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January 2015
Newsletter #2

2015 - The "No Excuses" Year for Creating European Success Stories within an E-Zone

The recent announcement by the Central European Bank of Quantitative Easing coupled with the European Union Investment Plan announced by President Juncker in December have resulted in a situation in which public and private sector investors in Europe have “no excuses”to invest in innovative early stage and growth companies in 2015. Co-investment venture finance for Business Angels and Seed Funds from European Structural Funds has never been so abundant.  Money as such has never been so available to stimulate the economy and to provide impulses for innovation and growth. 

What is important is that we all, the public and private sector investors in Europe, be we Business Angels, be we Crowd Funders, be we Venture Capitalists, be we Private Equity, be we Stock Exchanges, Banks and/or private citizens transform this money and liquidity into smart money, smart investment, and innovation to create European and Global Success Stories! 

Europe, home of the World Wide Web, the Global Mobile System (GSM) and Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) standards has wonderful pillars on which to build global companies. In a time of concern about global data privacy and cyber security, Europe has been at the forefront of protecting private citizens data with the world’s first and only “Bill of Citizen’s Rights” guaranteeing data privacy.   

What has held us back — if anything — is the lack of a Single Market.
EBAN together with our fellow venture finance eco-system members,
EBNECNYESEVCABAE, and the Elite Group of the London Stock Exchange have written the paper to call for an E-Zone to President Juncker.

In order for us to unleash the power of public and private sector-led investment coupled with public co-investment, the establishment of an E-Zone where entrepreneurs, researchers, and investors are free to reach their visions, unencumbered with legacy bureaucracy is vital.
This is why all members of the European Venture Finance eco-system have come together to establish the E-Zone.

Together in an E-Zone, we can create European Success Stories. What are European Success Stories? They are Skype; they are SAP; they are SES; they are Nokia - yes, coming back from the brink but coming back; they are Vodafone; they are Telefonica; they are Novartis; they are Angry Birds; they are Raspberry Pi; etc. They are also the family owned companies which are our heritage — Siemens, Bertelsmann, L’Oreal, ABB, LEGO, the list goes on. All of these companies are testaments to individual will and power to create world-changing companies and organizations.

We are also calling on large corporations with our new e-Xcellerator
Programme -  - to work closely with our start-ups and our scale-ups to help bring their amazing innovations to the world stage with the help of their corporate resources, market, scale, and networks.

That is why, we at EBAN are calling 2015 - The “No Excuses” Year!  

We look forward to creating the European and Global Success Stories within an E-Zone with you.  We know that together we can do it!

Carpe Diem!

Candace Johnson


EBAN & GUST Webinars for Angels Groups

For years, Gust has been helping angel investor groups and venture capital funds collaborate with promising startups. Over the last 12 months, 1800+ startups have been funded through Gust’s SaaS funding platform. 

As a direct advantage of EBAN's Membership, Gust offers free usage of their platform to accredited EBAN's Members.

Gust offers the tools accredited angel investors, venture funds and startup programs need to get the job done, and within this framework will be holding a series of webinars targeting both new angel groups and experienced users who want to deepen the features of the platform.

To register for the webinar please choose from the times below:

Angel Groups new to Gust 
Current Gust users

For further information, please contact EBAN's Secretariat

EBAN and EBN come together in Skopje to create Western Balkan Hub of Innovation and Venture Financing

EBAN’s President and Vice President, Candace Johnson and Baybars Altuntas came together with EBN’s President Emeritus and Director of Business Development Joe Greaney and David Tee for a three-day seminar 22-25 January on Business Innovation in Skopje, to help create a new Western Balkan Hub of Innovation and Venture Financing.

In an exemplary model of regional and public/private cooperation,
Macedonia Business Angels Network’s Ilija Emice brought together Vladimir Pesevski, the Vice Prime Minister of Macedonia; Teuta Arifi the Mayor of Tevolo; and other dignitaries and business people from around the Western Balkan Region to launch the COSSME Network.


EBAN and Entrepreneur Country Invite You to the Entrepreneur Country Global Forum 3rd February

Join the world's top entrepreneurs, investors, and doers at the Entrepreneur Global Forum taking place 3rd of February at at the Royal Institution of Great Britain.

***All members of the EBAN Community will receive a special rate of £100 instead of £250***

EBAN is proud to be a founding partner of Entrepreneur Country Global.

EU Angels Investing in High Technology

Following the EBAN Helsinki 2014 European Business Angels Conference, angel investments in Europe are increasing and into diverse sectors; ICT, with a 32%, is clearly leading the market, followed by biotech & life sciences and mobiles with 10% each. Manufacturing (9%), health care (8%) and energy (6%) are in the top-tier of the sectors.

In the latest survey made by EBAN, a total of 7.5 billion EUR were invested in the early stage market in 2013. Of this amount, 5.5 billion was made by angels, 2.0 billion by early stage VCs and 80 million by equity crowdfunding. The top 3 countries in terms of angel investments (in EUR) were: United Kingdom, with 84.4 million; Spain, 57.6 million, and Russia, 41.8 million.

To find out more about startup investing best practices and success stories, please visit the following link (Huffingtonpost).

EBAN welcomes 5 new members!

Business Angels New Materials Network, Spain [Network] Created in 2014, the group 
aims to open new opportunities to the entrepreneurs, seeking collaboration with EBAN, offering the best solutions to our entrepreneurs and investors.
Christophe Bodin,Belgium [Affiliate] founded in 2009 CBO Consulting as a consulting firm for the Telecom Industry & the Digital Economy. Christophe is a member of EBAN H2020's Committee.

Xevin Investments, Poland [Network] is a hybrid model between Angel Fund and Venture Capital Fund. Xevin primarely focuses on Internet, Mobile and industries. The fund aims to take an active part in the development of the new technology and media market in Central and Eastern Europe.

Enpact, Tunisia [Business Accelerator] aims to build bridges between Europe and the MENA region by offering young entrepreneurs a revolutionary mentoring programme.

D.E.A.-E.B.E.A. LogoBusiness Angels Greece, Greece [Network] is the first angels' group established by the formal Athens Chamber of Commerce, acting as the enabler to foster liaison and investment between investors and entrepreneurs.

EBAN Members & Partners' News & Updates

Cameroon's First Startup Accelerator to Launch January 2015, Cameroon's leading technology hub, ActivSpaces, is launching an intensive six-month accelerator program called Activation Bootcamp.

French Firm Among January’s Top Angel Investments
Zephyr's Business Angels deal feature: January's 2015 Edition.

Call for Projects to Support Diaspora Entrepreneurs. If you are an entrepreneur from the Lebanese, Jordanian or Palestinian diaspora based in Europe, MedGeneration is the right opportunity for you.

Paragon Co-Organizes the European Water Week in Malta on the 25-27 March 2015. The event will target a wide spectrum of companies, universities and researchers from Europe, aiming to foster the creation of B2B and B2C relationships.

Turkey Becomes Paradise for Global Angel Investors. TBAA has promoted and nurtured startups, angels, and a dynamic business
community all throughout Turkey, shaping the future of an entrepreneurial South East Europe.

10 Incentives For Entrepreneurs To Bootstrap Their Startup. Based on the Startup Environment Index from the Kauffman Foundation and LegalZoom, boostraping/ personal moneycontinues to be the primary startup funding source.

London Business Angels EIS Fund 2015
The fund will offer an innovative way to acquire a portfolio of early stage investments, while taking advantage of the personal tax relief of 30% and tax advantages of the scheme in fiscal year 2014/2015. 



Call for Projects to Support Diaspora Entrepreneurs
10 Lebanese, 10 Jordanian and 10 Paestinian projects will be selected to benefit from supports. Deadeline: February, 1st

Innotribe Startup Challenge 2015
The Innotrib Startup Challenge bridges the gap between the financial services industry and todqy's brightest startups and innovators.

Lisbon Challenge Spring '15
Lisbon Challenge is an international 3-month acceleration program for ambitious tech startups in one of the most exciting startup capitals.

Financial Instruments 2014-2020: Under European Structural and Investment Funds
Participants can expect to further their understanding of how financial instruments can help in their efforts to deliver ESIF 2014-2020 objectives.

Laval Virtual 2015: Investment Forum Augmented & Virtual Reality
Early stage companies can submit their application and get the chance to pitch in front of 10-12 high level internation equity investors with track records in the ICT and digital media content industry. Deadline: 15 February.

Life Sciences & Health Venture Challenge
The Veture Challenge is a "must-do" opportunity for all aspiring Life Sciences entrepreneurs. Receive coaching and advice on essential elements of setting up a business. Deadline: January, 25th

ACE - Accelerate Cross Border Engagement
ACE launched a call for application to select the next Top 50 highly innovative ICT start-ups and SMEs in Europe. Selected companies will be invited to attend the ACE Summit and Investment Forum in March 2015. Deadline: January, 25th

frontierCities is awarding a total of 3.92M€ for up to 70 web-developers, start-ups and SMEs to support the creation and development of ICT innovation solutions applied to mobility systems through the use of FIWARE platform. Deadline: February, 16th


Europe Investor Insights Survey 2014 - Competition and Demand for Deals Continues to Rise
Investment banks, hedge funds and private equity firms tell us where they plan to invest next.

The Landscape for Impact Investing in South Asia
report provides a “state of the market” landscape analysis of the impact investing industry in South Asia.

Work Programme 2015: Advancing with ESIF Financial Instruments and EaSI Microfinance
ESIF work together to support economic development across all EU countries, in line with the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy.


Dear Innovation and Entrepreneurial Community members,

This is our second edition of the EBAN Newsletter. We look forward to your contributions with the most relevant news, activities and programmes for those projects in which you currently partake, for the promotion and development of the early stage investing market.

With kindest regards,

Candace Johnson
EBAN President


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ECN Crowdfunding Convention 2014
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EBAN Publication: Compendium of Co-Investment Funds with Business Angels
EBAN is proud to present the 2014 edition of its annual review of co-investment funds operating with business angels in Europe. 









29th January
Seed Day: Software & e-Commerce
Helsinki, Finland

27th-2nd February
AViTeM Meetings 2015
Marseilles, France

2-3rd February
Gothenburg, Sweden

3rd February
Entrepreneur Country Global Forum
London, UK

3-4th February
Russian Startup Tour
Rostov-on-Don, Russia

4-5th February
Fly Conference
Budapest, Hungary

5th February
ESA Lift to Space 
Geneva, Switzerland
With the participation of EBAN's President Candace Johnson

4-6th February
Seedstars World Final
Geneve, Switzerland

10-11th February
Green Innovation & Investment Forum
Stuttgart, Germany

11th February
EU Access to Finance Day
Nicosia, Cyprus

11-12th February
Russian Startup Tour
Tomsk, Russia

16th February
1st Food Tech Investment Forum
Barcelona & Madrid, Spain

23-26th February
SuperReturn International 2015
Berlin, Germany

26-28th February
Startup Turkey
Antalya, Turkey

27 Jan-2nd February
AViTeM Meetings
Marseille, France

2-3rd March
2nd Entrepreneurship in Economic Development Forum
Doha, Qatar

25-27th March
European Water Week
Malta, Malta

14-16th April
2015 ACA Summit
$200 Discount for EBAN's Community (CODE DRPS2)
San Diego, U.S

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