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October 2013
Flash #93

Become a host of the European Business Angels Week

Join the organisation of the European Business Angels Week (EBAW) by hosting your own event or by opening the door of your existing event to angel investment. The EBAW will take place from 18th to 24th of November and will feature a wide diversity of events organised by EBAN members and other organisations willing to contribute to a stronger angel investment market. Would you be willing to actively contribute to the EBAW get in touch with our team which will help you to set up your local event or link your existing initiative to our calendar of events

EBAN reported earlier this year an European angel investment market size of 5,1 billion Euros. This represents the highest level ever recorded and confirms angel investing has finally picked up. Although global figures have evolved very positively, significant differences remain in the angel activity levels in different countries. With the EBAW we aim at increasing awareness in emerging angel economies and keeping angel investing in the top of the agenda for those markets where they already perform.

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12th Winter University: major early stage investment classroom held in Moscow

The recently created API Accelerator in Moscow turned into an European classroom earlier this month. Over 150 investors and entrepreneurs participated in the 12th EBAN Winter University co-organised by EBAN and NBAA. The Winter University is EBAN's leading best practices sharing event and this recent edition in Russia was as expected a unique networking opportunity to early stage market players in Europe. The Winter University was complemented with a full day training which for the first time opened its doors also to entrepreneurs.

Participants of the Winter University can e-mail the Secretariat ( to access the presentations featured at the event. EBAN members can access them through the Members' Area.

EBAN signs MoU with Malaysia BAN

EBAN and MBAN – Malaysia Business Angels Network, signed on October 8th in Kuala Lumpur a Memorandum of Understanding to increase cooperation between the two organisations. The main objective of this initiative is to provide MBAN with EBAN’s tools to support the development of the emerging local angel investment community, while at the same time learn from Malaysia’s implementation of a recently approved investors’ tax-break. [read press release]

The MoU was signed following the visit of a delegation from EBAN to Kuala Lumpur for a a two-days angel investing workshop and per invitation of the EBAN member European Union – Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EUMCCI). [read visit report]

EBAN welcomes 5 new members

APPCampus (Aalto University), Finland (Associate)
APPCampus is a Seed Acceleration Program from Aalto University with 18Million € fund from Microsoft and Nokia to help develop the WP ecosystem across the world bringing innovative Windows Phone Apps to the market. They provide Grants, education online and via a seed acceleration camp, Marketing support and Alumni Network.

EMD Solutions, Russia (SME Associated)
EMD Solutions is a consultancy firm based in Russia, which has as its clients a number of organizations and/or start-ups looking for investors who wish to participate in diverse businesses within Russia or in foreign territories. Professional activities include:Multi-disciplinary professional services organization providing business and Government advisory services, IT services, Human Resources services and international business services. 

Malaysia BAN, Malaysia (Reciprocal Membership)
MBAN is the official trade association and governing body for angel investors and clubs in Malaysia. Malaysia has currently 6 BANs and an estimated angel community of 150 angel investors nation-wide. MBAN’s goal within 2013 is to have at least 50 active accredited angel investors in Malaysia.

Stewart Craine, United Kingdom (Affiliate)
Stewart Craine's mission is to make solar energy affordable to everyone through long term energy loans. His organisation's activities encompass cross-border deals in emerging markets that focus on investments in infrastructure for the poor in remote villages, such as rural electrification. Craine aims to complement this with sidecar-style funds from other angels groups which are interested in poverty alleviation, impact investment and microfinance communities.

György Halmos Help2Startup, Hungary (Affiliate)
György Halmos is the first Hungarian Business Angel Affiliate joining EBAN. Halmos is the Managing Director of Help2Startup, a newly created incubator house in Budapest aiming at investing in 50 - 60 startup companies in the first 2 years of its operation. Moreover, Halmos also leads the development of a franchise in order to establish a major regional angel network in Central and Eastern Europe.

EBAN Partners' Updates

Gust: Investors Look First At The Founder, Then The Idea
Martin Zwilling: Investors are people too. They evaluate you like you should assess a possible co-founder or first employee. What are your credentials? What have you done that would convince me that my money is safe in your hands? Only after they see you as fundable, do they want to assess your plan for fundability, not the other way around.

Gust: How do angel investors typically get the initial capital to start off in their profession?
David Rose: There are very, very few “professional” angel investors (as opposed to venture capitalists, who are, by definition, professionals). That said, many active angel investors were themselves entrepreneurs, which is where they made their initial money that they can now invest.

Zephyr: Luck of the Irish struggles to stop likely angel investment decline in Q3
Western Europe has experienced mixed fortunes in 2013 to date with regards to angel investment.

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Gust - venture forward
EBAN Research Sponsor


FiBAN signs agreement with SOBA
The Finnish BAN signed a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation with St. Petersbourg BAN during the last Winter University held in Moscow. The agreement focus in cross-border cooperation, sharing best practices and mutual learning and mutual membership across the networks.

Nordic Business Angel Conference - In cooperation with Slush
FiBAN & Finvera invite you to join the leading Northern Europe angel investment conference organised in cooperation with Slush.

Lewiatan Business Angels: New 10M Euros Loan Fund to Support Innovation
In June 2013 a new financial instrument – Loan for Innovation, designed for Business Angels and VC fund has been launched by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. After consultation, the agency created a 10M Euro Loan Fund for Supporting Innovation. 

ESADE BAN: Entrepreneurs are Key to Spain's Future (source: Bloomberg Business Week)
«To pull Spain out of its economic slump, ESADE Business School proposes reforms that include a "startup visa" allowing foreigners to start businesses there.»

TBAA: Baybars Altuntas: Lessons in Entrepreneurship (source: The Soho Loft)
The Soho Loft interviews Baybars Altuntas, Executive Committee member of EBAN and President of TBAA and Links Angels.

HBAN launches new website


New Super Business Angel looks to invest £100m (source: Ibusinessangel)

How to bootstrap (!) from zero to 365 million $ in 8 years: the Cleverbridge story (source: WhiteBoardMag)

US: Angel-Backed Companies Are Taking Longer To Close Their First Venture Rounds (source: TechCrunch)

France’s First Steps Towards a Crowdfunding Regulation (source: The Crowd Valley)


Horizon2020/ COSME: Off The Shelf Financial Instruments
EBAN participated in the 2nd Stakeholders Meeting on Financial Instruments in Cohesion Policy 2014-2020 (7th October 2013) in which some updates were provided to participants. We hereby share with you the draft standard terms and conditions for financial instruments, namely the off-the-shelf instruments that will comprise co-investment facilities with angel investors.


Study Looks at Equity Financing in Skåne (Sweden; source: Arctic Startup)
The research paper from Karl Fogelström and Christoer Nilsson (Lunds Universitet) states that "more than half of the angels claimed they were profitable, with over 40% saying they had been more profitable than the stock market index».

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Upcoming events from the EBAN community and partners

5-8 October
ICT 2013: Create, Connect, Grow
Vilnius, Lithuania

10-11 October
GIIN Investor Forum
London, United Kingdom

10-11 October
International Entrepreneurship Symposium & SBA Venture Academy d'Automne
Sophia Antipolis, France

15 October
9th Finnish Seed Forum Investor Seminar
Helsinki, Finland

17 October
MediaTech Investment Forum
Istanbul, Turkey

23 October
II Escuela Business Angel Crecer+
Bilbao, Spain

24 October
4th Local to Global Expo

24 October
Crowdfunding in Europe - Funding innovation and growth of SMEs

12-13 November
Cleantech Summit
Milan, Italy
2 complimentary seats or 40% discount offered to EBAN members

13-14 November
Nordic Business Angel Conference - In cooperation with Slush
Helsinki, Finland

18-24 November
European Business Angels Week
Multiple angel investing related events across Europe wait for you!

21 November
Crowd Dialogue Crowdfunding
Munich, Germany

22 November 
Foro de Inversión InnoBan
Vigo, Spain

26 November
VCT and EIS Investor Forum
London, United Kingdom

27 November 
4th CleanTech Investing Seminar
Lausanne, Switzerland 
2 complimentary seats or 40% discount offered to EBAN members

European Early Stage Investors Atlas

Presence of EBAN team across the globe

Picture from the meeting "Society and Business Angels: a Partnership Made in Heaven?" held in Denmark with the participation of Paulo Andrez

Luis Galveias participated in the workshop "Policies for High Growth Innovative Companies" organised by DG Research on September 20th in Brussels.

Paulo Andrez participated in the SME Finance Forum organised by the European Commission and held in Brussels on the 23rd and 24th of September.
Paulo Andrez participated as a speaker in the "Society and Business Angels: a Partnership Made in Heaven?" conference organised on September 25th by Business Angels Copenhagen, Denmark VC Association and KPMG in Frederiksberg, Denmark.

Paulo Andrez participated as a Speaker in the webinar "Internet of Things" organised by EMMINVEST on September 27th.

Ari Korhonen and Luis Galveias participated as trainers in the IDEAS2INVEST Workshop (6-8 October) in the context of the "Enhancing Cooperation in Facilitating SME’s Access to Finance for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP)" project in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Paulo Andrez participated as a speaker in the International Entrepreneurship Symposium (10-11 October) in Sophia Antipolis, France.

Baybars Altuntas participated as a speaker at the Nordic Life Science Days (14-15 October) )in Stockholm, Sweden.

Paulo Andrez will present at the 2nd Crowdfunding Conference on October 19th organised by the European Crowdfunding Network in Berlin, Germany.

Paulo Andrez and Baybars Altuntas will speak at the World Entrepreneurship Forum in the context of "Navigating Change for Sustainable Growth" on October 31st in Singapore.

Ari Korhonen and Paulo Andrez will participate at the ICT 2013: Create, Connect, Grow (6-8 November) event organised by Media Deals and the European Commission in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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