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All About Kittens!

This newsletter is focusing on the sweet and adorable fluff balls we like to call kittens. 

Summer is in full swing and that means tons of kittens!

Did you know the summer months mean tons of kittens for rescues and shelters across Ontario? Momma cats can have anywhere from 1-4 litters a year and that means a lotta kittens!

We want to get the word out about the adorable little fluff balls and the organizations helping them. There are not only tons of kittens available for adoption (in all shapes and sizes!), there are many more looking for foster homes. 

If you're not looking to adopt right now, fostering can be a great way to get your kitten fix without the lifelong commitment. Some quick facts about fostering kittens:

- Organizations pay for all vet care (occasionally cat food/litter). - You provide food, love and care! 
- Kittens are usually adopted fast, which means you'll most likely be fostering anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. 
- Kittens come in litters! You may be asked to foster a group of kittens or a pair. Or even a mom and kittens. Tell the organization what you're comfortable with. 
- A spare room is more than adequate for fostering kittens, as long as it's kitty proofed (scroll down for info)!

We would love to connect you with an organization in your city that is looking for foster homes. Send an email to (or respond to this email) with your interest in fostering and your location. 

Get the scoop on kitten care!

If you're thinking about adopting or fostering, chances are you'll need to brush up on your kitten know how

Kittens are endearing, loveable, playful, and naughty little creatures and we love them for it. If you've had an adult cat for awhile you may have forgotten a few things about caring for kittens. Check out these helpful articles below. 

Basic Care and Introductions

10 things to do before bringing home kittens

Why canned food is the best choice for cats

Cat box troubles? Troubleshooting help

How to introduce cats

Living with more than one cat

Kitty Proofing

Foods you should never feed your kitten

Kitten proofing

Human-Cat Issues


Cats and children

Socializing kittens with people

Fostering? How to help your kittens get adopted

Train your cat to like the carrier

elp a shy or semi-feral cat adjust

Taking great photos of kittens

Writing an amazing online bio to increase adoptions

Thanks for reading!
                  Kimberley Richards
                  Project Director and Founder
Sammy and Boots were recently rescued. They had a lot of internal and external parasites and infections but are now on the mend. Second Hope Circle usually focuses on helping other organizations find homes for their adoptables, but on this occasion we have stepped in to help. 

The farm they came from is in an area where cats are frequently dumped. They have been working hard to get them fixed, but a few trap savvy cats continue to have litters. We will be working with the farm to get the remaining cats fixed, the kittens into homes and potentially relocating some of the cats into suitable barn placements. There are a lot of amazing people out there independently lending a hand to animals in need and we are so thankful to know there are caring people out there! 

Once Boots and Sammy are feeling better they will either be placed with a rescue organization or SHC will be adopting them out. 

We would love to bring in Boots and Sammy's brothers and sisters but we do not have any foster homes. If you are interested in fostering please get in touch. Guelph, Oakville or London locations preferred.
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If you foster for one of our member organizations and your foster pet is on our website… we'd love to hear from you! Send us photos of your foster and we'll re-share them on instagram to help them find a home!
Can't foster or adopt a kitten right now? Organizations can always use donations of towels, cat litter, kitten food, kitten meal replacer and more! 

If you'd like to donate items, money or time send us an email. We'd be happy to connect you with an organization in your area that needs help. 
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