Volume 20, Issue 17                              May 7, 2015
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 â€” Ron Paul, The Congressional Record
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A Little Bit About Me

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  • Don't Be Surprised When Garland, Texas is Used as an Excuse to Renew the PATRIOT Act
  • Supposedly Sick Coast Guard Members Took Taxpayer-funded Trips to Vacation Hot Spots
  • #BigGovernmentStrikesAgain
  • #FreedomPrevails
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See what Ron Paul, Chuck Wexler, Maria MacFarland, Ritu Shah Burnham, Judge Gerard Lynch, and Martin Luther King, Jr. had to say about moving forward, our privacy, the effects of increases in the minimum wage, drug decriminalization, policing, and the USA FREEDOM Act.

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Advocates Executive Director Brett Bittner
From Me To You

by Brett Bittner

A Little Bit About Me

Hello from Indianapolis!

You’ve undoubtedly seen quite a few announcement about changes with the Advocates in recent weeks:

  • One of my favorite libertarians, Sharon Harris, retired after 20 years of service as President.
  • We’ve relocated from Cartersville, Georgia to Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • I am the new Executive Director.

In each issue of the Liberator Online, I’ll be writing to you, our loyal subscribers, in this space about what’s happening in the organization, introducing our new initiatives, and sharing some of my favorite tips and techniques for communicating Liberty.

In this issue, however, I’d like to take some time to introduce myself to those who may not know me.

I am a lifelong libertarian. Politically and philosophically, I’ve never identified as anything else.

I am originally from Georgia, from a southern suburb of Atlanta. I went to the University of Georgia, majoring in Economics. After a few years of moving around the country for my first career, I returned to Atlanta and became heavily involved with the Libertarian Party of Georgia, serving as their Executive Director for four years.

During that service, I chaired the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance (LSLA), my local Libertarian Party affiliate, and led a nearly successful coalition effort to defeat a tax increase in Cobb County, Georgia. We were only shy by 90 votes out of 43,000 cast!

I also have some electoral politics success, having won election and re-election to the Marietta City School Board. During my tenure, we lowered the millage rate (the multiplier by which property taxes are calculated), renewed “Charter System” status, and adopted a framework to re-design teacher compensation.

For the last year, I’ve been heavily involved in the marketing efforts and setting a direction for the Advocates, and I could not be more excited about my new role and the opportunities it presents.

I hope that you share my enthusiasm and excitement as we embark on this journey together, and I encourage you reach out to me with your ideas, concerns, and even your congratulations. ;-)

In Liberty,

* * *
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News You Can Use

Written & Compiled by Advocates Staff

Don’t Be Surprised When Garland is Used as an Excuse to Renew The PATRIOT Act

NSA Spying
Supporters of the NSA’s domestic spying programs say that a vast data collection effort is needed more than ever to prevent terrorist attacks in the United States, but they are unable to point to any specific example of foiled terrorist plots through these unconstitutional, privacy-violating programs.

In June 2013, Gen. Keith Alexander, then the Director of the NSA, claimed that the spying programs prevented â€œpotential terrorist events over 50 times since 9/11.” Testifying before a Senate committee in October of the same year, Alexander backtracked after Sen.Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) grilled him for misleading the American public.

Read more about how the recent attacks in Garland, TX may be used to extend the PATRIOT Act here...

Supposedly Sick Coast Guard Members Took Taxpayer-Funded Trips to Vacation Hot Spots

Every fall, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) published an annual report, known as the Wastebook, highlighting dozens of the worst examples of wasteful spending by federal agencies.

vacation hot spotsSome of the items in the report may sound unbelievable, but this is the federal government, and one should never underestimate bureaucrats with tax dollars at their disposal. More ridiculous examples from the 2014 version of the report include the $387,000 the National Institutes of Health spent on Swedish massages for rabbits (yes, seriously) and the $200,000 the Department of Agriculture spent to help a New York-based brewer build a beer farm.

Read more about this wasteful federal spending here...


In California, Lawmakers Want Bitcoin Business To Fail - Voices of Liberty
Nasty tax surprise for Obamacare customers - CNBC
Leaving Kansas - Uber Blog


1 in 5 Americans consider themselves libertarian - Reason
Supreme Court: Cops can't hold suspects to wait for drug-sniffing dog - The Hill
Ron Paul: For America and Beyond - Voices of Liberty

In The News is written and compiled by staff at the Advocates for Self-Government. 
Bits and Bytes From Across the Spectrum

PEOPLE LOSING CONFIDENCE IN POLICE IN AMERICA: "People aren’t buying our brand. If it was a product, we’d take it out of the marketplace and re-engineer it. We’ve lost the confidence of the American people." — Chuck Wexler, executive director of the Police Executive Research Forum, a law enforcement policy group. "Police Rethink Long Tradition on Using Force," New York Times, May 4, 2015. 

DECRIMINALIZATION IS A HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE: "Criminalization is inconsistent with human rights principles, and with basic principles of autonomy that underlie our rights. We realize that people who use drugs do harm other people sometimes... [T]he solution is to have laws that criminalize harmful conduct -- not just the use itself." â€” Maria MacFarland, co-director of the U.S. program at Human Rights Watch, May 5, 2015

FIRST CASUALTIES OF SEATTLE'S NEW MINIMUM WAGE LAW: "I’ve let one person go since April 1, I’ve cut hours since April 1, I’ve taken them myself because I don’t pay myself. I’ve also raised my prices a little bit, there’s no other way to do it... I absolutely am terrified for [the employees]. I have no idea where they’re going to find jobs, because if I’m cutting hours, I imagine everyone is across the board." — Ritu Shah Burnham, small business owner/franchisee of Z Pizza in Seattle, April 28, 2015

METADATA CONTRACTS AMERICANS' PRIVACY: "If the government is correct, it could use § 215 to collect and store in bulk any other existing metadata available anywhere in the private sector, including metadata associated with financial records, medical records, and electronic communications (including e‐mail and social media information) relating to all Americans... Such expansive development of government repositories of formerly private records would be an unprecedented contraction of the privacy expectations of all Americans." â€” Judge Gerard Lynch, on behalf of the three-judge panel deciding ACLU v. Clapper, May 7, 2015. 
"Quotable" is compiled by members of the Advocates staff.

Brett Bittner
Walk the Walk

By Brett Bittner

Which Libertarian Are You?

As libertarian philosophy gains popularity in response to the repeated failures of government, we need to define which type of libertarians we want to be. Our numbers are growing, and as we reach critical mass, we need to start to specialize our activities. In my mind, there are three kinds of libertarians: the candidates, the leadership, and the activists.

division of laborLibertarians will likely recognize this specialization as division of labor. Previously, libertarians had to “wear many hats,” because of how few our numbers were. Today, that is not the case.

Have you ever waved signs at a rally or a busy intersection for your favorite candidate or issue? Have you ever made statements to the press, defining an organization’s position on an issue? Have you ever run for office?

Read more about how we can be more effective libertarians by dividing the workload here...

Brett Bittner is the Executive Director for the Advocates for Self-Government

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