Volume 20, Issue 19                              May 22, 2015
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"The Advocates are for real. Libertarians who want to get real should put into action what the Advocates teach."

—  Russell Means (1939-2012), American Indian activist, actor, author, libertarian
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Memorial Day Isn't Just for Cookouts

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  • Here’s Why Rand Paul’s “Filibuster” was Important
  • All Millennials Have Known is a United States at War
  • #BigGovernmentStrikesAgain
  • #FreedomPrevails
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See what John Stuart Mill, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Harry Lightsey, and Jeb Bush had to say about civil liberties, the Bill of Rights, sacrificing liberty for security, America's broken government, and freedom.

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Advocates Executive Director Brett Bittner
From Me To You

by Brett Bittner

Memorial Day Isn't Just for Cookouts

For many, Monday is the last of a three-day holiday weekend. A mark of the beginning of summer, this weekend is likely to be filled with activities, cookouts, and even special retail sales.

Here in Indianapolis, this weekend is home to one of the biggest events in motorsports, the Indianapolis 500

But the day off of work, the beginning of summer, the parades, and the hotdogs and hamburgers are not what Monday is about. 

Memorial DayMemorial Day began three years after the Civil War as "Decoration Day" by a Union veterans organization, the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR), who wanted to adorn the graves of those killed in the war with flowers. They chose the date of May 30th, a day believed to allow every area of the country to have flowers in bloom.

The first large observance of Decoration Day occurred in 1868 at Arlington National Cemetery, across the Potomac River from the nation's capitol.

The most important takeaway is that Memorial Day is a time to remember the soldiers killed in action. As libertarians, we see that moving away from Washington's interventionist foreign policy will result in fewer fallen soldiers needing to be memorialized.

This holiday weekend, let's focus on remembering those who paid the ultimate price in the name of our country, while also focusing on the peace and non-interventionism that will reduce the number of our fellow Americans that expire as a result of war.

Let's focus on peace!


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News You Can Use

Written & Compiled by Advocates Staff

Here’s Why Rand Paul’s “Filibuster” was Important

The 10-hour marathon speech by Rand Paul, the freshman Kentucky Republican senator, may not technically be considered a filibuster, but it served an important purpose, nonetheless, as the upper chamber seeks to close out its business before going into a week-long Memorial Day recess.

Rand Paul Filibuster

The Senate was in the midst of a debate over the proposed Trade Promotion Authority on Wednesday when, at 1:18 PM, Paul rose from his desk and began speaking against the Patriot Act, executive overreach, and the National Security Agency.

This was Paul’s second filibuster, loosely speaking, since he took office. In February 2013, the Kentucky Republican, for nearly 13 hours, filibustered the nomination of John Brennan to serve as the director of the Central Intelligence Agency over the Obama administration’s use of drones to target American citizens.

Read more about yesterday's "filibuster," and what it could mean about the sunset of Section 215 provisions of the PATRIOT Act here...

All Millennials Have Known is a United States at War

In September 2003, nearly two years to the date after the September 11 terrorist attacks, the New Jersey-based post-hardcore band, Thursday, released its second record, War All of the Time. The title track of the record could serve as an anthem for a generation.

“War all of the time. In the shadow of the New York skyline, we grew up too fast, falling apart like the ashes of American flags,” Geoff Rickly sings in his nasally tone. “They burn on and on like an oil field or a memory of what it felt like. To burn on and on and not just fade away all those nights in the basement, the kids are still screaming on and on and on and on.”

The Millennial generation – young Americans born who became adults in or around 2000 – have now spent much of their lives with the United States at war, according to Martha Raddatz, an ABC News journalist who recently gave a commencement speech at Kenyon College.

Read more about how half of all millenials and at which age Americans have ONLY known America at war


Civil Asset Forfeitures More Than Double Under Obama - Washington Post
Zurik: An ugly property dispute on Bayou Lacombe - Fox 8 WVUE
NJ 5th Grader Suspended for Having NERF Gun ‘Bullet’ in his Pocket - (AUTO-PLAY WARNING)
This Is What Crony Capitalism Looks Like: Boeing Is Threatening to Move Abroad if It Doesn’t Get to Keep Its Ex-Im Subsidies - National Review

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Lowcountry Lawmakers Lay the Groundwork for Decriminalizing Medical Marijuana - The Post and Courier
Blurring the Lines between Products and Services -
Justice Reform Interview w/ FreedomWorks' Matt Kibbe - FreedomWorks' YouTube Channel

In The News is written and compiled by staff at the Advocates for Self-Government. 
Bits and Bytes From Across the Spectrum

WHY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT IS BROKEN: "You wonder why your government's completely broken? We lurch from deadline to deadline, and it's on purpose really. We do deadline to deadline because … ‘we've got to go. It's spring break, we're going to be late for spring break, and we've got to go, so we've got to finish this up before we go.’" — Rand PaulU.S. Senator (R-KY) on the floor of the Senate, May 20, 2015

WE MUST SACRIFICE LIBERTY FOR SECURITY"There are going to be some who are going come before you and going to say oh no, no this is not what the founders intended. The founders made sure that the first obligation of the American government was to protect the lives of the American people. And we can do this in a way that is smart and cost effective and protects civil liberties.... You can't enjoy your civil liberties if you're in a coffin." â€” Chris Christie Governor (R-NJ), at a stop on his "Tell It Like It Is" Town Hall Tour, May 18, 2015

WHO IS THE BILL OF RIGHTS FOR?: "You don't know who the next group is that's unpopular. The Bill of Rights isn't for the prom queen. The Bill of Rights isn't for the high school quarterback. The Bill of Rights is for the least among us. The Bill of Rights is for minorities. The Bill of Rights is for those who have minority opinions." â€” Rand PaulU.S. Senator (R-KY) on the floor of the Senate, May 20, 2015

WHO OWNS YOUR CAR?: "It is our position the software in the vehicle is licensed by the owner of the vehicle." Harry Lightsey, attorney representing General Motors, May 20, 2015. 

NOT A SHRED OF EVIDENCE: "There's not a shred of evidence that anybody's civil liberties have been violated by it. Not a shred." â€” Jeb BushFormer Governor (R-FL) on the campaign trail in New Hampshire, May 21, 2015
"Quotable" is compiled by members of the Advocates staff.

Brett Bittner
Walk the Walk

By Brett Bittner
Are You Using Facebook to Advocate for Liberty?

This week, a friend of mine blocked and unfriended someone they've known for years after years of arguing over issues that do not directly affect either of them, but get them fired up. I understand wanting to rid one's self of negativity and people who drive that stress level up, UP, UP!, but what is accomplished by walling yourself off from someone with whom you disagree? 

When you post political, economic, and social commentary on Facebook, you invite your "circle," and possibly strangers (if your posts are public), to comment, debate, and engage in that topic. For me, this is an OPPORTUNITY to share libertarian ideas and possibly persuade others to join us in the libertarian movement.

Have you ever changed your mind about an issue or stance you hold after a major Facebook argument that ends a friendship, even one solely on a social network? 

Read more about how you can utilize the most trafficked website in the world to advocate for Liberty here...

Brett Bittner is the Executive Director for the Advocates for Self-Government

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