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Take More Pictures
Man Accused of Stealing Tomatoes Sues Off-Duty Cop Over Unlawful Arrest
4/20 Weed Sales Prove the War on Drugs is Hindering Economic Development
See what Doug Bandow, Jennifer McNary, Lenore Skenazy, and John Stossel have to say about absolute safety, raising children, the FDA, and transgender issues. 
It's About Liberty, Not Technology
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Take More Pictures

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” - attributed to Frederick R. Barnard

As libertarians, we have a lot to say. Often, it is presented as a wall of text… Page after page of words pieced together in a mess without any formatting and filled with footnotes.

We assume that those we convince to read it will see how much time and effort we put into it, as well as how smart we are, and BOOM! they’ll be convinced. While that may work with our fellow libertarians who generally value substance over style and presentation, those who are not libertarian yet are unlikely to be impressed.

taking picturesSo, what does this have to do with taking more pictures?

First, taking and sharing pictures require that you do something worthwhile or interesting to memorialize. Hopefully, we snap a photo of our hard work, highlighting our best examples of living a libertarian life. By sharing them, we show that we understand not only the words, but also the actions, necessary to bring about the change we advocate.

Next, due to our increased activity, we’ll have less time to write those walls of text that inspired TL;DR (Too long; didn’t read). Can you imagine how many thousands of words on the page or screen we can replace with pictures?

Also, as social media continues to evolve, we see the impact that images have to make a “story” go viral. A picture of you speaking to a crowd at a rally or working at a soup kitchen not only exemplifies your commitment to your ideals; it can be inspiring to others to “get off the couch” and do something.

Finally, we can inspire others as we Walk the Walk. As we take and share pictures, we’ll inevitably be asked why we’re taking them. It will open the door to a conversation that we did not have to seek out, and we can share that we are looking to make a change in the world in which we live.

If you’re creating new libertarians passively by setting your example, all of those you persuade actively will have others to associate with. As we continue to grow the libertarian movement, we need more perspectives and routes to it to consider.

Walk the walk,


Freedom is our favorite F word. We hope it's yours too.

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Written & Compiled by Advocates Staff

Man Accused of Stealing Tomatoes Sues Off-Duty Cop Over Unlawful Arrest, Brutality

A man from Atlanta, Georgia is suing an off-duty police officer over an incident that left him with broken bones and a severed artery.

CarnegayThe October 2014 incident, which was caught on camera, shows the off-duty cop beating Tyrone Carnegay. The officer was working as a security guard for Walmart at the time. According to the lawsuit, Carnegay was accused of stealing a tomato by the store’s manager, which prompted the officer’s aggressive reaction. After the encounter, Carnegay was rushed to the hospital with a broken leg and severed artery where he was handcuffed to the bed. After receiving treatment, the victim was sent to jail, where he stayed for three days. Charges were eventually dropped and no evidence of theft was found.

Read more about the unnecessary brutality here...

4/20 Weed Sales Prove the War on Drugs is Hindering Economic Development

On April 20th, marijuana enthusiasts celebrate what they call a national holiday. With the sales of marijuana products exceeding the $37.5 million mark on this past 4/20, the ongoing efforts to put an end to the drug war and their lucrative consequences show that entrepreneurs have a lot to gain once the substance is rescheduled federally.

Woman_smoking_marijauana (1)Former aide to President Richard Nixon John Ehrlichman, who served time in prison over his involvement with the Watergate scandal, allegedly admitted that the drug war launched by the Nixon administration had two targets, “the antiwar left and black people.”



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Liberty Library
Bits and Bytes From Across the Spectrum

OUTCOMES VS. CIRCUMSTANCES: "Even those who are transgender may desire different outcomes in different circumstances." - Doug Bandow, Senior Fellow at CATO Institute, April 26, 2016

WHICH IS WORSE?: "It's almost worse to be shown something that could treat your children, and then be told it could be taken away, than it is to just come to terms with having children who are ill." - Jennifer McNary, Mother of two boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, April 26, 2016

RAISE THEM YOUR WAY: "Barring actual abuse, parents must be allowed to raise their kids the way they think is best, even if a CPS worker would raise her kids some other way. And barring, say, a backyard filled with heroin and alligators, kids must be allowed to be outside, unsupervised, even if a neighbor faints at the idea." - Lenore Skenazy, Public Speaker and Author of "Free Range Kids," April 22, 2016
Sharon Harris

It’s About Liberty, Not Technology

Last month actor Mark Hamill, an advocate of gun control, posted this tweet to his nearly one million followers:

“Don’t get me wrong, as a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment [sic]—I believe in every American’s right to own a musket.”

right-to-bear-musketsIn doing so, Hamill was repeating an anti-gun argument that’s frequently heard and is surprisingly widespread.

This argument says that the Second Amendment was written over two centuries ago, before today’s modern firearms had been invented. Therefore, the Second Amendment only protects a right to keep and bear muskets and other primitive firearms common at the time.

Read more about why you should advocate for liberty over technology here..

Sharon Harris was president of the Advocates from May of 1995 until May of 2015. She continues to write about and teach excellence in libertarian communication. She is co-author of the Amazon #1 best-selling book, How to Be a Super Communicator for Liberty, about which Ron Paul said: “I recommend this book to everyone serious about winning the battle for liberty. These essays will help libertarians improve their ability to answer the tough questions, make our philosophy relevant to people’s everyday concerns, and most importantly win converts and grow our movement.” You can purchase the print version from the Advocates or the ebook version from Amazon.

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