Volume 20, Issue 23                              June 25, 2015
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David Nolan
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Thank You, Taylor Swift!

Freedom to Vape?

See what Milton Friedman, Marty Lewis, Nicholas Sarwark, Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, and then-candidate Barack Obama had to say about the Export-Import Bank, Kelo v. New London, Horne v. USDA, Presidential debates, the "plant police," and government solutions.

Witness Protection Libertarians

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JUNE 25, 1798: Congress passes Alien Act (1798)
JUNE 25, 1903Birthday of George Orwell (Eric Blair)
JUNE 26, 2008: Supreme Court decision in District of Columbia vs Heller, which ruled that there is an individual right under the Second Amendment to keep and bear arms for self-defense
JUNE 27, 1935: Passage of the National Labor Relations Act, known as the “Wagner Act” (1935)
JUNE 28, 2010: Supreme Court decision in McDonald vs Chicago, which ruled that the Second Amendment is incorporated under the Fourteenth Amendment
JUNE 28, 2012: Supreme Court decision in “Obamacare” case
JULY 2, 1776: Vote by the Continental Congress to declare independence from Great Britain
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Advocates Executive Director Brett Bittner
From Me To You

by Brett Bittner

Thank You, Taylor Swift!

Next week, Apple, already an innovator when it comes to how we listen to music, will launch Apple Music. Despite their marketing efforts, I was completely unaware, as I am not a part of what I affectionately call "The iCult." Unaware until pop music princess Taylor Swift announced that she would not allow her wildly popular album, "1989," to appear on the multinational technology company's streaming service, that is.

I will admit that I am a fan of Taylor Swift. Her catchy songs, especially from the aforementioned album, get my toes tapping, and when I get to know the lyrics, I might even sing along in the car, while cutting the grass, or even when I'm out on a walk. 

Music tastes aside, Taylor Swift did something that I wish more people would, when it comes to things with which they disagree. She withheld her wildly popular album, which is home to four chart-topping singles since its release eight months ago, and used her celebrity, popularity, and audience to affect change in her industry without getting her Congressman or Senator involved to have the government "do something."

The issue at hand was about Apple's plan not to pay royalties to artists during the initial 3-month trial they offer to new subscribers to the service, something that Swift found "shocking, disappointing, and completely unlike this historically progressive and generous company". She points to "the new artist or band that has just released their first single and will not be paid for its success" as the real beneficiaries of her action. 

Far too often, we see individuals and groups running to Big Government to change something that they disagree with or are offended by. In both of the instances noted above, people voted with their feet, something I remember Clark Howard saying frequently on Atlanta radio when I grew up. They affected change, not by rallying a City Council to deny a proposed Wal-Mart's building plan to stop construction or by getting a law enacted in their state that's named after someone affected by an ultra-rare situation, but by using the power of markets.

I'm pleased to share that Apple reversed course, and all my libertarian Taylor Swift fans (and maybe some who want to listen to the artist that used markets over Big Government) will be able to stream "1989" on Apple Music during the trial period and beyond. 

I would be remiss not to mention that Taylor's media blitz around this story brought up an interesting take on the contract she has photographers sign. There are some signs of change on the horizon here as well. 

Imagine that. All of this was solved by peaceful, voluntary interaction, and NOT the intervention of Big Government


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News You Can Use

Written & Compiled by Advocates Staff

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Freedom To Vape?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is planning to expand its vast regulatory reach to e-cigarettes and vapor products, but new language in an agriculture bill currently in the U.S. House of Representatives could throw a wrench into the machine.

The FDA plans to use a “deeming rule” to move forward on regulations that would treat e-cigarettes and vapor products like tobacco. Though these products can contain nicotine, which is entirely up to the user, they don’t have tobacco. In fact, there is, according to the American Vaping Association, “no fire, no ash, [and] no smoke.”

vapeMany people who use e-cigarettes or vapor products do so to quit smoking, using high-nicotine e-juices and gradually lowering the dosage until they’ve kicked the habit. The FDA and public health advocacy groups claim that e-cigarette and vapor products are dangerous and target minors through different flavors available on the market. Despite the concerns, studies have shown these products don’t emit significant amounts of toxins, especially when compared to real cigarettes.

Read more about how the FDA plans to regulate the industry, and the bill that may save it here...


The Federal Marching Band of Music Regulators - Wall Street Journal
Patients and Doctors, not the FDA, Should Choose Right Medicine - CATO Blog
New Pentagon Manual Declares Journalists Can Be Enemy Combatants - Washington Times


In Major Victoryfor Property Rights, SCOTUS Strikes Down USDA Seizure of California Raisins - Reason
Uber Solves the Fundamental Problem of the Marketplace -
Amazon is pulling Confederate flag merchandise off its site - The Verge

In The News is written and compiled by staff at the Advocates for Self-Government. 
Bits and Bytes From Across the Spectrum

THE PLANT POLICE: “We then had to remove the furniture from the patio and close it off until the plant police said it was ok for us to reopen.” — Marty LewisOwner - Blue Bricks, June 16, 2015

FRAUD ON THE AMERICAN VOTER: "The Commission on Presidential Debates is another example of the two old parties working hand in hand to keep the American people from hearing real, bold ideas for how to fix this country. Nothing scares them more than having a fresh voice on that debate stage.” â€” Nicholas Sarwark,Chairman of the Libertarian National Committee, June 22, 2015

SUBJECT TO THE ABSOLUTE CONTROL OF THE STATE: "Raisins are private property, the fruit of the growers’ labor, not public things subject to the absolute control of the state. Any physical taking of them for public use must be accompanied by just compensation." â€” John RobertsChief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, June 22, 2015 in the majority opinion in the case of Horne v. USDA

MERE ACCUSATION OF TREASON: â€œThe specter of condemnation hangs over all property. Nothing is to prevent the State from replacing any Motel 6 with a Ritz-Carlton, any home with a shopping mall, or any farm with a factory.” â€”  Sandra Day O'Connor, Supreme Court Justice, June 23, 2005 (Tuesday was the 10 anniversary of the decision).

CORPORATE WELFARE: "[T]here are some [government programs] that have been duplicated by other programs that we just need to cut back, like waste at the Economic Development Agency and the Export-Import Bank that has become little more than a fund for corporate welfare." â€” Barack Obama, U.S. Senator and candidate for President of the United States, September 22, 2008
Ex-Im Bank
"Quotable" is compiled by members of the Advocates staff.

Michael Cloud
Persuasion Powerpoint

By Michael Cloud

Witness Protection Libertarians

The Witness Protection Program.

Witness ProtectionYou’ve seen it featured in crime, courtroom, and police dramas on television.

A powerful and dangerous individual or group has gotten away with force and fraud for years. Finally, the police and prosecutors find a  witness whose testimony can put the thugs behind bars.

But the criminals will threaten or kill the witness or his family if he takes the stand.

Read more about this quiet breed of libertarian described by Michael here...

Michael Cloud is a master of libertarian communication. He is author of the books Secrets of Libertarian Persuasion and Unlocking More Secrets of Libertarian Persuasion. The latter can be purchased by subscribers of this newsletter for merely $5.01 and FREE SHIPPING with the code "LIBERATOR14" at the link.

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