Volume 20, Issue 25                              July 9, 2015
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David Bergland
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What's Your Number?

South Carolina Senate Votes to Remove the Confederate Battle Flag from the State House
Obama Administration Spends $500 Million to Train Only 60 Syrian Rebels

See what Dr. Ron Paul, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Ken White, Milton Friedman, and Kennedy had to say about racism, a common currency for the Eurozone, the subpoenas and gag order for Reason, a "moral responsibility to act," and education.

Who Owns You?

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JULY 14, 1798: Pres. John Adams signs the Sedition Act
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Executive Director Brett Bittner
From Me To You

by Brett Bittner


What's Your Number?


That's my number. 

I've administered The World's Smallest Political Quiz 3500 times. This week, I crossed that threshold with a research project I'm in the midst of. 
TIP Quiz CardThat figure doesn't count the number of times I've left our "TIP Card" along with my business card to a server at lunch or dinner. 

My number above just counts the interactions I've had with people at county fairs, gun shows, on campus, for research, and as part of conversations with friends, new and old. That is a lot of conversations about liberty and libertarianism.

Before I joined the Advocates, I was already passionate about liberty and the libertarian movement. Now, I get to turn up the gas on that flame for liberty. 

So, back to my original question, how many times have you given The World's Smallest Political Quiz? What were the outcomes of the conversations that the Quiz broke the ice for? Did you find an existing libertarian? Did you discover a NEW libertarian?

I want to hear from you about your successes. I also want to hear from you about your challenges. 

Have you found that your outreach was more successful the more outgoing and gregarious the Quiz-giver shows themselves to be? I know that I have.

Recently, I visited an outreach booth of a local libertarian organization that I knew would be administering the Quiz, and I gave them some tips that tripled the number of people who took the Quiz over the prior year. They also saw a tremendous amount of activity under the tent, as passersby took an interest in libertarian philosophy. 

What did we do to make such a big difference?

We re-arranged the "standard" booth layout, by putting the table at the BACK of the booth. This put all of the volunteers IN FRONT of the table, removing the barrier between those volunteers and the festival goers. Moving the table to the back of the booth also made it almost impossible to sit down, so the volunteers were on their feet with a lot more energy, and that energy spilled over into their conversations. 

What better way to start a conversation about liberty than filled with energy?

What about you?

What tips do you have for tabling or outreach that you'd like to share? I may feature them here in a future issue or on social media as a tip for our supporters who are passionate to dispel the Left-Right political myth.

Who's ready to get an Operation Politically Homeless kit to begin a conversation about our burning passion for a more libertarian society and way of life?

If you already have one, try something new with how you present your tabling/outreach effort and share your successes.

I love it when liberty wins the day, so let's share what we're doing to talk about libertarianism in a positive and effective way.

Walk the walk,

The Liberator Online is here to build a stronger movement for liberty. We do this by providing information about the libertarian movement and how to best communicate the ideas of liberty.

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News You Can Use

Written & Compiled by Advocates Staff

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South Carolina Senate Votes to Remove the Confederate Battle Flag from the State House

Passions may run high on both sides of the debate over the Confederate battle flag, but the South Carolina Senate voted overwhelmingly on Monday to remove a symbol of Southern rebellion that has flown over the state Capitol since 1961.

SC Capitol FlagsAlthough the flag was placed to mark the centennial anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War, it remained in place through much of the civil rights era – a tumultuous period in American history when Southern states resisted federal legislation aimed at protecting minorities. The Confederate battle flag, to many Americans, particularly those of color, is offensive and represents racism, even more so since last month’s tragedy in Charleston.

The debate over the flag in the South Carolina Senate was conciliatory. Most legislators wanted the issue behind them so they could begin to heal the wounds that have stemmed from the senseless, racially motivated murders in Charleston. Some, however, seemed clueless about the debate.

Read more about the battle over the "Confederate battle flag" in South Carolina here...

Obama Administration Spends $500 million to Train Only 60 Syrian Rebels

As the Obama administration tried to convince Congress to support intervention against the dictatorial regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad in the summer of 2013, officials insisted that only a quarter of Syrian rebels had ties to Islamic extremist groups. That turned out to be inaccurate. An estimate produced by IHS Jane’s found that nearly half were Islamic extremists.

Fast-forward to June 2014, when the administration asked Congress for $500 million to train and equip to several thousand so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels to, now, fight the Islamic State, which operates in Syria, as well as Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries. Congress approved the funding request in December.

CNN reports, however, that the only 60 rebels have been vetted to participate in the program. Recruits cannot have any ties to terrorist organizations. “We make sure that they, for example, aren’t going to pose a green-on-blue threat to their trainers; that they don’t have any history of atrocities,” Defense Secretary Ash Carter told the Senate Armed Services Committee of the vetting process on Tuesday.

Click here to see the video with the Senate Armed Services Committee

Read more about yet another failed foreign policy decision here...


Michigan Woman Jailed Over Tardy Dog License Fee - Reason
This Man’s Life Was Ruined Because Federal Drug Agents Stormed his House Unannounced - Rare
Health Insurance Companies Seek Big Rate Increases for 2016 - New York Times


What Is "Libertarian Parenting"? -
Rand Paul: Government Should Get Out of the Marriage Business Altogether - Time
Wrongfully convicted man released after 27 years in prison starts new job as paralegal - The Atlantic

In The News is written and compiled by staff at the Advocates for Self-Government. 
Bits and Bytes From Across the Spectrum

MORAL RESPONSIBILITY TO ACT: "So I think we have to take a hard look at all the wastes and inefficiencies in government. That’s absolutely legitimate. But I think in a civilized society, government has a very important role to play in making sure all of our kids regardless of income get a good quality education, that we have a strong childcare system, that we have a tax system that is fair, and we ask the wealthy and large corporations to pay their fair share. And on climate change, we have a moral responsibility to act boldly.” â€” Bernie SandersU.S. Senator & Candidate for President, July 8, 2015

SUBPOENAS & GAG ORDERS FOR REASON: "What's upsetting is that there is no indication whatsoever either that the prosecutor or the judge gave any consideration to the fact that this was being aimed at a reporting organization about a First Amendment issue." â€” Ken Whitewriter at the legal blog Popehat, July 7, 2015

A COMMON CURRENCY: "Depends primarily on the adjustment mechanisms that are available to absorb the economic shocks and dislocations that impinge on the various entities that are considering a common currency. Flexible exchange rates are a powerful adjustment mechanism for shocks that affect the entities differently. It is worth dispensing with this mechanism to gain the advantage of lower transaction costs and external discipline only if there are adequate alternative adjustment mechanisms." â€”  the late Milton Friedman, economics professor, August 28, 1997

MORE TAXES AND REGULATIONS: "I've voted for Democrats and Republicans all my life, and all it's gotten me, and all Nevadans, is more taxes and regulations and less freedoms, I'm disgusted with them both."  â€”  Dennis Hofowner of the world famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch, July 7, 2015 
"Quotable" is compiled by members of the Advocates staff.

Conversations With My Boys

By The Libertarian Homeschooler

Who Owns You?
Me: Who owns you?
Baby Anarchist (10): Me. I own me.
Who Owns You?Me: Can someone else sell you?
BA: No.
Me: Why not?
BA: A living person is his own property.
Me: Can someone else rightfully take away your life if you are being peaceful?
BA: There’s no rightful way to encroach on a peaceful person.
Me: Can someone else rightfully stop you from peacefully owning your rightfully acquired property?
BA: No. No one can stop you from keeping the thing you have peacefully gotten. If you’ve earned it, traded for it, been given it as a gift, it’s yours.
Read more of this conversation about self-ownership here...

The Libertarian Homeschooler is a homeschooling mother of two boys, 9 & 14. You can connect with the community she's created here.

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