Volume 21, Issue 5                              February 4, 2016
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Effective Outreach Is Practiced Outreach
Chicago Police ‘Intentionally Destroying’ Police Car Dashcams, Microphones
NJ’s Takeover of Camden Proves Freedom is Better Than Taxpayer-Backed Projects
Factcheck the Seventh GOP Debate
See what Milton Friedman, Marieke Tuthill Beck-Coon, Gen. Robert Neller, Michele Ernst and Mother Teresa have to say about leaders, surveillance, women in combat, political campaigning on college campuses and intentions. 
What Happens When Demand Increases? 
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Effective Outreach Is Practiced Outreach

Recently, I’ve been asked to appear on a weekly(ish) podcast called We Are Libertarians on a rather regular basis.

We’ve discussed a variety of topics, including Making A Murdererhomeschoolinggun control, and the Paris attacks.

Late last summer, we also sat down to discuss effective outreach, and they were gracious enough to cut down a lengthy discussion to under an hour.

practiceI wish I’d brought this up for those who are new to libertarianism and unsure about outreach. No one is good the first time. No one is a natural talent. Like everything else, outreach takes practice.

For me, the key was finding someone that I thought does a great job communicating the ideas of liberty and picking their brain about their thought process.

Once I had a foundation for effective communication, most of which I based on Michael Cloud’s Libertarian Persuasion books (both available in the Advocates Online Store) and audio, I needed practice.

Trying different techniques, like The Magic “If” or Conversation Judo, as well as the Ransberger Pivot,  where you find common ground with the person you are trying to persuade, I found what worked for me.

Next, I needed to practice. While I didn’t hit the 10,000 hours that Malcolm Gladwell references in Outliers: The Story of Success, I practiced A LOT. Getting out there to discuss political issues is the best way to become better at doing so. I started with family and friends (the people I knew would love me no matter what), and found what worked and what didn’t.

As I noted here, I’ve personally given The World’s Smallest Political Quiz more than 3,500 times. That is A LOT of conversations with strangers about libertarian ideas.

Conversation #1 was probably not as effective as #3,498 or even #212.

The best part about each of those conversations?

I learned something to bring to a future discussion about libertarian philosophy.

Bottom Line: Find an effective communicator, find what works for you, and PRACTICE!

Walk the walk,

Liberty Library
Written & Compiled by Advocates Staff

Chicago Police ‘Intentionally Destroying’ Police Car Dashcams, Microphones

Chicago is notorious for gun-related violence. With some of the toughest anti-gun rights on its books, the city struggles to keep its residents safe. With pro gun control advocates making the case that the town’s gun-related violence is due to the fact most people purchase their guns illegally, it’s hard not to see how enacting more restrictive laws won’t make a difference.


But gun violence alone is not the only issue in Chicago.

According to Washington Post’s Radley Balko, corruption among Chicago Police Department officers continues to expose countless of innocent residents to unconstitutional abuses.

Read more about the intentional destruction of police equipment here...

New Jersey’s Takeover of Camden Proves Freedom is Better Than Taxpayer-Backed Revitalization Projects

Governor Chris Christie has recently announced that the state will take control of Atlantic City’s finances. As the city’s huge debt looms over its residents and the state vows to take over, critics and experts take a closer look at a previous major takeover of the city of Camden. And since many argue that state intervention ended up failing some of Camden’s most vulnerable residents, the promise of a better Atlantic City after intervention seems somewhat unrealistic.


In 2002, the state of New Jersey poured millions of taxpayer dollars into one of the largest takeover projects in US history. At least one law school, an aquarium, and a hospital were updated. But despite the taxpayer-backed incentives, the lives of residents did not improve. Instead, poverty and crime rates in the city remain high.

Read  more about the failed revitalization projects here...

Factcheck the Seventh GOP Debate



Libertarianism, Mexico’s New Burgeoining Political Movement - Panam Post
Southern Californians Prefer Driving, Not Trains - Reason
Terrorism Makes Headlines, But We Are Safer than Ever - FEE

Students Get Free Shipping From Amazon
Bits and Bytes From Across the Spectrum

CENSOR THE STUDENTS?: â€œEvery campaign season, FIRE sees private colleges erroneously tell students that they can’t campaign for their candidate because it would threaten the school’s tax exemption. That’s just not correct.” — Marieke Tuthill Beck-Coon, FIRE Senior Program Office, February 2, 2015

WOMEN IN COMBAT: "Every American who's physically qualified should register for the draft."  â€” Gen. Robert NellerMarine Corps Commandant, February 2, 2016

THEY'LL BE WATCHING YOU: â€œWe gather intelligence, and we share information. We have our own joint operations center. We have other joint information centers in San Francisco and Santa Clara, and we’re working hard to make sure information is shared. It’s a collaborative effort.”  â€” Michele ErnstFederal Bureau of Investigation, January 31, 2016


What Happens When Demand Increases?

How will I explain the phenomenon of rising prices after a disaster to my seven-year-old son? I’ll say something like this.

You know there was a big storm in the Northeast. We saw it on television. There was flooding, there was a big fire, trees were down, and now there’s no electricity in a lot of places. It’s pretty miserable.

Supply And Demand Analysis Concept

People want clean water, food, and gasoline. They want to be able to clear away the trees that fell and they want to be able to run their generators if they’re without power. Normally, they could get these things, but because of the storm not only do they need more, but it’s hard for these things to get in. The normal supply lines are cut. So they want more and there’s less than usual around.

We’ve talked about scarcity before. It’s when there is a limited amount of the things we want. Right now, the things that they want are scarce. Demand has increased.

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