EBAN June Newsletter
June 2015
Newsletter 6

EBAN and ESA Join Forces to Make Entrepreneurship and Investment in Space a New Asset Class for Europe 

EBAN, the European Trade Association for Business Angels, Seed Funds and Early Stage Market Players, and ESA, the European Space Agency, have announced to have entered into a wide-ranging agreement to help start-up entrepreneurs, active in space related activities professionalize their businesses and value propositions, all the while encouraging and inspiring private and public investors to see space related businesses as a most attractive investment opportunity and asset class.  The announcement was made during the opening ceremony of the Global Innovation Conference of the International Aeronautical Foundation taking place in Munich.
[Read the full press release]

Building Successful High Tech Businesses - Alpine High Tech Venture Forum  

The Alpine High Tech Forum, an event hosted by the Eureka High-Tech Investment Programme which EBAN is part of, was a unique opportunity to get to know the most innovative and promising startups in the fields of ICT, life sciences and cleantech operating in the Alpine regions of Europe. From the 24-25 of June in the Swiss Tech Convention Centre of the EPFL campus of Lausanne, Switzerland, 56 SMEs from the EUREKA community, Canton de Vaud and surrounding French, Italian and German regions pitched to a broad audience of VCs and Business Angels from all over Europe. 

Before the award ceremony which entitled the 15 winners of the Alpine High Tech Venture Forum to participate in the European Venture Summit this 7-8 December in Düsseldorf, the closing ceremony of this 2 day event consisted in a panel on the steps entrepreneurs have to take after raising funding. 

The panel discussion was moderated by Ms. Patrice McCauley (Tech Tour) and saw the participation of 6 high profile investors and business angels among which Peter E. Braun, EBAN Board member and CEO of Mountain Club. The other panellists were: Alexander Stoeckle (b-to-v Partners AG), Claude Florin (A3 Angels), Jean Schmitt (Jolt Capital), Alessio Beverina (Panakes Partners) and Adrienne Corboud (Innovation and Technology transfer at EPFL).

If you're an entrepreneur and thought that after raising funding the difficult part was over, think again. The following 3 recommendations from the experts can give you the right tools to scale up your business and gain success. [Read full article here]

Rising Tide Venture Europe Fund - 99 Women Angels Making History

It is with great excitement that EBAN is also reporting on the initiative it had announced at its Global Angel Summit Annual Congress on 06-08 May in Eindhoven with the official launch of its Rising Tide Venture Europe Fund in cooperation with Kauffman Foundation, Rising Tide Fund USA/Next Wave and Go Beyond Investing under the leadership of EBAN President Emeritus Brigitte Baumann and EBAN President Candace Johnson. This will gather 99 women across Europe with some slots held open for our colleagues in Africa, MENA and the USA to put together a 1 million +Euro fund for Early Stage Investments. The Fund will invest in 7-10 deals over a 12-18 month period. The lead investors are nine women with significant angel investing experience who want to support a new generation of angel investors investing a minimum of € 10 000 each. The other 90 investors will be women that are new and emerging angel investors (investing € 10 000 - € 30 000 each) and will learn about angel investing both via training sessions and being able to see how the 9 experts conduct due diligence and make the investments. All will be accredited investors as applicable in various countries. Go Beyond Investing is managing the European program. It is led by Brigitte Baumann, President Emeritus EBAN, EBAN Angel Investor of the Year 2014. Brigitte and Candace will be one of the 9 leaders of the Fund.

Registration is now open for the 90 women who would like to join the program that will start shortly.

For more information, please contact

ePlus Survey Now Live

ePlus cooperates with local ecosystems, research organisations, mentoring networks, acceleration programmes, business angels, and policy makers to provide the means needed by startups to offer new products and services, to compete, and thrive. The goal is to foster web entrepreneurship in Europe, and offer a unique new platform that answers to the need for new services expressed in the Startup Manifesto. It will provide the nurturing to help web-entrepreneurs go global, through a unique combination of talents, tools and services of a European scale in all key elements required to create great companies: team, concept, technology, and capital.
It also stimulates new or existing enterprises to grow to their full potential taking into account innovative ideas and business models enabled by digital technologies via a unique combination of talents, tools and services of a European scale in all key elements required to create great companies: team, concept, technology and capital.
ePlus is an ambitious and important undertaking aiming to help scale regional startups to European and international levels
There are many different ways of doing it, so getting your perspective is crucial! 
[Take the Survey here]
Congratulations to our Partner Gust for the Launch of Tech.London

On June 15th in London’s City Hall, Gust, the leading platform for startup funding, presented its innovative Tech.London platform to the World. 

Tech.London is a comprehensive online platform connecting and supporting London’s expanding entrepreneurship ecosystem. It includes all the latest information and resources that people in London need to access opportunities in the tech sector, connect with each other, and grow their businesses. It is also includes an updated database on London's startups and early-stage business investment opportunities, London’s startup events, career opportunities, education courses, and news on the city's technology and digital community.

Tech.London is the result of intensive collaboration between Gust, IBM, the Mayor of London Boris Johnson and a wide number of partners from London’s tech community . The Platform was built by startup investment specialist Gust and is delivered via IBM's Bluemix cloud platform.

EBAN, represented by its Board Member Peter Braun, was present at the official launch of Tech.London along with Gust Founder and CEO David S. Rose (in picture).

We want to congratulate Gust for this ground-breaking platform that will ensure London’s position as a leading tech hub in Europe!

Dusan Stojanovic - EBAN Angel of the Year 2013 - Donation to Best Women Entrepreneurial Project

After his last exit, Super Angel and serial entrepreneur  Dusan Stojanovic decided to donate 35’000 Euros to the three best female entrepreneurs that respect the following criteria: Watch the Video!

As of the closing date, 157 candidates completed the application. 32 were from Stockholm, 26 from San Francisco, 19 from Singapore, 12 from Gothenburg, 9 from New York, 6 from Paris, 3 from Berlin, 3 from Hong Kong, 2 from Beijng  and the rest from 32 other cities/countries.

After narrowing down to 12 candidates from 157 in the first phase and completing a first round of judging on  the projects, Dusan selected 4 amazing candidates who will be doing a 4 min pitch each on the 1 July via webex. The 4 remarkable ladies are:
Adrianna Tan (Singapore) - Wobe 
Elsa Dsilva (Mumbai, India) - Safecity
Kristina Lagerstedt (Gothenburg, Sweden) - 1928 Diagnostics
Patricia Compas-Markman (San Francisco) - DayOne Response

The other 8 outstanding women in the top 12 will also be doing 2 min introductions during the webex.
These 8 outstanding ladies are:1) Anu Bhardwaj - San Diego 2) Bonnie Roupe - Stockholm 3) Keren Wong - Beijing 4) Anna Omstedt - Sweden 5) Jennifer Schenker - Paris 6) Ghazaleh Koohestanian - Berlin 7) Ariane Smith - NY 8) Karena Belin - HK 

Judging criteria will be based on: 
1) Having Key Milestones
2) Potential to change the world
3) Motivation for donation

Stay tuned to know about the winners! The final is this July 1st.

EBAN welcomes 5 new members!

High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands [Associate Gold] is the smartest km² in The Netherlands with more than 135 companies and institutes, and some 10,000 researchers, developers and entrepreneurs working on developing future technologies and products. The Campus helps you accelerate your innovation by offering easy access to high tech facilities and international networks.

Alexander Ernst [Affiliate], Germany

Speed Up Europe, Germany [Accelerator] is the programme that will help you to get your project started. Use their knowledge as an experienced accelerator. Deploy the open source FIWARE as an efficient tool for daily business, use a mentor’s expertise and benefit from financial support the EU grants you for a safe start.

INTRASOFT International, Luxembourg [Accelerator] is a leading European IT Solutions and services group which has an outstanding record of providing IT solutions to governments, public organizations and private enterprises that covers more than 70 countries around the globe.

TEB SH.A., Kosovo [Associate] TEB Sh.A has been providing innovative and practical financial products and services since it entered the Kosovo market in 2008. TEB SH.A. is the leading commercial bank in Kosovo and formed from the joint venture between BNP Paribas and one of the most reputable Turkish banks: Turk Ekonomi Bankasi (TEB)

EBAN Members & Partners' News & Updates

Take a Trip to Rwanda with BiD Network!
BiD Network is organizing an impact investment trip to Rwanda from 8 to 13 November 2015. This trip is intended to close the geographic gap between entrepreneurs and angel investors. Investors will be able to get a first-hand experience in what it’s like to do business in Rwanda and East Africa.

StartTech Ventures introduces its “side-car” Angel Group | Setting up a business angels network has been one of our main objectives from the start.
It’s with this goal in mind that we joined EBAN in early 2009, aiming to acquire know-how and best practices from the European early stage investments scene that would help us launch our own angel group in Athens.

ePlus Survey Now Live | ePlus is an ambitious and important undertaking aiming to help scale regional startups to European and international levels. There are many different ways of doing it, so getting your perspective is crucial! Take the Survey here.

WeHubs Survey | If your organization is offering support services to web entrepreneurs Take the Survey Here
If you are a woman entrepreneur in Digital Sectors Answer WeHubs's Survey Here.


U.S. Is No. 1 for Women Entrepreneurs, But There's Still Room for Improvement (

InfoShare 2015 – The Recap (

Bulgaria’s Startup Scene: Curtains Up (

Vertical Accelerator Opens for Applications (ArticStartup)

Paye Income Tax Refunds to Encourage Business Start-ups (

There’s a new Silicon Valley of drones, and it isn’t in California (

Germany to Introduce Crowdfunding Restrictions (Science|Business)


Register to 7th run of the international accelerator JIC STARCUBE
3 months full of workshops, mentoring and intensive work await 10 technology teams and start-ups from around the world. Applicants have until 31. 7. 2015 to register, and the programme itself begins in September.

ECN is looking for a EC Project Manager
Crowdfunding is a fast growing sector and our team keeps growing. ECN is looking for an experienced, motivated, Bruxelles-based, self-employed professional to include in its team as EC Project Manager. 
Opportunity for ABAN coaches in Africa
The Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies (SEED) is looking for a volunteer business coach for its Transformation Programs in Africa
 Grants4Apps® Accelerator | The Grants4Apps® Accelerator is a mentoring program for digital health startups taking place in Berlin. This year’s batch with five startups runs from August 10th until December 4th, 2015. The program offers mentoring by entrepreneurs and Bayer experts, office space for 100 days at Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals headquarters, and funding of 50,000€.


Guide to Infrastructure Financing: Bank loans, debt private placements and public bonds – smoothing the pathway for effective funding | The Guide demonstrates the industry’s active support for the European Commission’s Investment Plan for Europe, which will raise EUR 315bn for jobs and growth and depends on private sector investment.

Guide to Finding an Angel Investment | Guide to Finding an Angel Investment - has been written by Sami Etula, a sweat equity investor and active meber of Fiban, with the aim to help all enterpreneurs wondering where and how to find business angel investment.


Dear Innovation and Entrepreneurial Community Members,

June has been a great month for the European Entrepreneurial, Innovation and Early Stage Investment eco-system, particularly with regards to private investors  taking the lead in a number of initiatives related to expanding their investment opportunities to new fields such as space and high-tech but also to the up and coming women angel investors and women entrepreneurs.

In this issue of our EBAN Newsletter we highlight those these exciting initiatives which are changing the face of Angel and Private investing in Europe, starting with the EBAN/ESA win-win-win partnership announced on 23 June at the Global Innovation Conference of the International Aeronautical Federation for private investors to get to know more about investment opportunities in space and to help mentor and invest in ESA’s entrepreneurs to make global success stories from Europe.

Again in the High-Tech sector, EBAN has been proud to partner with Eureka for the last year in their Eureka High-Tech Investment Programme bringing together tech-savvy investors with ground-breaking technology entrepreneurs.  This programme culminated in the Alpine High-Tech Investment Forum on 25-26 June which also set the stage for a repeat of this successful initiative.

Continuing in the Tech vain, EBAN's long term partner Gust presented it's innovative Tech.London platform to the World on the 15th June at the London City Hall. 

It is with great excitement that EBAN is also reporting on the initiative it had announced at its Global Angel Summit Annual Congress on 06-08 May in Eindhoven with the official launch of its Rising Tide Venture Europe Fund in cooperation with Kauffman Foundation, Rising Tide Fund USA/Next Wave and Go Beyond Investing under the leadership of EBAN President Emeritus Brigitte Baumann and EBAN President Candace Johnson.  At the same time, we are delighted to note that After his last exit, EBAN Angel of the Year 2013 Dusan Stojanovic decided to donate 35’000 Euros to the three best female entrepreneurs around the world.

Looking forward, EBAN is proud that a number of our members and partners have been personally invited by USA President Barack Obama to speak and participate in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi Kenya 25-26 July.  It is particularly gratifying that EBAN’s initiative to incubate ABAN, the African Business Angel Network is also being put center stage at this forum where both EBAN and ABAN Presidents will be present.

Then September 21- 25 , EBAN is working together with our partners in Start-Up Europe to enable a European delegation of policy makers, startups, established corporations and investors to meet Silicon Valley business stakeholders to foster cross-continental collaborations.

EBAN is truly proud of all of the activities, investments, and initiatives that our ever-expanding members and partners community are undertaking to further grow and enable entrepreneurship, innovation and early-stage investing resulting in global success stories.
Enjoy our EBAN Newsletter and have a great summer.

With kindest regards,

Candace Johnson
EBAN President

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EBAN Publication: Compendium of Co-Investment Funds with Business Angels
EBAN is proud to present the 2014 edition of its annual review of co-investment funds operating with business angels in Europe. 








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1st July
080 Barcelona Fashion Investor Day
Barcelona, Spain

1-3rd July
Innorobo 2015
With the participation of EBAN's Vice President Baybars Altuntas
Lyon, France

1-2nd July
UK BAA Investment Summit 2015
London, United Kingdom

2nd July
BiD Network Investor Cocktail
Amsterdam, Netherlands

13-14th July
VentureDays 2015
Prague, Czech Republic

25-26th July
Global Entrepreneurship Summit
Nairobi, Kenya 

23rd August
ASEAN - EU Business Summit
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

9-12th September
IGEM 2015
Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

21-25th September
Startup Europe Comes to Silicon Valley
Mountain View, United States

25th September
Platinum Investors Business Angels
Warsaw, Poland

6-8th October
2015 National Angel Summit - NACO
Ontario, Canada

9-10th November
Angel Insights Exchange
New Orleans, United States

16-18th November
EBAN Winter University and Creative Business Cup
Copenhagen, Denmark

27th November
German Private Equity Conference
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

1-2nd Decembre
EVPA Annual Conference 2015
Madrid, Spain


26th June
ECN CrowdCamp
Lisbon, Portugal

3rd July
Toulon Coaching Academy
Toulon, France

7th July
Investhorizon Brainslounge 2015
Vienna, Austria

5th October
Dublin Coaching Academy
Dublin, Ireland 

20-21th October
Digital Tech Summit
Lisbon, Portugal
Bucharest, Romania

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