Second Hope Circle's January newsletter 2014 - includes news, updates and how you can help pets in your community!
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Second Hope Circle's January Updates!


Find out about our plans for 2014
Second Hope's Travelling Closet
SHC's Pet Event Planned for May!

What has SHC been doing?
            Sorry it's been so long since our last newsletter! There is lots to talk about! We are working on updating our factsheets and completing some other initiatives started in years past. This week our Financial Aid Factsheet for Ontario Pet Owners will be up to date and posted on the website. We'll also have the Fundraising and Financial Factsheet completed for Ontario animal organizations. If you have resources to suggest, now is a great time! These resources are updated every 6-8 months. Estimated completion date - January 31st
            One initiative I'm really looking forward to completing is our list of all  Ontario animal organizations. This document currently holds over 400 organizations across Ontario. Once complete, anyone will be able to download this document and find information about what services they provide, website, social media and more. Someday perhaps we'll have a hard copy version available to sell and/or provide to Ontario programs that could use the information for their clients. Estimated Completion Date - February 28th

            Say hello to our new volunteer members! PJ has signed on to help us with website maintenance and projects! Katrina has signed on to be our volunteer coordinator and set up a volunteer program for us! I'm so SO grateful to these two for their support! They're going to make this the best year yet for SHC! Read more about them here:
UPDATE: We now have all the required funds to become a nonprofit organizations! THANK YOU! Stay tuned for updates about this process! 

Second Hope's Travelling Closet
             This project is aimed at helping shelters and rescues take awesome photos of their adoptable pets! Cute, funny, well taken photos can increase adoptions! We are currently working on building up a collection of costumes and props that can be loaned out to organizations. Along with some helpful photography tips, we hope this program will help organizations highlight their amazing pets! We're in the planning stages of this project and hope you can help! 

1. Submit ideas, articles or advice about this project, costumes and photography tips!
2. Donate costumes and/or props (pet safe!)

Potential 2014 Events
             Do you have an event you'd like us to attend? Send us an email and we'll be happy to look into it! Vendor fee must be under $50 (preferably under $25 or free!).

  May 17th: Second Hope Circle's First Annual Event! (Guelph ON) - Details still to come... see how you can help below!

  June 22nd: Pooch Party at Richmond Green Park (Richmond Hill ON) -

  August 16th: Pawlooza at the Plunkett Estate (London ON) -

  September: Bunfest at the Rob Rumball Centre for the Deaf (Toronto ON) -

SHC First Annual 2014 Event:
     Planning an event is no easy task and we're going to need YOUR help to make this happen! The event will *hopefully* be scheduled for May 17th, we are waiting on confirming our venue. Once the venue has been confirmed it's GO TIME! We'll need help with:

1. Volunteers for planning the event
2. Sponsors, donations of items etc.
3. Donation of advertising (in a newspaper, on a website, t-shirts for volunteers, banners/posters)
4. Volunteers for the day of (set up/take down, managing a booth, helping out visiting organizations, face painting etc!)
5. Special needs pet ambassadors (could be a adoptable pet or an adopted pet)

Email if you'd like to help! Subject line '2014 event'. 
Newest Participating Organization:
     I hope that you will join me in welcoming All Creatures Rescue! Operating in Toronto they take in all kinds of different animals. Animals are taken care of in foster care until they find the perfect home!

Website -
Facebook -
Twitter -

Want a list of all of our participating organizations? Visit our list on Facebook.

                                                                                                                                                   Hope all you humans and our furry friends stay warm for the remainder of winter! 
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Thanks! Kimberley Richards 
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