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Make America Kind Again
US Gov’t Targets Public Employees With ‘Whistleblower-Like’ Characteristics
What House of Cards Gets (Very) Wrong
See what Kasey Cross, Bonnie Kristian, Trevor Timm, and Ron Paul have to say about interventionist policies, the future of Internet security, nanny state regulations, and voting rights.
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Make America Kind Again

We’ve all seen the slogan by a certain Presidential candidate, telling us that voting for him will make America great again.

I’m not particularly interested in the America he’s described in debates, rallies, and in the media.

Make America Kind AgainI’m more interested in being kind to others. I’m more interested in others being kind in turn. I’m most interested in the proliferation of kindness.

What if we were more friendly, generous, and considerate? Would we find ourselves to be easily achieving the libertarian ideals of peace, prosperity, and harmony?

More importantly, would we be happier? Thomas Jefferson recognized that we have “certain unalienable Rights,” Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Wouldn’t we be the ones to set the example?

To continue interacting, whether in the marketplace or in personal relationships, all parties would have to benefit from that interaction. Peaceful, voluntary interactions enshrined in libertarian philosophy go hand in hand with being kind. After all, who wants to deal with someone who isn’t?

How likely would you be to continue to patron a business where everyone was unpleasant or unkind? Would you willingly submit to being treated in an unfriendly, stingy, or inconsiderate manner?

Think about who needs force and protection to stick around. It’s the business that can’t earn your patronage without regulations or protection of their monopoly. How do you think Comcast is still around?

Would those who sought to segregate people by ethnicity fifty years ago or more have been able to do so without the government enforcing Jim Crow laws?

Let’s take this moment in time to pair our libertarian activism, outreach, and persuasion with being kind and see where that takes us. We will certainly set ourselves apart from those wishing to use force to proliferate their ideas, and we’ll have more pleasant conversations and relationships as we do it.

Kindness doesn’t cost a thing, so sprinkle it everywhere.

Walk the walk,

Liberty Library
Written & Compiled by Advocates Staff

US Gov’t Targets Public Employees With ‘Whistleblower-Like’ Characteristics

The United States government may be looking for the “next Chelsea Manning,” a report from The Guardian argues.

ManningAccording to documents obtained by the UK newspaper, disgruntled employees, egomaniacs, and the office “door mat” are all potential whistleblowers under the ever watchful eyes of the US government.

In what many call a witch-hunt, the US government is allegedly placing all public employees under surveillance in order to spot individuals with characteristics that match Chelsea Manning’s profile.

Read more about the targeting of public employees here...

What House of Cards Gets (Very) Wrong

Sandy Ikeda, a professor of economics at Purchase College, SUNY, and the author of The Dynamics of the Mixed Economy: Toward a Theory of Interventionism, wrote about why everyone’s favorite TV show is wrong on its portrayal of an economic crisis. In his article for the Foundation for Economic Education, Ikeda argues that, while House of Cards is a major hit among political animals, whether they are progressive, conservative, or libertarian, its portrayal of welfare policies and shortages is extremely unrealistically.

Gas CrisisIn the third season of House of Cards, ficticious president Frank Underwood proposed a major policy program known as “America Works,” a policy that intended to “create” millions of jobs. Despite the superhuman goals tied to the policy, the real-world consequences of such endeavor were never even questioned, leaving a lot to the imagination.



How Waze Makes Roads Safer than the Police - FEE
Facebook Sees Big Growth in Asia Despite Free Basics Controversy - WSJ
Uber, Lyft help revitalize Nashville's urban core - The Tennessean 

Students Get Free Shipping From Amazon
Bits and Bytes From Across the Spectrum

RIGHTS LIKE YOURS: "So folks, go on and vote for whomever you want, because if you truly support them then no vote is wasted. And please remember be kind to your fellow voters, they’re exercising their rights just like you—and it totally counts."  - Kasey CrossOdyssey Online Contributor, March 22, 2016

NOBODY ASKED: "The problem here is the same problem behind most stupid nanny state regulations: no one demanded hard evidence that this new rule was necessary. Nobody persistently asked “Why?!”" - Bonnie Kristian, RARE Contributor, March 16, 2016

MORE THAN A PHONE: ""[T]hankfully, the public now realizes that this case is about much more than just “one phone”...What really is at stake is the future of internet security, and whether the government can force tech companies to become arms of the state." - Trevor Timm, Guardian US Columnist, March 16, 2016
Dr. Ben Carson
Freedom On Campus

What Makes Sense?

Editors Note: If not for homeschooling, BA would most likely not get the individualized attention that he needs in a regular, public school.

BA (9) is on a quest for full-on literacy: reading, writing, spelling, grammar, vocabulary. He won’t get there like YS (14) did. He’s been trying that way around for almost five years now.

WritingHe’s constantly working on sequencing, motor planning, working memory, motor coordination, timing, pacing, and all the procedural learning strengthening activities he can juggle. All day long. Crossing the mid-line, agility ladder, strengthening his core and upper body, piano for finger strength, writing over top of my writing to get the motions into his muscles, metronome work with large muscles and singing and reading. Drilling letter pairs, faster, faster, faster.

Read more about individualized learning here...

The Libertarian Homeschooler is the homeschooling mom of two boys, 15 and 10. You can connect with the online community she has created here. 

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