Volume 21, Issue 3                              January 21, 2016
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When You Listen
In Wisconsin, Homemade Cookies are the Victims of Big Government
State of The Union Address: What this Administration Got Wrong About Obamacare
FACTCHECK: the 6th Republican Debate
FACTCHECK: the 4th Democratic Debate
See what Ron Paul, Mona Hanna-Attisha, Andrew Kelly and Larry Summers have to say about injustices, student loans, the Flint water crisis and non-violence. 
Does the Bill of Rights Guarantee the Right to…Own a Pet?
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From Me To You

When You Listen

Markets, supply and demand, and general economic principles are not common knowledge. Those topics were barely mentioned in my single semester of economics in high school.

So, why do we fight so hard to teach them when we converse (or debate, yell and scream) about the issues in politics today?

Previously, we discussed how important listening is in our conversations with “libertarians in waiting” â€” those we are talking about libertarian ideas in a persuasive manner.

Recently, I discussed Uber’s “Surge Pricing” with my Uber driver. He talked about how much he despises “price gouging,” how many complaints he gets about it, and how it isn’t fair.

Because we engaged in conversation early in the ride, I know that his family owns a hotel. The conversation evolved to his experiences as a driver and came to the Surge Pricing issue.

At this point, we could “defend” the concept we know as scarcity and tried to convey an economic message against his “price gouging” view. How effective would that be?

Instead of trying to teach a strictly economic lesson, let’s focus on the fairness of the situation and the best outcomes for all involved.

So, rather than talk about scarcity, we discussed how fair it is to put a cap on prices in an emergency situation (akin to the anti-price gouging laws in many states). We talked about the hotel business and discussed what would happen if a room rate were capped at $100 per room per night vs. letting the market find a price point of $200 (or more) per room per night.

Here’s my example: If the Ventura family is escaping a natural disaster and comes upon a hotel that hasn’t raised prices, for the sake of comfort, they might take two rooms (one for the adults and one for the children) at the hotel if two are available at that price. That means “No Vacancy” for the travelers behind them. The Thomas family, who left an hour after the Venturas, has to continue on to another hotel or maybe even another town, or they might choose to sleep in their car.

no vacancy - listenIf the hotel operator instead raised the prices as his stock depletes and charges $200 per room per night, the Venturas would be more likely to squeeze together into a single room, leaving a room available for the tired Thomas family, who no longer has to search for a hotel room.

After planting that seed, we discussed the recent controversy about the Surge Pricing by Uber on New Year’s Eve.

I asked him if he was done partying at 1 AM and ready to go home, would he prefer to know that he could get his ride with Uber quickly, but for a higher than normal price, or hail a ride via the service if it can’t pay anything additional to the drivers for the holiday and heavier than normal traffic on a Thursday night. There’s no longer an incentive (higher than normal fares) for new drivers to come out to drive, so the wait might be akin to that of a cab company with a similar problem of a fixed number of drivers. In Indianapolis, I heard about New Year’s Eve revelers waiting nearly 3 hours for a taxi.

When you need a ride NOW, is it fair to have to wait hours, when you could pay more to get one in 5 minutes? Is it fair to the drivers to get paid the same rate for a holiday and much heavier than normal traffic?

When you listen. you get an opportunity to tell a story that someone else can easily grasp with no economic education, by focusing your comments on their concerns.

Walk the walk,

How Much Is Liberty Worth

News You Can Use

Written & Compiled by Advocates Staff

In Wisconsin, Homemade Cookies are the Victims of Big Government

Things are hard out there for folks trying to make ends meat.

According to, Wisconsin residents can go to jail and face steep fines if they dare to sell homemade baked goods without an OK from the government.

Cookies Under Wisconsin law, entrepreneurs selling homemade baked goods who prepare their products in home kitchens are not allowed to make a profit. After all, how will the state assure the quality of the those delicious cookies baked by grandma if she’s not following state regulations?

Read more about the war on cookies here...

Factcheck the 6th Republican Debate

Factcheck the 4th Democratic Debate

State of The Union Address: What this Administration Got Wrong About Obamacare

During President Barack Obama’s final State of the Union address, this administration’s signature healthcare law was seldom brought up. As a matter of fact, little time was dedicated to healthcare overall. But the few references to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have been mostly ignored, suggesting that little to no attention is dedicated to healthcare law as the media focuses on the 2016 presidential election.

But to Brian Blase, Senior Research Fellow with the Spending and Budget Initiative at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, the administration’s claims deserve a second look.

Read  more about the lack of attention on healthcare during the SOTU here...



The year of the organoid - The Economist 
Population and Income Doubled – And Most Commodity Prices Fell - FEE
Taxis and TNCs — How Platform Firms Self-Regulate Better than Bureaucrats - Medium

News You Can Use is written and compiled by staff at the Advocates for Self-Government. 

Bits and Bytes From Across the Spectrum

Ron Paul
LEAD POISONING: â€œOur children have every imaginable obstacle to leading a successful life, and now they also have lead poisoning.” — Mona Hanna-Attisha, Flint Pediatrician, January 23, 2015
ARE THEY DEFRAUDED?: â€œIt gets much more difficult when students say, ‘Well, I was told this would improve my job prospects.… I don’t have a job, and I’m mad about it, and I think I’m defrauded."  — Andrew Kelly, Director of the Center on Higher Education Reform, American Enterprise InstituteJanuary 20, 2016

LOSING PERSPECTIVE: "To regard it as one of life’s premiere moral injustices to have to eat dinner underneath a portrait of Woodrow Wilson is to lose perspective on what is happening in the world.” â€” Larry Summers, Former Harvard President January 18, 2016
"Quotable" is compiled by members of the Advocates staff.
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Sharon Harris

Does the Bill of Rights Guarantee the Right to…Own a Pet?

Thomas Jefferson once said, “If a nation expects to be ignorant & free… it expects what never was and never will be.” Rights

One can only imagine Jefferson’s reaction to a recent national survey by the respected Annenberg Public Policy Center. The Annenberg survey found that a terrifying large number of Americans are unfamiliar with even the most basic and most fundamental facts about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the structure of the U.S. government.

And, in their ignorance, many are ready to toss out essential liberties and safeguards.

Read more about what this survey found here...

Super Communicator Sharon Harris was president of the Advocates from May of 1995 until May of 2015. She continues to write about and teach excellence in libertarian communication. She is co-author of the Amazon #1 best-selling book, How to Be a Super Communicator for Liberty, about which Ron Paul said: “I recommend this book to everyone serious about winning the battle for liberty. These essays will help libertarians improve their ability to answer the tough questions, make our philosophy relevant to people’s everyday concerns, and most importantly win converts and grow our movement.” You can purchase the print version from the Advocates or the ebook version from Amazon.

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