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April 2013
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EBAN Congress & Awards

2 Weeks to go for our Annual Congress in Vienna

13th EBAN Congress & 8th Awards Ceremony
13-14 May 2013  |  Vienna, Austria


The EBAN Congress, this year taking place in Vienna, is your annual opportunity to take part in the debate of the European early stage investment ecosystem. This year's Congress will highlight the role of early stage investors in Europe's growth. The 2-days event in Vienna will be the prime spot for learning, knowledge sharing and networking with peers from all across Europe and beyond.

Extend your stay for an additional afternoon and enjoy the EBAN Institute Trainings delivered in partnership with experts in different fields at exclusive rates for congress participants only.

We look forward to meeting you in Vienna!


MAY 13th
13th EBAN Congress
8th EBAN Awards Ceremony and Dinner
MAY 14th
13th EBAN Congress (morning)
General Assembly (members only)
EBAN Institute Trainings

Keynote speakers:
Maria Fekter, Austrian Finance Minister
Philippe ScholteĢ€s, Officer-in-Charge of the Programme Development and Technical Cooperation Division, UNIDO Vienna
Julie Meyer, Founder & CEO Ariadne Capital
Wilhelm Molterer, Vice-President European Investment Bank 
Veit Sorger, Former Vice-President of Business Europe and Former-President of the Federation of Austrian Industries
Christian Weinberger, Senior Adviser Entrepreneurship and SME Policy, European Commission

There is never too much learning so book your trainings in Vienna:
Gust Platform Training (3h)
Designing Business Angel Co-Investment schemes with public funds (2nd edition; 3h)
Deal Terms (3h)
Impact Investing 101: Getting Concepts and Practice Right (3h)
Evaluating investment proposals in digital media (2h)

The EBAN Congress now in your smartphone! (New!)

Serbian start-up Atendra is providing a mobile application for the EBAN Congress. Participants and non-participants can now download the app to Android, iPhone and Blackberry 10 operating systems. We invite you to try this new resource and start engaging with other participants.

This and much more to unveil soon in the charming and blooming Vienna. Special rates apply for EBAN Members. Book your tickets now!


EBAN's Annual Collection of Statistics: Your collaboration is highly appreciated

As in previous years, we invite members and non-members of EBAN to take part in EBAN's annual collection of statistics about the European angel investment market in 2012. By taking part in the survey you provide EBAN with valuable information which will be used to define policies, identify challenges and point the way to a stronger early stage investment market at regional and European level. The survey is mainly targeted to Business Angel Networks and Federations but also welcomes contribution from other actors of the early stage sector.
We highly appreciate your cooperation and we thank you in advance for taking your time to fill in this survey by May 6th.
- Survey to EBAN Members
- Survey to non-EBAN Members


EBAN Linkedin Group reaches 2000 members

EBAN LinkedIn group reaches now over 2000 members. According to LI data, the group is mostly used by individuals operating in the VC industry (19%) and has a wide spread representation of geographies with a balanced distribution of concentration hubs in Paris, Barcelona, London, Brussels, Milan and Madrid (3-4% each). The group records an average of 12 discussions per week being closely monitored by EBAN which make all eforts to keep it targeted to investors' needs (no spam or deal sharing). It's never too late to join!

EBAN welcomes 4 new members and reaches now a record number of 29 countries!

Aktif Bank, Istanbul, Turkey (GOLD Associated)
EBAN is pleased to welcome Aktif Bank to its network as a GOLD member after an excellent sponsorship activity during EBAN Winter University in Istanbul the past month of January. Aktif Bank is an innovative Turkish bank that has launched the first "Direct Banking" model experience, providing novel corporative banking services in Turkey.

Estonian Business Angel Network (EstBAN), Tallin, Estonia (Business Angel Network)
EBAN welcomes its first Business Angel Network member from Estonia. EstBAN has joined EBAN as an umbrella organisation for BAs, seeking investment opportunities in Estonia and its neighbouring regions.
EstBAN was established in 2012 aiming at contributing to local seed funds growth.

Connect Väst, Gothenburg, Sweden (Business Angel Network)
EBAN is proud to welcome yet another business angel network from Sweden! Connect Väst is actively involved in organising meetings between Angels and entrepreneurs such as "Angels of CONNECT", business angel and entrepreneurs training courses.

Platinum Seed Incubator sp. z.o.o, Warsaw, Poland (Early Stage Fund)
EBAN welcomes a Polish early stage fund especialised in TMT (Telecommunication, Media and Technology), life sciences and RES (Renewable Energy Sources). Platinum Seeds Incubator is in the process of being funding by the EU for investments up to 200k EUR.

EBAN Partners' Updates

Trends in European Startups Seeking Angel Capital - Infographic Q1-2013
Outlook of European start-ups looking for funding as reported by Gust.

Gust European users to get insiders’ preview of the new Gust platform
In addition to supporting the current platform and users, the Gust team has been immersed in a complete overhaul of its platform. The new Gust will be incredibly fast and reliable, with simple and easy UX, and will provide the highest-level enterprise security and data encryption. To ensure the new Gust (currently in development) meets and beats the needs of its core users, this development process has been marked by intense user involvement. The Gust team will be present at the EBAN Congress in Vienna, and is actively welcoming users to preview the new platform in its current state and provide active feedback. To schedule a one-on-one session with the Gust team during the Congress, please email Jerome@gust.com. Your feedback is one of the important elements of the new platform.

Zephyr: Eye Tech Care’s business angel funding contributes towards worldwide increase
Business angel deal activity was  at a high level in the first quarter of calendar year 2013, with a total of EUR 797 million invested across 313 deals over the three month period, according to Zephyr, the M&A database published by Bureau van Dijk [full article]

      EBAN Partner
Gust - venture forward
Gold Sponsor

Research Sponsor



FiBAN: New Tax Incentive for Business Angels in Finland
Tax incentives for investments in qualified companies made in 2013-2015 whereby a private investor may deduct 50 % of investments made in the share capital of the qualifying company from his or her annual capital income.

BeAngels: Angel dust magic for SMEs (source: Euronews)
Business angels are individuals or networks of people who use their cash, their expertise and their contacts to help SMEs thrive. And it works well. We’re taking a look at one example in Belgium.

London BA: Six new deals with EIS and SEIS schemes (source: GrowthBusiness)
LBA investors are backing six new companies, taking the network's 2013 deal count to 10.


Germany: New investment grant for business angels (available in German only)
New grant to be launched on May 15th will give back to investor 20% of funds invested into the company. Initiative open to German investors and extended to business angels from EU and Switzerland.

Financement participatif: la collecte va quasiment doubler en 2013 (source: LesEchos)

The hidden problems of equity crowdfunding (source: Syndicate Room)

Scotland’s tech start-up capital (source: Financial Times)

US Angel Groups vs. European Business Angel Networks (source: Gust/ Bill Payne)


Angel Resource Institute (USA): 12 Halo Report: Angel Group Activity Year in Review

Nesta: Banking on Each Other (peer-to-peer lending to businesses)


LIFE+ 2013 call for proposals 
€278 million available for co-financing of projects under three headings: Nature and Biodiversity (NAT); Environment Policy and Governance (ENV); and Information and Communication (INF)
(deadline 25/06/2013; earlier deadlines may apply in different countries)

Restricted to EBAN Members

Due to the improvements held in the EBAN website, the restricted EBAN members area is expected to be available from mid-May. Thank you for your understanding.

ENTER - Training Financiers for the Film Industry

ENTER EUROPE - training financiers for the European film industry

Peacefulfish launches ENTER EUROPE, a training programme enabling equity investors, business angels, fund managers, bankers and other financing actors to develop their understanding of investment needs and opportunities in the European audio-visual sector, allowing participants to build tailored attractive finance products and services for this industry. Top industry and finance experts will guide participants through a unique financing landscape of European, national, and regional funds and tax schemes to complement and to mitigate risk investment.

1st Workshop in Paris: June 3–4, 2013 

On-line registration until May 8th 2013. Enjoy a 10% discount for EBAN members.


Selma Prodanovic, host of the EBAN Congress speaks with Frank Peters (The Frank Peters Show)

Upcoming events from the EBAN community

7 May
Go Beyond Early Stage Investing Overview
Go Beyond Intensive Day
Go Beyond Due Diligence
Go Beyond Awareness Seminar
Go Beyond Investment Event and Group Meeting
Zurich, Switzerland

8 May
Go Beyond ICT Investment Event & Group Meeting
Zurich, Switzerland

9 May
Workshop "¿cómo presento mi Proyecto ante Inversores?"
Vigo, Spain

13-14 May
13th EBAN Congress & 8th Awards Ceremony
Vienna, Austria

14 May
Go Beyond Impact Awareness Seminar
Geneva, Switzerland

15 May
Go Beyond Awareness Session
Go Beyond Virtual Investment Event

16 May
Go Beyond Awareness Seminar
Go Beyond Investment event and Group Meeting
Paris, France

16-17 May
Agorada 2013
Brussels, Belgium

22 May
Go Beyond Awareness Seminar
Go Beyond Investment Event and Group Meeting
Geneva, Switzerland

27 May
Go Beyond Manage and Follow-on rounds I

28 May
Go Beyond Early Stage Investing Overview
Go Beyond Intensive Day
Lausanne, Switzerland

3 June
Seed Capital Conference
Oslo, Norway

3-4 June
ENTER - Training Financiers for the Film Industry
Paris, France (1st workshop)
10% discount to EBAN Members for registrations until April 30th

4 June
Nordic Business Angel Training & Dinner
Helsinki, Finland

7 June
Talents et Entrepreneuriat en Méditerranée
Paris, France

26 June
Healthtech Summit
London, UK

3 July
SECA Private Equity & Corporate Finance Conference
Zurich, Switzerland

European Early Stage Investors Atlas

Presence of EBAN at events across Europe

Ari Korhonen participated as a speaker in the Business Angels Assembly in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Candace Johnson represented EBAN at EDGE Monaco, event organised by MVCA - Monaco Private Equity & Venture Capital Association.

Paulo Andrez participated as a speaker in the Moldova ICT Summit 2013 in Chisinau. 

Baybars Altuntas, Ari Korhonen and Luis Galveias participated as speakers in the ACA Summit in San Francisco, California, USA.

Paulo Andrez participated as a speaker in the FundraiseIT Conference in Belgrade, Serbia.

Alicia Gomez Campos will attend the XVIII Inter-Parliamentary Conference (IPC) of the EUREKA Network in Brussels, Belgium

Luis Galveias will present EBAN to a delegation from Moldova visiting Brussels, Belgium.

Paulo Andrez will participate as a speaker in the Seed Capital Conference in Oslo, Norway.

EBAN membership categories

Full members:
- Business angel networks, federations of networks set up to promote the angel market, business angel groups, angel funds or angel syndicates;
- Early stage venture capital and seed funds

Affiliate members (business angels/private individuals)

Associate members (other organisations)

For additional details and to apply for EBAN membership please follow this link.

EBAN - The European Trade Association for Business Angels, Seed Funds, and other Early Stage Market Players

Rue Vautier 54 | 1050 Brussels | Belgium

T: +32 2 626 20 61
F: +32 2 626 20 69


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