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Cool resources to check out 

What has SHC been doing?
           Since I last updated you at the beginning of January a couple of great things have happened (not including longer days and warmer weather)! 

           Second Hope Circle has finanlized our last report to the Pepsi Refresh Project. This means that all grant money has been used up (wow can $10,000 go a lot faster than I thought!) and that SHC is no longer required to report to Pepsi. In January several applications came in for emergency funding from our participating shelters and rescues due to the upcoming grant money deadline. I am so so happy and thankful for the support of people like you that enabled me to win the grant in the first place. Because of the grant, eight animals from five organizations were able to receive medical care (a coupe life saving)! Three more organizations were able to receive funding for some major expenses that helped a lot of different animals with things like dental care and spay/neuters. So many animals and organizations were touched by this grant and I am greatful to have been able to help them! 

           Through SHC I receive numberous emails everyday from people across Ontario (as well as organizations) asking for help or answers to pet related questions. While I don't always have all the answers I've amassed quite a collection of resources and contacts that I can direct people to! You can check out a few interesting ones in the section below. I've been able to help directly with one request for help and this story is getting closer and closer to a happy ending! A very caring lady (who I truly look up to) took in two kitties that were left outside by their previous owners without shelter or food in the winter. Unfortunately she was unable to keep her new editions but could not imagine abandoning them. She asked if I would be able to help her. The lady was able to find a wonderful home for the older kitty and because we lived near each other I was able to arrange for a temporary foster home for the kitten. I am so happy to report that I have now been able to get this little girl into a local cat rescue and her spay appointment has been scheduled for this week! She will then be moving to a secondary foster home to wait for her forever home. I will keep you posted with how this story turns out. The photo above is of this precious little girl!
           *I will note that this was a very special and urgent circumstance and unfortunately SHC is not a rescue organization so cannot actually take in animals. However! I will try and direct people to organizations that can help them while also trying to provide information on various topics like spaying/neutering, issues like cat scratcing and dog barking as well as wonderful organizations you can adopt from! Send an email to :)

         Adoptions are my favourite part of Second Hope Circle's mission! Several adoptions happened in January and February; we wish Black Jack, Gemini, Ninja Squirtle, Nutmeg, Cocoa, Curry, Cheeky Monkey, Panther, Susie and Ebeneezer a wonderful life in their new forever homes! To date 27 animals featured on the website have been adopted!

Newest Participating Organization:
     I hope that you will join me in my excitement and welcome our newest participating rescue! There are now 33 participating organizations! I can't wait until we reach 50! If you are interested in seeing a list of all SHC's participating rescues and shelters please go to our useful links page!

Animal Hospital of Cambridge - Rescues dogs, cats and small animals in Cambridge Ontario. AHC Fb Page. AHC Twitter.

Interesting Resources to Check out:
     Below I've included some interesting resources that I've come across through my involvement in Second Hope Circle and my quest to help animals in Ontario! There are a lot of cool organizations out there with so much information! Feel free to pass along this info to your friends! If you are looking for a particular resource or would like to suggest a topic that Second Hope Circle should tackle in our next factsheet please get in touch!

Deaf Dog Education Action Fund - dedicated to helping deaf dogs and providing resources to their owners!

The Feline Fund - An organization promoting cat adoption in the GTA. I've provided the link to their FIV+ (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) adoption list - sign up if you're interested in fostering/adopting an FIV+ kitty!
Stop Animal Abuse - Website dedicated to stopping animal abuse in Canada.

Handicapp Pets Foundation - Organization that helps special needs pets across North America, people can apply to receive help getting a wheel chair for their pet.

Diabetic Cats in Need - Organization dedicated to helping cats with diabetes, they have a lot of information and a large network.

Snooter's Farm Animal Sanctuary - Organization in Toronto that provides a safe place for rescued farm animals (they do not adopt out animals), a great resource to learn more about farm animals, vegan lifestyle and more.

Pet Loss Help Line - University of Guelph student run service that can help people with the loss of a pet and other pet loss related questions.

Ways to Help SHC: 
    We now run solely on donations! Money collected will go towards SHC becoming a registered nonprofit organization as well as our emergency fund for participating shelters and rescues. 

Send a Cheque to the below address, made payable to Second Hope Circle: 
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