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Did You Watch the Libertarian Party Presidential Debate on Stossel?
This LA Gang Member Knows Why the Drug War Doesn’t Work
The War on ‘Unwanted Behavior’ Hits the Sidewalks
See what Michael Dannenberg, Jason Kuznicki, Danny Cevallos, and Kennedy Montgomery have to say about college preparation, safety nets, capitalism, and the 2016 election.                
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Did You Watch the Libertarian Party Presidential Debate on Stossel?

On Friday, April 1st, Fox Business aired a the first half of a debate between three of the Libertarian Party candidates for President (full listing here) during Stossel.

Governor Gary Johnson, John McAfee, and Austin Petersen discussed issues facing America today from a libertarian perspective as they vie for the Libertarian Party nomination in Orlando this summer.

You can watch the debate below and catch the second half this Friday, April 8th at 9 PM Eastern, when Fox Business airs the second half on another Stossel episode.


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Written & Compiled by Advocates Staff

This LA Gang Member Knows Why the Drug War Doesn’t Work

Ozy, an online magazine that takes pride in presenting original content crafted by contributors with unique perspectives, has recently published an article allegedly written by “Loko,” a Bloods gang member from Los Angeles, California. In the piece, Loko talks about his life in the City of Angels, how changes to marijuana laws are reshaping local communities, and how other drug restrictions are ruining an entire generation of African Americans.

It’s hard to read his rendition of the current situation without thinking about how countless lives could have been saved if current and past government administrations hadn’t embraced the war on drugs.

Marijuana He opens his comments by claiming that living in the city is a daily struggle. The main problem nowadays, Loko tells Ozy’s Seth Ferranti, is “crystal.”

Methamphetamine, Loko explains, is what all of the “homeboys are using. … Blood, Crip, it doesn’t matter.” Meth is such a problem in LA that everyone “is going crazy.” 

Read more about the unintended consequences of meth regulation here...

The War on ‘Unwanted Behavior’ Hits the Sidewalks

Distracted driving has been this age’s boogeyman for quite sometime. Once the public campaign against the behavior gained traction, it ended up prompting state lawmakers across the country to pass distracted law bills and ordinances throughout most of the United States. But as studies prove that restrictive laws tied to phone use behind the wheel are actually making roads less safe, many carry on with the belief that things will only get better when we start passing even more laws.

Phone In New Jersey, Democratic State Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt has been under the spotlight for trying to penalize pedestrians who walk while looking at their phones. The ban on texting while walking would reportedly cost pedestrians $50 per citation. Offenders could also be required to attend classes on highway safety.



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Free market forces reducing emissions - Tyler Morning Telegraph 
The Killer App: Pairing Technology With People - Forbes

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Bits and Bytes From Across the Spectrum

UNDER-PREPARED: "Because of under-preparation and poor performance, we're seeing people having to pay more for college. High school policy changes could make college more affordable. And higher ed policy changes could promote better rigor and academic preparation in high school."  - Michael DannenbergEducation Reform Now Advocate, April 6, 2016

CIRCLE THE WAGONS: "Safety nets cause us to circle the wagons, and to exclude both behaviors and people whom we might otherwise tolerate, or even welcome. They incline us, in short, to a kind of illiberalism." - Jason Kuznicki, Cato Unbound Editor, April 5, 2016

OLD FASHIONED CAPITALISM: "It's crazy when you think about it. Law enforcement, state legislatures, and the private sector's efforts to combat drunk driving— both sincere and obligatory — may ultimately be dwarfed by an iPhone app and some good old fashioned capitalism." - Danny Cevallos, CNN Legal Analyst, April 6, 2016
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