition is the latest in the series of JCI ambassador appointments prior to that of Altuntas.
[Read Full Press Release]

3 Day Silicon Valley Investor Program and European Innovation Day
EBAN is proudly supporting the SEC2SV Investor Program, a custom 3 day Angel Investing program in San Francisco, California, designed for prospective and current angel investors, entrepreneurs and other business professionals looking for diversification investment opportunities.                                                                         The Program is part of the SEC2SV-Startup Europe Comes to Silicon Valley initiative and in connection with the European Innovation Day on September 21st. You will be exposed to a network of professional angel investors to learn the methodologies and technicalities of successful angel investing and generate new co-investment opportunities. Download the Program Brochure for further details,modules and pricing information.
Your participation in the 3-Day SV Investor Program will be entitle you to partake in the European Innovation Day on September 21st, the opening event (at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View) of the SEC2SV-Startup Europe Comes to Silicon Valley initiative.

Growing a pan-African network of Angel Investors

ABAN is proud to announce all dates and speakers for the series of Angel Investor Bootcamps being hosted across the continent. Objective of the series is to mobilize the early stage investing community and to grow a pan-African network of Angel investors.
The Bootcamps will consist of a master-class, expert sessions, the presentation of research and in-depth case studies. [Click here to read more]

InvestHorizon Brainslounge 2015: Hottest Event in Austria
Another outstanding InvestHorizon event was celebrated last July 7th - in Siegendorf, Austria – where 22 promising startups, 5 coaches and 20 investors participated in Brainslounge 2015, the hottest Early Stage Camp and Investment Forum ever recorded in history. The 37 degrees of heat although were not enough to compromise the success of this event organized and hosted by Austrian Brainswork and DreamAcademia. [Click here to read more]

EBAN welcomes 3 new members!

Gianluca Tuillier
We are proud to announce that Gianluca Tuillier has joined EBAN as new member. His main interest is investing, especially in small size start-ups. 
Bulgaria Angels
Bulgarian Angels is one of the most relevant business angels association in Bulgaria, aimed at supporting the development of local early stage companies. Its main goals are promoting a sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country and providing financial support and training programs to the local entrepreneurs.
Kosovo Business Angels Network (KOSBAN)
KOSBAN is one of the leading Business Angels Network in Kosovo. Headquartered in Prishtina, its activitities are mainly focused on promoting the business angels culture in the country and supporting and training local entrepreneurs.

EBAN Members & Partners' News & Updates

Gen to Unleash Additional $100 Million to Support Entrepreneurs in 160 Countries
The Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) announced yesterday that it will be unleashed another estimated $100 million to help entrepreneurs launch new startups while creating innovations that can change the world. [Read more]

metavallonStartup in Acceleration: 5 Reasons why they are Powerful Investment Assets
Accellerators are recognized a great tool to foster startups' growth for several reasons…[Read more]

 Interview with Paulo Andrez
 An interesting discussion with the President Emeritus of EBAN during the Game Changers in Brazil.          [Watch the full video]

UANGEL, Ukrainian Business Angels Network
Happy Birthday UANGEL!
Ukraine Business Angel Network celebrated its 1st anniversary.[Read more]

 Take a Trip to Rwanda with BiD Network!
 BiD Network is organizing an impact investment trip to Rwanda from 8 to 13 November 2015. This trip is  intended to close the geographic gap between entrepreneurs and angel investors. Investors will be able to get a first-hand experience in what it’s like to do business in Rwanda and East Africa.

ePlus Survey Now Live
ePlus is an ambitious and important undertaking aiming to help scale regional startups to European and international levels. There are many different ways of doing it, so getting your perspective is crucial! Take the Survey here.


Dublin ranked 7 in Top 15: Europe’s biggest startup cities       (Source: hban.org)

7 Kickstarter Tips to Accelerate Funding for Your Startup        (Source: hightechcampus.com)
The Netherlands: A Look At The World’s High-Tech Startup Capital (Source: techcrunch.com)

VC Funding in Croatia and Southeast Europe: A Gaping Hole that’s Slowly Being Filled (Source:Tech.eu)

"Moving to Estonia had a Great Impact on our Growth" (Source:arcticstartup.com)

Look South: Start-Ups Opportunities in Latin America (Source:globalriskinsights.com)

Ambitious Start-Ups a Vital Part of the Economy (Source:rishexaminer.com)

Five Entrepreneurial Places In Europe Where Hub Things Are Happening (Source: forbes.com)

How to successfully obtain an entrepreneur visa (in Spain) (Source: Tech.crunch)                                                                                                                                        

Interesting positions available as Key Expert in the EU Business Avenues South East Asia                          SPI Europe is a private consulting company created in 1997 as an active centre of national and international networks connected to the research and innovation sectors. Currently SPI is looking for Key Experts in order to develop the EU Business Avenues in South East Asia.

 The Social Entrepreneur Competition is the summer contest aimed at recognizing the best social entrepreneurs from  the Nordic regions of Europe. The 2 best participants (one male and one female) will be awarded full access entry  passes to the EBAN Winter University in Copenhagen!

 Register to 7th run of the international accelerator JIC STARCUBE
 3 months full of workshops, mentoring and intensive work await 10 technology teams and start-ups from around the  world. Applicants have until 31. 7. 2015 to register, and the programme itself begins in September.

ECN is looking for a EC Project Manager
Crowdfunding is a fast growing sector and our team keeps growing. ECN is looking for an experienced, motivated, Bruxelles-based, self-employed professional to include in its team as EC Project Manager. 
 Opportunity for ABAN coaches in Africa
 The Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies (SEED) is looking for a volunteer business coach for its  Transformation Programs in Africa
 Grants4Apps® Accelerator | The Grants4Apps® Accelerator is a mentoring program for digital health startups taking  place in Berlin. This year’s batch with five startups runs from August 10th until December 4th, 2015. The program offers  mentoring by entrepreneurs and Bayer experts, office space for 100 days at Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals  headquarters, and funding of 50,000€.
   Grants Available for Programs that Help Entrepreneurs Succeed
  The Kauffman Foundation has announced a grant program for non-profit organizations that support startup formation       and   growth.  Grant proposals should be focused on startup programs and their deadline is July 31.


Guide to Infrastructure Financing: Bank loans, debt private placements and public bonds – smoothing the pathway for effective funding | The Guide demonstrates the industry’s active support for the European Commission’s Investment Plan for Europe, which will raise EUR 315bn for jobs and growth and depends on private sector investment.

Guide to Finding an Angel Investment | Guide to Finding an Angel Investment - has been written by Sami Etula, a sweat equity investor and active meber of Fiban, with the aim to help all enterpreneurs wondering where and how to find business angel investment.


Dear Entrepreneurial, Innovation and Early Stage Community,

July has been an incredible month for the Angel Investment Community as it literally took center stage in Europe and around the world.

On 22 July, President Juncker of the European Commission and Vice President Katainen announced a major initiative for the European Commission and the European Investment Fund (EIF) to co-invest with Business Angels in Central and Eastern Europe.  EBAN has been working hard throughout the years to obtain this and we are thrilled that our hard work has paid off. 

EBAN was most proud to have a number of our members be invited to participate as major players and speakers in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi Kenya 24-26 July with President Obama and President Kenyata. How exciting it was to see our African Business Angel Network (ABAN) initiative launched last November at our EBAN University be recognized by both Presidents on center stage!

The Global Entrepreneurship Summit was quickly followed by our Vice President Baybars Altuntas addressing the United Nations 29 July on Angel Investing and being named JCI Ambassador to help spread the JCI Mission & Vision globally.

Looking forward to the fall, EBAN will be working together with Start-Up Europe to make certain that European Business Angels and our European Start-Ups meet up with Silicon Valley Angel Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Policy Makers at the  SEC2SV Investor Program. 

Finally, we urge all of our readers to look at the impact all our members are having on Angel Investing throughout the world, e.g. Paulo Andrez on Brazil television at the Game Changers Summit or our Irish colleagues at HBAN.

We wish all the members of our Eco-System a wonderful summer.  From the looks of above, it is just heating up!

With kindest regards,

Candace Johnson

LinkedIn Guest Editorial

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Last Events featuring EBAN

28th July
United Nations
With the participation of EBAN's Vice President, Baybars Altuntas
New York, U.S.

25-26th July
Global Entrepreneurship Summit
With the participation of Candace Johnson,EBAN's President, Baybars Altuntas, Vice President, Paulo Andrez, President Emeritus, Ana Barjasic, Project Manager
Nairobi, Kenya 

24th June
Congresso de Investimento Anjo da Anjos do Brazil (CIA 2015)
With the partecipation of EBAN's President Emeritus Paulo Andrez
Sao Paulo, Brasil

1-3rd July
Innorobo 2015
With the participation of EBAN's Vice President Baybars Altuntas
Lyon, France
EBAN Publication: Compendium of Co-Investment Funds with Business Angels
EBAN is proud to present the 2014 edition of its annual review of co-investment funds operating with business angels in Europe. 








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23rd August
ASEAN - EU Business Summit
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

27th August
NFBAN Launch – Social Entrepreneur Competition 2015
Helsinki, Finland

9-12th September
IGEM 2015
Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

16-18th September
3 DAY SV Investor Program + European Innovation Day
Mountain View, California, United States

23rd September
1st Photonic Integration Conference
Eindhoven, the Netherlands

21-25th September
Startup Europe Comes to Silicon Valley
Mountain View, California, United States

Platinum Investors Business Angels
Warsaw, Poland

1-3rd October
2nd FIWARE Bootcamp
Athens, Greece

6-8th October
2015 National Angel Summit - NACO
Ontario, Canada

8-13th November
Impact Investment Trip in Rwanda - Bid Network
Kigali, Rwanda

9-10th November
Angel Insights Exchange
New Orleans, United States

16-18th November
EBAN Winter University and Creative Business Cup
Copenhagen, Denmark

26th November 2015
The VCT & EIS Investor Forum 2015
London, United Kingdom

27th November
German Private Equity Conference
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

1-2nd Decembre
EVPA Annual Conference 2015
Madrid, Spain

6-8th May
EBAN 2016 Annual Congress
Porto, Portugal


5th October
Dublin Coaching Academy
Dublin, Ireland 

20-21th October
Digital Tech Summit
Lisbon, Portugal
Bucharest, Romania

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