Volume 18, No. 17                          September 5, 2013
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"The Advocates are for real. Libertarians who want to get real should put into action what the Advocates teach." 
-- Russell Means (1939-2012), American Indian activist, actor, author, libertarian. 
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* OPH Success!
* Libertarian Holiday Ahead
* Upcoming Libertarian Communication Workshops 

* Rand Paul Quotes John Kerry's Famous Anti-War Statement… to John Kerry
* Libertarian Party: No Intervention in Syria
* VIDEO: The Minimum Wage Is a Weapon of Mass Job Destruction
* Joe Biden: Impeach the President if He Attacks
THEY SAID IT: Leno and Letterman lambast lame-brained Syrian bombing proposal.... Rep. Justin Amish says a Syria yes vote would be "representational malpractice".... MSNBC's Chris Hayes notes that Congress isn't the American people.... ACLU blasts the Manning conviction.... New slogan proposed: Impeach Obama, Indict Bush....

PERSUASION POWER POINT #355 by Michael Cloud
A Great Way to Master Libertarian Concepts and Insights

ASK DR. RUWART by Mary Ruwart
* Liberty: If you don't work for it, who will?

* Amplifying Our Message: Seth Godin’s Insight

* 5 Libertarian Communication Workshops this Fall
* FREE OPH KITS for libertarian student groups!
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* 2014 Freedom Cruises
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President's Corner

by Sharon Harris

OPH Success; Libertarian Holiday Ahead; Upcoming Libertarian Communication Workshops 

Dear friends: 
Three items to share with you: 
1. OPH Success! 

I was pleased to receive this report from Edwin Stremel of Pittsburg State University (Kansas) Young Americans for Liberty, about the results they achieved using our free campus OPH (Operation Politically Homeless) outreach kits.
“I recently ordered the OPH kit… When we used it for tabling during the first week of school we had excellent results.  

"We had 67 students sign up for our email list and over 100 students take the Quiz in just four days.”
67 students added to their mailing list! That’s the power of OPH. 
Put that power to work for your libertarian organization! We’re offering it free to campus libertarian groups, and at a low price for all other libertarian organizations. 
If you want to find more members, supporters and allies -- and have fun doing it -- OPH is for you! 
2) September 17: Constitution Day
September 17th is Constitution Day, a federal observance honoring the day the 39 Americans who made up the U.S. Constitutional Convention changed world history by signing the Constitution in 1787.
Constitution Day also recognizes and honors immigrants who have become U.S. citizens. In fact, prior to 2004, this holiday was known as "Citizenship Day." The full name of Constitution Day is now Constitution Day and Citizenship Day.
Since 2004, all publicly funded educational institutions -- including any school receiving federal funds of any kind -- are required to provide educational programming on the history of the American Constitution on or near Constitution Day. So Constitution Day will definitely be discussed by millions of people, including students and their families. 
(Libertarians will of course note the irony of a federal law mandating school observation of Constitution Day, when a federal role for education is not mentioned at all in the Constitution itself.)
Constitution and Citizenship Day offers a grand chance for libertarians to celebrate liberty, point out inconsistencies in government policy, and highlight the great contributions that immigrants and naturalized citizens have made to America. 
Above all, it provides an opportunity to call for remembering and restoring the purpose of the Constitution -- to guarantee individual liberty and place strict limits on government power. 
Today, with fundamental constitutional rights under unprecedented assault, that message has never been more important. 
As Thomas Jefferson put it in 1798: "In questions of power... let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution."

Think of some creative ways to use this occasion to spread the message of liberty. Here are some suggestions for starters: letters to the editor, talks with family and friends, handing out copies of the Constitution.... and of course, Constitution Day is a great day for OPH! 
3) Upcoming Advocates Libertarian Communication Events

I’ll be speaking on libertarian communication at these upcoming events:

* September 21: Workshop at Texas State University, sponsored by Students of Liberty.

 * September 28: Speech at Cobb County (Georgia) Library, sponsored by Liberty on the Rocks and America's Future Foundation.

* October 19: Speech at University of North Texas, Denton, Texas, sponsored by Students for Liberty.

* October 26: Speech in Houston, sponsored by the Libertarian Party of Texas.

* November 16: Workshop at Salt Lake Community College (Taylorsville, Utah), sponsored by Students for Liberty, Young Americans for Liberty, and Campaign for Liberty.

Attendees will learn how to dramatically increase their effectiveness at communicating the ideas of liberty.

I hope to meet many of you at these events! 

If you’d like to schedule a libertarian communication workshop or speech for your libertarian organization, email me. You can see some of what is covered at our workshops here.

Yours for Liberty,


* * *
The purpose of the Liberator Online is to build a stronger movement for liberty. We do this by providing information about the libertarian movement and how to best communicate the ideas of liberty. Thank you for being a part of this!

Learn more about the Advocates and our work for liberty.

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Intellectual Ammunition

by James W. Harris

Rand Paul Quotes John Kerry's Famous Anti-War Statement… to John Kerry

In 1971, a young John Kerry, representing Vietnam Veterans Against the War, told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the Vietnam War was a tragic mistake. 

"How do you ask a man to be the last man to die in Vietnam? How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?" Kerry famously asked. 

It was one of the most memorable moments in the movement to end the Vietnam War. 

Last week Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, used those same words of the young anti-war John Kerry to challenge… today's John Kerry, now Secretary of State and beating the drums for U.S. military intervention in another foreign country that has not attacked or threatened America. 

Speaking on "Meet the Press" September 1, Sen. Paul said he disagreed with Secretary of State Kerry's call for bombing Syria. 

"I think it's a mistake to get involved in the Syrian civil war. …You know, [Kerry] is famous for saying, 'How can you ask a man to be the last one to die for a mistake?' 

"I would ask John Kerry: How can you ask a man to be the first one to die for a mistake?"

Libertarian Party: No Intervention in Syria

While the two older parties dither and dicker about whether the U.S. should intervene in Syria, the nation's third-largest political party has made its position on the issue crystal clear. 

On August 29, 2013, Libertarian Party Chair Geoffrey J. Neale issued a statement strongly opposing any U.S. military intervention in the civil war in Syria.

"There is no Constitutional justification for America to unilaterally use force in Syria," Neale said.

"Syria is not threatening our country. We have no national interest in intervening there. There are no reasons for the U.S. to support either the Assad dictatorship or the opposition warlords."

Neale reaffirmed the party's longstanding foreign policy of nonintervention, quoting part of the National Defense plank of the party platform: "The United States should both avoid entangling alliances and abandon its attempts to act as policeman for the world."

Neale also quoted from the platform's International Affairs plank: "American foreign policy should seek an America at peace with the world. Our foreign policy should emphasize defense against attack from abroad and enhance the likelihood of peace by avoiding foreign entanglements. We would end the current U.S. government policy of foreign intervention, including military and economic aid."

VIDEO: The Minimum Wage Is a Weapon of Mass Job Destruction  
With Syria grabbing the headlines, we shouldn’t neglect another destructive action being proposed in Washington: a massive increase in the minimum wage. 
President Obama has called for increasing the minimum wage by 25%, with future automatic rises tied to the cost of living. Congress is expected to debate the issue this fall. 
While on the surface it might sound compassionate, increasing the minimum wage is a terrible idea. It’s an economic Tomahawk missile lobbed at the poorest, least-skilled workers in America. It will destroy jobs -- especially desperately-needed entry level jobs -- create yet more unemployment, and trap more people in poverty. 
The Cato Institute’s Michael Tanner has just published a brief summary of the negative effects of the minimum wage. Observes Tanner: “a study by Joseph Sabia and Richard Burkhauser for the Employment Policy Institute concluded that an increase in the federal minimum wage to $9.50 would result in the loss of 1.3 million jobs, primarily low-skilled jobs. 
“Moreover, Sabia and Burkhauser concluded that there would be very little gain in exchange for this pain. According to their research, state and federal minimum wage increases between 2003 and 2007 had no effect on state poverty rates.”
Tanner further notes: “A comprehensive review of more than 100 studies on the minimum wage by David Neumark and William Wascher for the National Bureau of Economic Research found that 85 percent of the studies they reviewed found negative employment effects.” 
And it’s the least-skilled, most disadvantaged workers that suffer, according to Newmark and Wascher: “the preponderance of the evidence points to disemployment effects… [and] studies that focus on the least-skilled groups provide relatively overwhelming evidence of stronger disemployment effects for these groups.”
Tanner notes that evidence of employment losses due to minimum wage laws goes all the way back to first federally imposed minimum wage in 1938 -- which, the U.S. Department of Labor concluded, eliminated 30,000 to 50,000 jobs, or an astonishing 10 to 13 percent of the jobs of the 300,000 workers affected by the increase.
More from Tanner: “More recently, Michael Hicks of Ball State University looked at the impact of the July 2008 minimum wage increase on unemployment rates in the United States and concluded that a 10 percent increase in the minimum wage results in a roughly 0.19 percent increase in unemployment, meaning the loss of about 160,000 jobs.”
“The Truth About the Minimum Wage,” a 3-minute video from the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), shows why the minimum wage is so misguided. At the video site, FEE has links to nearly a dozen short articles that further explore the issue.
As FEE summarizes: “If you take off the bottom two rungs of the income ladder, many will never climb it. That’s the effect of the minimum wage.”
A short, highly readable summary of the negative effects of the minimum wage is the 2004 booklet Minimum Wage, Maximum Damage: How the Minimum Wage Law Destroys Jobs, Perpetuates Poverty, and Erodes Freedom by Jim Cox, published by the Advocates and available at our online Liberty Store for just $5.00. 

Joe Biden: Impeach the President if He Attacks

Bold words from Joe Biden on the Chris Matthews show:

"The president has… no… Constitutional… authority to take this nation to war against a country of 70 million people unless we're attacked, or unless there is proof that we are about to be attacked," Biden declared unequivocally.  "And if he does, I would move to impeach him... I would lead an effort to impeach him." 

Oh, we forgot to mention, that was… 2007. When Joe Biden was just a U.S. senator, not vice president of the U.S. And when the president was Republican George W. Bush, not Democrat Barack Obama. 

Biden was talking about impeaching George Bush... to stop him from attacking Iran to halt its nuclear program.

As for Syria, today... now that's a totally different situation, of course. Isn't it?

* * * * * * * *
Intellectual Ammunition is written by Liberator Online editor James W. Harris. His articles have appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers, and he has been a Finalist for the Mencken Awards, given by the Free Press Association for "Outstanding Journalism in Support of Liberty."

They Said It...

JAY LENO -- GOOD LUCK WITH THAT: "John Kerry said it's 'undeniable' that the president of Syria is using weapons of mass destruction. Kerry said President Obama needs to build a coalition of countries and attack soon, no matter what others might say. Today former President George Bush said, 'Hey, good luck with that. Let me know how it works out.'" -- Jay Leno, August 29, 2013.

DON'T BET ON IT: "President Obama is trying to get congressional approval before we attack Syria. And if that works, there’s talk we might even consider bringing back the rest of the Constitution."  
 -- Jay Leno, September 3, 2013.  

LENO -- BIG SURPRISE: "The secretary of the treasury told Congress that we will be out of money by October. And of course a lot of Americans are shocked by this. Didn't you think we were already out of money?" -- Jay Leno, August 28, 2013.
LETTERMAN -- TEN YEARS IN SYRIA: "They're saying no
way that the war against Syria will last more than two days. It's going to be a two-day war. You know what that means? We'll be there for another 10 years." -- David Letterman, August 28, 2013.
REPRESENTATIONAL MALPRACTICE: â€œI've been to the briefing. I've heard from constituents. It would be representational malpractice to vote yes on military action in Syria.” -- tweet by Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI), September 3, 2012, after hearing Obama administration arguments for bombing Syria.  
GOOD INSIGHT: "[S]upported by Congress does not mean supported by the
American people." -- tweet by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, September 3, 2012.

ACLU CONDEMNS MANNING CONVICTION: "When a soldier who shared information with the press and public is punished far more harshly than others who tortured prisoners and killed civilians, something is seriously wrong with our justice system. A legal system that doesn't distinguish between leaks to the press in the public interest and treason against the nation will not only produce unjust results, but will deprive the public of critical information that is necessary for democratic accountability. This is a sad day for Bradley Manning, but it's also a sad day for all Americans who depend on brave whistleblowers and a free press for a fully informed public debate." -- Ben Wizner, director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Speech, Privacy and Technology Project, August 21, 2013.
IMPEACH OBAMA, INDICT BUSH: â€œIt is time for all antiwarriors to champion the idea of impeachment and push for it now. The slogan might well be, ‘Impeach Obama. Indict Bush.’ It will not happen unless we demand it. And if we do not, we are acquiescing to endless war and possible disaster for the world.” -- John V. Walsh of ComeHomeAmerica, writing at, August 31, 2013. 

* * * * * * * * * *
"They Said It..." is compiled by Liberator Online editor James W. Harris. 

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Persuasion Power Point #355

by Michael Cloud

A Great Way to Master Libertarian Concepts and Insights

Some libertarian ideas are obvious, simple, and easy to explain.
Others are more complex. And harder to grasp.
1. Find a few short libertarian essays that explain and make the case for the idea.
Google or Bing the idea -- usually one of the links will be to a short essay that explains the idea.
Or go to one of the hundreds of libertarian websites and blogs, go to their email contact link, and ask them to suggest a short, readable essay on the concept. Do this at three or four different websites. One or two will send you a link to a good essay.
2. Read the two or three essays. Print them out. Yellow highlight or underline the points and paragraphs that really make sense to you. The whole essay may be great -- and worth keeping.
3. Stand up and read the essays out loud.
4. Set the essays aside.
5. A week later, grab the essays, stand up, and read out loud only the highlighted and underlined sections.
Why read them out loud? Why not silently read them?
Because silent reading brings in ideas only through your eyes. Your brain stores this information in the visual section.
When you read aloud, you absorb the essay through sight, sound, and touch. Your brain stores this information in the visual, auditory, and tactile sections. Multi-sensory memory links and sticks and stays. It will smoothly become part of your libertarian vocabulary.
When I was a young libertarian, I read aloud several tough-for-me libertarian books: Power and Market by Murray Rothbard, Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology by Ayn Rand, “Galt's Speech” in Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, Human Action by Ludwig von Mises, and several essays by F. A. Hayek. It worked for me.
I've discussed this read-aloud technique with several world-class scholars, a half dozen stand-up comedians, and more than twenty best-selling authors. Better than two-thirds of them told me that they did exactly this. That the read-aloud technique was a major tool in their intellectual toolbox.
Do this, and you'll easily, simply and quickly master even complex libertarian insights.
And you'll have fun doing it.

* * * * * * * *
Michael Cloud's brand-new book Unlocking More Secrets of Libertarian Persuasion is available exclusively from the Advocates, along with his acclaimed earlier book Secrets of Libertarian Persuasion.

In 2000, Michael was honored with the Thomas Paine Award as the Most Persuasive Libertarian Communicator in America.
Unlocking More Secrets of Libertarian Persuasion


Click cover to see more and order.

Ask Dr. Ruwart

Dr. Mary Ruwart is a leading expert in libertarian communication. In this column she offers short answers to real questions about libertarianism. To submit questions to Dr. Ruwart, see end of column.

Liberty: If you don't work for it, who will? 

QUESTION: "The libertarian movement has my best wishes and hopes for success. I am eager to see you succeed, and I will put my money and time where my mouth is. But first I want to see proof of progress."

MY SHORT ANSWER: I once saw a reproduction of the famous painting, "Washington Crossing the Delaware." General Washington’s commanding figure, however, had been cut out, leaving his soldiers leaderless. 

The caption read, "What if he had said: Let some other George do it?"

Each of us has a role to play in the quest for liberty. Our natural tendency to "let some other George do it," and wait for the "proof" of victory, can cost us that victory.

Only you can decide how long to wait before jumping into the fray. Consider the possibility of creating the proof that you seek, rather than waiting for someone else to do it. Your talents and contributions will do much to further the cause of freedom!

* * * * * * * * * *
Got questions?  Dr. Ruwart has answers! If you'd like answers to YOUR "tough questions" on libertarian issues, email Dr. Ruwart
Due to volume, Dr. Ruwart can't personally acknowledge all emails. But we'll run the best questions and answers in upcoming issues.

Dr. Ruwart's previous Liberator Online answers are archived in searchable form.
Dr. Ruwart's brand new book Short Answers to the Tough Questions, Expanded Edition is available from the Advocates, as is her acclaimed classic Healing Our World.
Click cover to check out Dr. Ruwart's latest book!

One-Minute Liberty Tip 

by Sharon Harris

Amplifying Our Message: Seth Godin’s Insight

Communication and marketing guru Seth Godin has written 14 bestsellers that have been translated into 33 languages. 
He also writes the most popular marketing blog in the world. I find Godin’s blog to be consistently stimulating and provocative. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in becoming a better communicator and marketer for liberty. 
One of his recent posts has special relevance to libertarians who want to rapidly increase awareness and understanding of our ideas. 
The post is entitled “Message amplification isn't linear.” Godin writes: 
”Put two loudspeakers next to each other, and the perceived sound isn't twice as loud -- and ten times as many speakers certainly doesn't seem ten times as loud.
”But when you hear an idea from two people, it counts for twice as much as if you randomly hear it once. And if you hear an idea from ten people, the impact is completely off the charts compared to just one person whispering in your ear.
”Coordinating and amplifying the evangelists of your idea is a big part of the secret of marketing with impact.”
If your neighbor hears the word “libertarian” once, it may pass right by him, unnoticed. Ten times, from ten different people? It will then be part of his worldview. He'll become curious and want to know more.
If your colleagues hear an explanation of libertarianism one time, they may not know what to think about it. Ten times, from ten different people? They’ll probably know what libertarianism is, be aware of it, and be open to learning more. 
If readers of your local newspaper see the world “libertarian” in a letter to the editor one time, they may hardly notice it. By the time they’ve seen the tenth letter? They’ll be aware that there is a fast-growing and active libertarian movement -- and maybe they'll want to be part of it.
The libertarian message is spreading. But there are still millions of people who have yet to even hear the world libertarian. And millions more who haven’t heard enough about libertarianism to be more than briefly familiar with it. 
That’s our job. Not necessarily to be the final convincers, the ones who close the sale, but to be another of those many voices amplifying the libertarian idea -- calmly, persuasively, effectively. 
To be the first voice. Or the tenth. Or the hundredth. 
That is how we will take the ideas of liberty to the world.  
And that is why it's so very important for every libertarian to learn to be effective evangelists and ambassadors for liberty. 
(The above post from Seth Godin’s blog was reprinted with his permission. Read Godin’s blog, subscribe to his newsletter, and learn about his excellent books at his website.)

* * * * * *
Sharon Harris is president of the Advocates for Self-Government.   

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  • October 26: Speech in Houston, sponsored by the Libertarian Party of Texas.
  • November 16: Salt Lake Community College, sponsored by Students for Liberty, Young Americans for LIberty and Campaign for Liberty
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