The Power of the Collective: Business Angels, Seed Funds, Accelerators & Incubation Space
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April 2014
Flash #99

14th Annual EBAN Congress & Awards 

The Power of the Collective: Business Angels, Seed Funds, Accelerators & Incubation Space

19-20 May 2014 | Dublin Castle, Ireland
If you have not yet thought about meeting the European early stage investment community in Dublin this May, think twice! EBAN and HBAN invite you to a unique event featuring Europe's leading experts and some of the hot topics that make Europe such an appealing market.

With perspectives of early stage investment growth in many countries across Europe, Dublin may certainly be the right place to be if we ought to learn from what our colleagues have been building up there, notably angel syndication and cooperation between different market players.

As the title of the Congress highlights, "the power of the collective" brings for the first time the focus to the right interaction between complementary early stage stakeholders. We hope you can join us to make this collective stronger and bring the debate to an even higher level. 

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EBAN members and early stage stakeholders benefit of special rates. 

Shared Deals
EBAN Members are invited to bring to the EBAN Congress in Dublin their most promising or best performing portfolio companies to seek for further cross-border investment. Send your best deals to to become selected to pitch and to be featured in a promotional booth. A special offer to business accelerators not affiliated to EBAN is also available for the first time. Nevertheless, it's never late to join EBAN!

Apply to the EBAN Awards!

As part of the EBAN annual Congress, EBAN anf HBAN will host the 9th EBAN Awards Ceremony in the evening of May 19th. This event will celebrate individuals and organisations that have made a successful and significant contribution to the early stage investment market in Europe in 2013/2014. 

The best in Europe will be honoured and this may be YOU! 
The jury of the awards is looking for:
  • Best European early stage investor
  • Successful business financed by early stage investors
  • Best individual/organization in globally engaging the early stage investment within the entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Best European Business Angel Week initiative
  • Best Performing EBAN Member
  • Best performing New EBAN Member
The deadline for submissions is May 2nd 2014. Please ensure your entry form, supporting documents and testimonials have been submitted to by then.
Nominations to the Awards must be submitted by an EBAN member


EBAN & European Venture Philanthropy Association share mutual membership

EBAN and EVPA signed a MoU to develop and expand a framework of cooperation between the two organisations and the communities they represent. This agreement is the result of the increased interest by many of EBAN's members for the "impact" investment space  and intends to bring EVPA's expertise and knowledge to a wider group of early stage investors with social and environmental concerns.

EVPA reaches 170 members in 25 countries and aims to be the home as well as the highest-value catalytic network of European social investors, venture philanthropists and foundations committed to using venture philanthropy and social investment tools to target societal impact. To learn more about this collaboration join Pieter M. Oostlander, Chairman of EVPA, in our dedicated panel at the EBAN Congress in Dublin.


1st Global Business Angels Week announced

Following the high-impact of the European Business Angels Week held from the 18th to the 24th of November last year and subsequent calls for expansion to other geographies, EBAN decided to expand the reach of this initiative to the global arena. The Global Business Angels Week (GloBAW) was presented in March 26th at the ACA Summit in Washington and will become a reality by the end of 2014 with the collaboration of angel organisations across the world. More details about this initiative will be announced during the EBAN Congress in Dublin.

EBAN delegation to the ACA Summit 2014

Picture: Albert Colomer, Francisco Banha, Ari Korhonen, Marianne Hudson (ACA), Paulo Andrez and Baybars Altuntas.

EBAN was strongly represented in the ACA Summit held in Wahington on March 26-28. Many of our members accepted the challenge launched by our North-American partner organisation to learn and share some of Europe's best practices. 
Interview with Baybars Altuntas, Executive Board Member of EBAN
Balkans Business News interviewed Baybars Altuntas to gather some insights in entrepreneurship and angel investment. "Prepare yourself, not just your idea; capture the essentials and have an exit plan from day one" Baybars remarks in this interviewHis strategic vision and poise towards the successful development of new firms can also be read in this article.

EBAN welcomes four new members!

Eleven Accelerator, Bulgaria (Early Stage Fund)
Eleven is a EUR 12 million venture fund that provides financing to early-stage startups using an incremental investment approach, alongside iterative development. Eleven is powered by Springboard, and the teams will receive support through business insight and technical expertise from an all-star cast of mentors. They are joining EBAN to broaden their reach to business angels networks and networking with startups. 

BiQ Group NV, Netherlands (Network)
Business in Quality Group is an international enterprise with a network of offices across the globe, as well as partnerships in every possible domain, to enable maximum efficiency and quality of the organisation. BiQ supports entrepreneurs to the highest level, striving for long-term partnerships that are bolstered by an extensive network and the knowledge available within the group. BiQ is joining forces with EBAN to increase their scope of activities and the disposal of valuable connections and resources within the early stage investing ecosystem.

Fundación INCYDE, Spain (Associate Member)
INCYDE is an institution created in 1999 as a pioneer initiative of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, dedicated to the promotion and training of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. This entity endeavours to improve the skills of entrepreneurs for the creation, development and internationalisation of SME's. With a network of +2,000 local and regional Chambers of Commerce, INCYDE represents more than 19 million businesses in Europe.

Dr. Ugo Negretto, Germany (Affiliate Member)
Negretto is a seasoned entrepreneur and founder of several startups. He also participates actively in the investment committee of VC managed funds and as an expert evaluator for R&D projects in the EC.  Ugo is joining EBAN to be part of a network of like minded entrepreneurs and investors to exchange ideas and best practices.

EBAN Members & Partners'
News & Updates

South East BIC Client Scurri Raises €1.2m In Second Seed Funding Round
Irish e-commerce platform player Scurri has secured a second round of seed funding totaling €1.2m, enabling it to focus its efforts on the UK market. Scurri was founded in 2010 by CEO Rory O’Connor in Duncannon, Co Wexford, and now has a sales HQ at TechHub in London.

EstBAN’s first year in retrospect
EstBAN's first year has been successful and the infograph in the link above gives an overview of how and what Estonian angels have been doing.

The Venture Capital and Private Equity Country Attractiveness - 2013 Index
To support investors where to pick the most attractive options, IESE, in conjunction with Ernst & Young, has published its 2013 annual of the VC/PE Country Attractiveness Index.

"Over 80 personal angel investments, I’ve had more than 40 companies which have completely failed" states David Rose. How business angels react?

Western European angel investment levels look impressive as Q1 nears an end. Aggregate deal values have already edged past the level recorded in the closing three months of 2012.

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Jonathan Ortmans releases an extensive article after his participation in the 2014 ACA Summit. When asked how to improve investing, members from EBAN, BANSEA and ACA cited “government leadership” as the most important factor to support and improve the investment climate. 

Kilburn & Strode Listed in the Top Tier Ranking for Patent Prosecution
Across the spectrum of life sciences, chemistry, engineering and IT, Kilburn & Strode is working with leading organisations, which has led the firm to be shortlisted for two key awards: patent prosecution and trade mark prosecution firm of the year in the UK.


The EIB Institute Prize is an economics award created by the EIB Institute to recognise and stimulate excellence in economic and social research. 

EIF Working Paper 2014/22 - "Guidelines for SME Access to Finance Market Assessments (GAFMA)" 
The EIF Working Paper Series has been designed to make available to a wider readership selected topics and studies in relation to EIF´s business.
Fact Sheet: IP assets for financial advantages by IPR Helpdesk
This fact sheet gives an overview of the different means at the disposal of SMEs to access finance, in order to obtain liquidity from their intangible. The aim is to show that IP can be used as leverage for attracting investors.
Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions. 

The webinar, leaded by HBAN, reported how angel syndication has stimulated investment, as well as empowering angel investors to build and maintain a portfolio of investments by streamlining the funding process for entrepreneurs. 

Introduction to Shareholders Agreements by EBAN Law & IP Working Committee
The EBAN Law & IP Working Committee with the support of EBAN's law trainee Siri Swedborg drafted an introductory guide to Shareholders Agreements. A shareholder’s agreement regulates the relationship between shareholders in connection with the company’s business. The purpose of the agreement is to define the relationship between the different shareholders, their share of the undertaking, the management of the business, the disposal of shareholdering rights and commitments, and to structure the machanism in management of a company. To read the full document visit EBAN's website restricted area for members.
InfoDev Annual Report: Identifying the High-Growth Entrepreneurs by The World Bank. 
infoDev’s Annual Report highlights all the projects and activities implemented to support the high-growth oriented entrepreneur and innovative firms. This report unleashes a significant expansion in operations, covering over 100 countries. 

The Impact Investor Survey 2013 by GIIN and JP Morgan.
In 2012, impact investments continued to gain attention among investors and philanthropists to promote positive social and environmental change. This report has been produced with the goal of shedding light on this growing set of investments and the investors that make them.

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Raising Business Angel Investment - European Booklet for Entrepreneurs by EBAN and HBAN

Raising Business Angel Investment - European Booklet for Entrepreneurs

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Upcoming events from the EBAN community and partners

17 April
EU-Malaysia Trade & Investment Forum 2014
With the participation of EBAN Vice-President Ari Korhonen.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

23 April
Digital Tech Summit
London, United Kingdom
Free Gala Dinner for EBAN Members!

29-29 April
EstBAN - Estonian ICT Week 
Tallinn, Estonia

8 May
How to Pitch my Project to Investors
Vigo, Spain

12 May
Go Beyond Exit Investments Webinar

14 May
Go Beyond Virtual Investment Event

19-20 May
EBAN 14th Annual Congress & 9th Annual Awards

Dublin, Ireland

21 May
Go Beyond Awareness Seminar
Geneva, Switzerland

3-4 June
Nordic Tech Tour
Stockholm, Sweden and Espoo, Finland

12 June
InnoBAN Investment Forum
Vigo, Spain

12-13 June
VP in Practice: The Fundamental Toolkit
Barcelona, Spain

17-18 June
Finance Estonia: 2014 International Forum
Tallinn, Estonia

Presence of EBAN Team across Europe

Picture at the First International Congress of Business Incubators in Seville, on 17&18 March with Paulo Andrez (EBAN) and Alvaro Blas, President of EBN - European BIC Network
Ari Korhonen participated as a speaker in the 2nd Business Angel Workshop on 6th March in Athens, Greece.

Paulo Andrez participated as a jury in the European Business Awards on 6th March in London, UK.

Paulo Andrez participated as a speaker in the NorBAN Congress on 13th March in Oslo, Norway.

Paulo Andrez participated as a speaker in the First International Congress of Business Incubators on 17 & 18th March in Seville, Spain.

Paulo Andrez participated as a speaker in the The Future of Technology event on 18th March in Lisbon, Portugal.

Albert Colomer, Ari Korhonen, Baybars Altuntas and Paulo Andrez participated as speakers at the 2014 ACA Summit on 26-28th March in Washington DC, USA.

Candace Johnson and Paulo Andrez participated in the 5th EU-Africa Business Forum held on March 31st and April 1st in Brussels, Belgium

Pablo Garrido participated as a speaker in the ERRIN Meeting: Alternative non-EU Financial Instruments, on 2nd April in Brussels, Belgium.
Luis Galveias and Paulo Andrez participated in the Co-Investment Funds Event organised by the European Commission, on 2nd April in Brussels, Belgium.

Luis Galveias participated as a speaker in the Opening Ceremony of the EU-Startup Accelerator Project on 2nd April in Belgium, Brussels.

Ari Korhonen will participate as a speaker in EU-Malaysia Trade & Investment Forum 2014 in Kuala Lumpur on April 17th.

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