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December 2013
Flash #95

European angel investors tear apart misconceptions

Misconceptions have been a commonplace for a long time when it comes to business angels, but it is exactly these people who have come to light in the past few years of the crisis. In order to increase awareness about the role and importance of business angels in the economy, EBAN has released a short video entitled "The 7 things you think you know about business angels" breaking some of the most widespread misconceptions about who business angels are and what they do. View it and share it with your community! (full article by Vanja Figenwald in partnership with Prague Leaders)

Conclusions from the European Business Angels Week

EBAW final figures: 141 EVENTS - 34 COUNTRIES - 75 CITIES
With the EBAW now over is about time to draw some conclusions and learnings on this 1st edition of the biggest ever angel investment awareness initiative. To make this evaluation easier lets summarise them in 3 major areas:

1. The interest for angel investment is growing consistently amongst the European entrepreneurship community stakeholders. Not only the number of Business Angel Networks (BANs) and angel investors has been growing in the past years so as the interest demonstrated by entrepreneurial communities, start-up hubs and institutional players involved in entrepreneurship promotion. These players want business angels more involved in their activities and paying a closer look to the deals they help to develop;

2. Raising the profile of angel investors towards political decision makers. For the first time ever, angel investment received the direct support of the European Commission President. Jose Barroso and his team - Neelie Kroes (E. Commissioner for the Digital Agenda) and Daniel Calleja (Director General of DG Enterprise & Industry) stressed the role of angel investors in the creation of jobs and economic growth in Europe. Angel investors already play a critical role in some European support projects and the plans are to contribute even more. At member states level we also see a raising interest to foster the national angel investment communities and a willingness to set up co-investment funds and tax break programmes targeted to raise the number of angel investors and the volume of their investments.

3. Active engagement of EBAN members and other partner organisations towards angel investment growth. The organisation of so many events was only possible with the active collaboration of EBAN members and other partner organisations. These showed a significant commitment to address the Week goals and to continue supporting the complex dialogue between entrepreneurs and investors with the multiple players which build the European entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our appreciation and congratulations to all those individuals who took ownership of the week is a motivation to continue working for a sustainable and consistent early stage investment community.

Messages of support received:


EBAN signs collaboration agreement with Business Angels in Southeast Asia

Photo: Donna Daritan (BANSEA), Francisco Banha (EBAN) and Candace Johnson (EBAN)
EBAN continues to increase its international network beyond Europe and has recently signed an agreement for collaboration with BANSEA – Business Angel Network SouthEast Asia. BANSEA, founded in 2001 and operating from Singapore, is one of the leading Asian angel investment networks. EBAN and BANSEA agreed to foster cross border investment, dissemination of initiatives, exchange of best practices and a close collaboration for future projects. The agreement was signed by EBAN Board members Candace Johnson and Francisco Banha and by Donna Daritan, Executive Director of BANSEA during the Asian Business Angels Forum (Mumbai, 22-23 November 2013). [read the full press release]


SME Assembly looking for alternative funding 

Photo: Paulo Andrez and Pablo Garrido met with Rovio's CMO mighty eagle" Peter Vesterbacka, one of the event's keynote speakers.

EBAN President Paulo Andrez and EBAN Membership Manager Pablo Garrido met in Vilnius, Lithuania, a group of SME's representatives, envoys and market players in the context of Encouraging an Europe of Enterprise. This assembly remarked that business angels are a major source of financing, helping to fill the gap that lies between the startup ecosystem and seed capital stages, playing a crucial role in the development of the entrepreneurial community. 

Guest post

by David Drake as published on Forbes
Syndicate Funding: A New Way To Invest In Startups
«There is no university where one can learn angel investing. However, crowdfunding is creating a unique path for learning through a system called syndicate funding. A growing trend in the U.K. and other parts of Europe, such as Belgium and Italy»

EBAN welcomes a new member

Yuri Katanov, Bulgaria (Affiliate Member)
Mr. Yuri Katanov is an experienced business angel actively building a network in early stage investment business in Europe. With an extensive investment's portfolio both in small and medium size businesses, he values the support of EBAN to receive the latest trends within the angel's ecosystem and the access to our resources in the field. 

New media partnerships

The Business Incubator partnered with EBAN to become the first global and professional journal for the incubation industry, with consultants who support new business start-ups around the world. With this partnership, EBAN will contribute to the section of Smart Money, bringing incubators closer to the early stage investment community.
Startup Weekend Europe is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams and communities. Through the cooperation with this network, EBAN will promote investment readiness tools for startups and foster networking with local investors.
Prague Leaders Magazine focuses on interviews, business and EU affairs. Despite its national origins, Prague Leaders - fully written in English - is determined to increase its international audience and reach to leaders across Europe. With this partnership, EBAN increases its reach to Czech Republic and to a savvy international community.

EBAN Partners' Updates

New Gust platform in January 2014
Gust is putting together a comprehensive support plan to ensure the transition to the new platform is smooth for all customers.
What’s going to change? Enhanced speed and a better user experience.
What about my account? Everything will be securely migrated and your username and password will stay the same.
How will users be supported in the transition? Gust will provide extensive online training and online support.
Is there anything I should do at this point? Yes. You can already sign up for the January training sessions. 
For more information about the transition reach the team by emailing to

Zephyr - Finnish Funding Round Helps November Values Rise on Last Month
The peaks and troughs across angel investment in Western Europe throughout 2013 show no signs of abating, as November witnessed yet another fluctuation in the value of deals. After declining 53 per cent in October to EUR 18 million, an increase has already been recorded for November.
      EBAN Partner
Gust - venture forward
EBAN Research Sponsor



Interview with Jaanika Merilo on angel investing
Jaanika Merilo is the first female member of EstBAN. With a background in IT and asset management she currently runs her own investment company Aida Invest and is thinking about putting together a fund for early stage investments.

ESTBAN signs agreement with SOBA 
EstBAN and St. Petersburg Business Angels signed an MoU for increased cross-border collaboration during the European Business Angels Week. 

Jari Ovaskainen awarded Finnish Business Angel of the Year
Jari Ovaskainen is known in Finland for his first business deal done in 2000 when he sold Iobox, a web portal he’d founded, to the Spanish operator Telefónica’s subsidiary company Terra Mobile for €230 million. More recently, Jari exited Supercell he had joined as the first investor. 

Venture Capital IT
Gesventure/ Business Angels Club will be hosting the 13th Venture Capital IT in Lisbon from 10th to 11th of December. International speakers include UK serial angel investor Jack Lang, Dominique Fache (Sophia Antipolis, France) and the UK IP expert Alexander Korenberg (Kilburn & Strode).

London Business Angels top investor network in the UK for first half of 2013
In this period, LBA completed 9 Technology deals in a range of sectors from digital photography, to water leak detection and nasogastric feeding tubes. The size of the deals ranged from £150k up to £2.1m. 


Infographic: Where Startup Funding Really Comes From (US) (source:
Prominent VCs and angel investors may dominate the headlines with their big sticker investments, but personal loans and credit – along with investments from friends and family – make up the big share of funding for startups.

Munich-based fromAtoB Receives 7-Figure Funding (source: EU-Startups)

Online Luxury Marketplace Luxodo Raises $2.4 Million (source: EU-Startups)

Banks Investing at the First Growth Stage? Equity for Austrian Founders (source: Inventures)

Creas launches new early stage fund targeted to social impact businesses
This e-guide aims to help those with an interest in investing in early-stage impact enterprises see how this work is being done around the world.  Readers can go from learning to action as global practitioners in impact investing by using the following 7-Step Framework..
Including "Bottlenecks in SME financing", authored by EIF’s Research & Market Analysis.

Doing Business 2014: Understanding Regulations for SMEs by the World Bank
‘Doing Business’ research documents 18% increase in business regulation reforms, helping entrepreneurs and a trend to reduce burdens especially noticeable in Africa.
by Wall Street Journal and US News

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Raising Business Angel Investment - European Booklet for Entrepreneurs by EBAN and HBAN

Raising Business Angel Investment - European Booklet for Entrepreneurs

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Upcoming events from the EBAN community and partners

To have access to the full list of events taking place in November, some of which in the context of the European Business Angels Week, visit the following link.

9 December
Campden’s Middle East Family Office and Investment Conference
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

9-10 December
European Venture Summit
Düsseldorf, Germany

10-11 December
Venture Capital IT
Lisbon, Portugal

11 December
Foro de Inversión InnoBAN
Vigo, Spain

11 December
Twin City Startup Relations
Vienna, Austria

12 December
Investment Ready Programme
Vienna, Austria

12 December
Investor Meeting
Gothenburg, Sweden

13 December
Go Beyond Awareness Seminar
Paris, France

17 December
Investment Event and Group Meeting
Lausanne, Switzerland

17-18 December
AustrianStartups & Pioneers Unplugged XMas Party
Vienna, Austria

19 December
Angels Den – Angel Club London
London, United Kingdom

European Early Stage Investors Atlas

Presence of EBAN team across the globe

Paulo Andrez participated as a speaker in the European Angel Capital Expo [Keiretsu Forum] on 11-12th November in Barcelona, Spain.

Ari Korhonen participated as a speaker in FiBAN Business Angel Dinner on November 12th in Helsinki, Finland.

Ari Korhonen participated as a speaker in the Nordic Angel Conference on November 13th in Helsinki, Finland.

Paulo Andrez participated in a meeting with SMEs and local authorities on November 15-18th November in Skopje, Macedonia.

Paulo Andrez and Francisco Banha launched the European Business Angels Week simultaneously with the Portuguese National BA Congress on November 18th in Cascais, Portugal.

Paulo Andrez participated as a speaker in the Basque Investment Forum at the London Business School on November 19th in London, United Kingdom.
Paulo AndrezLuis Gaveias and Pablo Garrido launched the Presentation of the European Business Angels Week for Stakeholders on November 20th in Brussels, Belgium.

Albert Colomer participated as a speaker in the II Business Angel Congress on November 21st in Valencia, Spain.

Candace Johnson and Francisco Banha participated in the Asian Business Angel Forum on 21-22nd November in Mumbai, India.

Paulo Andrez participated in the Penela Economic Forum on November 23rd in Coimbra, Portugal.

Ari Korhonen participated as a jury member in the Startup Awards Slovakia event on November 22th in Bratislava, Slovakia. 

Paulo Andrez and Pablo Garrido assisted to the SME Assembly on November 25-26th in Vilnius, Lithuania. 

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