Second Hope Circle's December newsletter - includes news and holiday wishes! 
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SHC's January Newsletter!

Happy New Year it's now 2012!

Find out about SHC's new year's resolutions

Learn of our most recent participating organizations

Share your thoughts and hopes for SHC's future

News for the New Year:
         With the new year often comes a multitude of feelings and actions that may not happen at any other time. Many people create resolutions, feel hopeful and try new things. It's a really wonderful time of year because everyone has the chance to start over, practice lessons learned and find ways to become better. Thinking back on the last year I am sometimes surprised with how far Second Hope Circle has managed to come. More and more organizations and people have learned of our services and have been able to receive help from them. Over 900 people have viewed the Second Hope Circle website, 950+ people support us on Facebook and 150+ on Twitter. With people across Ontario in our network we can create awareness of the challenges that often face pet owners and pets and try to change them. SHC's resolutions for the coming year include gaining 2000+ supporters on Facebook, have 100 organization participate with and receive support from SHC, become a registered nonprofit organization, expand our resources section of the website and gain a sponsorship from a business or company. No small task but with dedication and your support it will be possible!

         We encourage you to share your thoughts and hopes for Second Hope Circle's future as well. Where do you want SHC to grow, what services and resources do you want us to provide, how do you think we can better help the pets, pet owners and organizations of Ontario? Feel free to email with your comments!

         Adoptions are my favourite part of Second Hope Circle's mission! Several adoptions happened this past month, we wish Buttercup, Evelynn and Neville a wonderful life in their new forever homes! To date 18 animals featured on the website have been adopted!

         I am also excited to mention the Second Hope Circle is in the news again! This achievement is even more noteworthy because it has gained Second Hope Circle more attention than previous articles! Several people have emailed SHC and checked out the website because of the article and for that I am very grateful! The more people who know of our organization the more animals that will find loving, forever homes. 

      As always if you need/want information about adopting, fostering, financial aid or donating within Ontario please feel free to send us an email! We will try and direct you to the resources that can help. There is now a financial aid factsheet geared towards helping Ontario pet owners facing financial troubles in relation to their pets. I have also started a Second Hope Circle group on Facebook, which is geared towards collaboration between members. Courtesy posting is allowed if approval is given by SHC. Check it out!

Newest Participating Rescues and Shelters:
     I hope that you will join me in my excitement and welcome our newest participating shelters and rescues! There are now 32 participating organizations! I can't wait until we reach 50! If you are interested in seeing a list of all SHC's participating rescues and shelters please go to our useful links page!

Bella Misty Meadows Sanctuary - Farm & companion animal rescue in St. Williams. BMMS Fb Page.

Furry Friends Animal Shelter - Cat shelter in Barrie. FFAS Fb Group.

APAC Varadero Canadian Branch - Dog and cat rescue that will bring rescued pets from Cuba to Toronto. APAC Fb Page.

A Last Request for iGive!
        This amazing opportunity to gain funds for Second Hope Circle is only available until January 9th. has set up an initiative to promote their newest feature - the iGive button. This button allows iGive members to be notified when they are on a website that supports iGive causes. If you were to buy anything from that website a percentage of your purchase goes to your selected cause. For every button that is installed before January 9th (and is kept for 90 days), iGive will donate $10 to causes! By installing this button and selecting Second Hope Circle as your cause you will be donating $10 for free! This money will be put to use maintaining our emergency fund for participating rescues and shelters! So far $72 has been raised, let's try and reach $100!

Please go to this link and follow the instructions. It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes of your time and will create a lasting impact! (If you wish your donation to count please do not uninstall the iGive button for 90 days).

More Ways to Help: 

Send a Cheque to the below address, made payable to Second Hope Circle:
Second Hope Circle
511 Maple Grove Rd.
P.O. Box 61019
Oakville ON CA L6J 7P5

Send an email money transfer to:

Share the Second Hope Circle website:
Share our website, Facebook page or Twitter account with friends and social media! Encourage your friends to 'like/follow' us! Website - Facebook Page - Twitter

Donate electronics - Why not donate your old cell phone, digital camera, mp3/ipod or ink cartridges to SHC through the Think Recycle program!
Please email for more information! 

Host a fundraiser - Why not hold a fundraiser in your school, place of business or neighbourhood? Email SHC for ideas!

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