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Be Effective More Than Efficient
LA County Wants to Spend $425 Million to Connect Bike Paths (Not Build Them)
Brewery Forced to Drop ‘LSD’ From Label—In America!
See what Joseph Sabia, Ceree Eberly, Roman Schweizer, and John Stossel have to say about government force, the U.S. bomb inventory, an inclusive workplace, and the minimum wage debate. 
Why Do College Students Hate Free Speech?
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Be Effective More Than Efficient

I love efficiency. I like to see people work to make things better, faster, and more appealing.

Innovation is exciting!

Where I get lost is when their fascination with making something easier paralyzes them to the point of stagnation. They will spend more time working to find a better, faster, or easier solution than it would take to just do the work of the existing options.

We are most effective when we work to persuade at the one-on-one level. When having individual conversations, we:

  • Are able to see body language and interpret those cues
  • Get to hear non-verbal auditory cues, like tone, as we listen attentively
  • Display a passion for Liberty 
  • Get immediate feedback on our efforts

While these conversations are not particularly easy, especially at first, they are effective.

efficientAs someone who is rather technologically adept, while also appreciating innovation, I understand the desire to automate and digitize things. The key for us is to balance the “old” and “new,” as we reach different audiences, who have different preferences.

Many “old ways” involve a bit of a personalized attention, like hand-written letters and notes, a telephone call, or following up with a thank you. While we may find e-mail blasts, mass texting, and smartphone apps more efficient for us to broadcast a message, keep in mind that those methods aren’t as effective as actual person-to-person interaction. They also will not reach everyone, even those you target with your message. We all find a reason to archive or delete an e-mail, ignore a text, and turn off the notifications for an app.

As those looking to persuade work to develop the “next big thing,” keep in mind that the time you spend on innovation is time not spent being a shining example of libertarianism, living a libertarian lifestyle, or having those conversations. By seeking to “reinvent the wheel,” many forsake the tried and true methods, rather than working on getting their message out and lose valuable time.

This compounds when we assume one “touch” carries the same weight as another. An in-person conversation holds more value than receiving an e-mail blast. A personal phone call outweighs a direct mail piece. A handwritten thank you note shows you care more than an automated response e-mail.

None of that should be taken to mean that we shouldn’t utilize some of the more innovative, efficient methods of communicating Liberty. Rather, we should incorporate them as part of a comprehensive strategy to be as effective as possible, rather than focusing on just the most efficient, and often less effective, modes.

Walk the walk,

Liberty Library
Written & Compiled by Advocates Staff

LA County Wants to Spend $425 Million Just to Connect Bike Paths (Not Build Them)

In November, Los Angeles County residents will be asked to vote on a new half-cent sales tax increase that would add $120 billion to the county’s public transit fund. The hike would extend the current sales tax for 18 years and raise its rate for four decades. Just the type of tax hike Californians do not need right now.

Bike PathWhile the proposal was met with enthusiasm by the LA River Revitalization Corporation, a group that hopes to see an “unbroken 51-mile river spine, giving Los Angeles a ‘linear central park,’” the idea of using $425 million of that money to simply connect existing bicycle paths and provide access to the river—which is often mocked over the absence of water—is somewhat hard to process, even for some of the most pro-big government members of California’s media.

Read more about the $425 million tax hike here...

Brewery Forced to Drop ‘LSD’ From Label—In America! 

The war on drugs has finally gone too far.

LSDAleIndeed Brewing, a Minneapolis-based brewery, was recently forced to change the name of their LSD Ale after federal regulators thought it sounded too offensive.

Everything had been going alright for Indeed Brewing while it was only selling its products in Minnesota. But the moment the company decided to start selling LSD Ale across state lines, things went sour.

Once the company started working on the licenses needed to expand and start selling outside of the state, federal regulators realized the beer presented a “threat.” The result? Indeed Brewing had to drop the name or stop expansion.



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Bits and Bytes From Across the Spectrum

POOR OR NEAR POOR?: "Advocates of minimum wage increases paint a vivid portrait of what they see as the typical minimum wage worker: a working single mother struggling to keep her family above the poverty line. But is this portrait accurate? Are most minimum wage workers poor or near poor?"  - Joseph SabiaSan Diego State University Labor Economist, April 13, 2016

AN INCLUSIVE WORKPLACE: "Fostering an inclusive workplace means valuing all parents—no matter their gender or sexual orientation." - Ceree Eberly, Coco-Cola Spokesperson, April 13, 2016

BOMB INVENTORY: "The US maintains a pretty steady inventory of bombs and missiles for full-on war scenarios. But 2 1/2 years of fighting ISIS and continued bombing in Afghanistan have exceeded weapons-use projections." - Roman Schweizer,  Aerospace and Defense Policy Analyst at Guggenheim Securities in Washington, April 10, 2016
Chloe Anagnos

Why Do College Students Hate Free Speech?

I had the opportunity to spend some vacation time in Washington D.C. this month. The cherry blossoms were beautiful, the food was excellent, and I found a new favorite museum: the Newseum.

Opinion For a complete news junkie like me, it was the perfect place to spend two consecutive days. Exhibits ranged from interactive media ethics games to every Pulitzer Prize-winning photo since the award was established in 1917. The most interesting exhibits, in my opinion, were centered around free speech around the world and on college campuses.

A giant world map showed which countries had the greatest amount of freedom of the press. A green-colored country meant the most, yellow was somewhat, and red was least to none at all. It was no surprise that the U.S. was green, some of Europe was yellow, and almost all of the Middle East was red.

Read more about student attitudes towards free speech here..

What's Happening with the Advocates

Our Chairman, Dr. James Lark will be speaking at the following events! 
Apr. 21:  Address to Students For Liberty at the Virginia Military Institute ("Warning:  Governmentally-Mandated Safety Measures May Be Hazardous to Your Health"), 7:30 p.m. - Turman Room, Preston Library, Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, VA
Apr. 23:  Address to Libertarian Party of North Carolina convention ("The Libertarian Party: Where We Are, Where We Are Going"), 9:15 a.m. - Holiday Inn Crabtree Valley Mall, Raleigh, North Carolina

Apr. 23:  Address at the Adam Smith Gala, Campbell University, Buies Creek, North Carolina, 4:15 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. - Lundy-Fetterman School of Business, room 141

Apr. 30:  Keynote address to the Liberalistene party congress (the Norwegian Libertarian Party's national convention), 10:00 a.m. - Domus Academica, Auditorium 4, Karl Johans Gate 47, Oslo, Norway

May 7:  Address to Libertarian Party of West Virginia ("The State of the Libertarian Party"), 1:00 p.m. - Days Inn Conference Center, Flatwoods, West Virginia

Brett is presenting at the Libertarian National Convention in Orlando in May. 

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