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World's Smallest Political Quiz to "Guest Star"
on the John Stossel Show -- Tonight, April 24 at 9PM Eastern

The upcoming John Stossel show will feature a very special guest: The World's Smallest Political Quiz!

"Stossel" airs tonight, Friday, April 24, at 9PM Eastern time on Fox Business News (FBN). It may be re-aired on Sunday night on Fox News Network (check your TV listings).

The show's theme is "AND THEY'RE OFF! Where do the presidential candidates stand on liberty?"

Stossel will use the world-famous Quiz to explore the political leanings of leading presidential candidates.

We understand that Stossel will take the Quiz himself. How will he score? Tune in and find out!

Also on the show: 2012 Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson.

The World's Smallest Political Quiz, created in 1987 by the Advocates for Self-Government,  presents an accurate and inclusive new map of the world of politics -- and lets you, based on your answer to ten short questions, find out where YOU fit on that map and who agrees with you most in the world of politics.

Quiz facts:

* The Quiz was invented by Marshall Fritz, founder of the Advocates, based on an idea from David F. Nolan, co-founder of the Libertarian Party.

* The Quiz was the first political quiz online (1995). The online version of the Quiz has been taken more than 22 million times, and that number grows by tens of thousands each month. The Advocates has also distributed over 10 million Quiz cards, the original (and still available) form of the Quiz.

* The Quiz has been featured or recommended in some of America’s best-selling college and high school textbooks or in their classroom supplementary material. The Advocates has supplied educators, at their request, with over 30,000 Quiz cards for their classrooms.

* The Quiz has been printed or featured in scores of newspapers, magazine, popular and scholarly books,  and other media. Newspapers that have reprinted the Quiz include the Washington Post, the Atlanta Constitution, and the Miami Herald.

* The Advocates has given more than one thousand outreach kits, featuring the Quiz, to campus libertarian groups for outreach and education.

The Quiz is produced by the Advocates for Self-Government, a non-profit, non-partisan libertarian educational organization, and we are the sole distributors and copyright owners. We strongly encourage reprinting the Quiz and linking to the Quiz as long as credit is given to The Advocates; please contact us. Camera-ready artwork is available.

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Take the Quiz yourself. And share it with your friends so they can see where THEY fit on the new political map. ENJOY!
                                      Yours in liberty,  
                                       Sharon Harris, President
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