Second Hope Circle's first newsletter, includes an action alert, updates and happenings from summer 2011! 
Second Hope Circle

SHC's First Newsletter!

Shc's first newsletter... ever!

Includes summer updates, news and an action alert!

Plus find out about our participating rescues/shelters

Oh and find out more ways you can connect with and help SHC! 

I'm so excited to be sending out this newsletter! It's one of my original ideas for SHC to aid in the promotion of hard-to-place pets in Ontario. SHC newsletters will include updates, news and information about SHC, hard-to-place pets, rescues and shelters in Ontario! If there is an emergency (like a fire, tornado or a shelter closing) in a rescue or shelter in Ontario I'll send out an action alert so maybe you can help! By signing up for this newsletter you have become a part of the Second Hope Circle, a vital part that will be able to create real change for the animals in Ontario! Always feel free to contribute information, ideas, stories, questions and comments! Without your input SHC will not be able to stay relevant or be as effective! So thank you and I hope you enjoy this first newsletter! 
                                                                                                                                                                                                      - Kimberley Richards Project Director and Founder

Action Alert:
     On Sunday August 21st an F3 Tornado hit the town of Goderich Ontario. The OSPCA Huron Country Branch was effected by the storm and all animals were evacuated to other adoption centers. They are currently working on reuniting lost animals with their owners and look for displaced pets. If you would like to lend your support please call 1-888-668-7722 ex 356 or donate.
You can read a full update about the rescue efforts here.

Summer Updates and News:
     It's been a busy summer! In May and June I was busy busy busy working on content for the website. It's fun working on something you're passionate about, but also very time consuming and requires a lot of editing! Once the website launched on July 12th I continued to connect with rescues and shelters across Ontario. I love sending out that first email to a shelter or rescue, it's so full of potential! I then answer any questions that make there way back to me and send polite check-ins when I haven't heard back. Everyone is so busy in the summer, so it will be great to see if participation picks up in the Fall! 
     On August 20th Second Hope Circle attended Pawlooza (pictured above), South Western Ontario's largest dog event! It was so fun meeting people's dogs, introducing people to Second Hope Circle's mission and connecting with animal rescues that were attending. We raised $56 through donations and our used book sale! It was a beautiful day and although we were threatened with rain, it managed to hold off until the end of the event! You can view more photos of the event on our Facebook page
     We signed up for Google Analytics on August 10th and will soon have data available about how many people visit the site, how long they stay, how many times people click on links (to participating rescues and shelters) and more. I think this is so important because we'll be able to tell how effective our site really is and if we are generating traffic for our participating shelters and rescues (and in turn their animals!) If the numbers are not where we expect them then we'll know we have to up advertising and promotion! 

Participating Rescues and Shelters:
     I hope that you will join me in my excitement and welcome of our participating shelters and rescues! Since the agreements got sent out to every rescue and shelter I could find back in June, I have received responses back from all over Ontario. While there have been some rescues/shelters that do not think that Second Hope Circle can help them; 52 rescues and shelters are interested in participating and I'm currently communicating back and forth with them. We also have 11 rescues/shelters that have sent the agreement back and are now participating with us! Below I've included a brief intro and a link to each of them, so please check out their pages and all of their amazing animals that are looking for the perfect home! 

Friendly Giants Dog Rescue - Large breed dog rescue in Ottawa/Sarnia. FGDR Fb Page   FGDR on Twitter

Donkey Sanctuary of Canada - Donkey (mule and sheep) sanctuary in Guelph. Donkey Sanctuary Fb Page 

Freedom Valley Horse Rescue - Horse rescue in Omemee.

Abbey Cat Adoptions - Cat rescue in the GTA. Abbey Cat's Fb Page   Abbey Cat's Twitter

Canadian Chinchillas Rescue - Chinchilla rescue in Mississauga. Chinchilla Rescue Fb Page   CCR on Twitter

The Animal Guardian Society - Dog and cat rescue in Blackstock. TAGS Fb Page 

New Moon Rabbit Rescue - Rabbit rescue in Ottawa/North Gower New Moon's Fb Page   New Moon's Twitter

Simcoe and District Humane Society - Dog and cat rescue in Simcoe.

Canadian West Highland Terrier Club Rescue - Westie rescue that helps throughout Ontario and Canada.

Chelle’s Critter Haven - Rat (and other small animal) rescue in Guelph. Chelle's Fb Page   CCH on Twitter

Helping Paws Rescue - Dog rescue in Aylmer.

Connect with SHC:
    Are you interested in connecting with Second Hope Circle? Well I've tried to make it as easy as possible to connect to us in a number of different ways! Below check out our email and links to the website, FB page, Twitter and Blog! 

Contact us any time either through the contact form on the website or by emailing us - 

Second Hope Circle's Website

SHC on Facebook

SHC on Twitter

Second Hope Circle's Blog

We so appreciate questions, comments and feedback!

Fundraisers and Ways to Help:
     Are you interested in helping Second Hope Circle grow larger and help more animals? We have a couple of fundraisers going on right now if you're interested. Plus there are a number of ways you can help Second Hope Circle (for free!) that would be so amazing! 

Think Recycle
     This summer we joined the Think Recycle program which allows us to earn money for old cell phones, mp3s, ipods, digital cameras and ink cartridges that we send in! Not only does this help us, but by sending in theses items we are ensuring that they do not end up in a land fill. If you want to know more about this program or send in your old electronics/ink cartridges please send us an email!

     We have bumper and window stickers printed out that will raise money for SHC and show your support for us! Check out the website for more info on these fun items! 

Interact and Contribute Information
     Are you looking for a new pet (check out our featured pets!)? Maybe you want more information about spaying/neutering your pet. Or perhaps you're in the difficult situation of having to re-home your pet. Second Hope Circle is home to a wealth of knowledge and resources and we are here to help you in any way possible! Send us an email or connect through Fb/Twitter and we'll answer your questions or direct you to those who can! 
     We're also looking for suggestions on facesheets for the website (topics you want to know more about) and knowledgeable people to contribute information for factsheets! One of Second Hope Circle's goals is to be a useful place to begin your research on pet related topics. Share your favourite websites with us, recommend products you found useful or a veterinarian who might enjoy answering people's questions through SHC. 

     We now have flyers printed (they're approx. 4'' by 6''). Each flyer has contact info and a description of what SHC does. If you are interested in distributing flyers to your place of business, your school, friends and family, on a community board or at pet related businesses (pet store/veterinarian) then please contact us. I will mail you 15 flyers to distribute along with our thanks! Spreading the word will help us gain more support and more attention for the animals looking for homes. 

     I hope you enjoyed our first newsletter! Look forward to receiving the next one in a month's time. If there are any emergencies between now and then you'll receive an action alert as well. Feel free to share our information with friends! 
                                                                                                                                                                                           Thanks! Kimberley Richards Project Director and Founder

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