Second Hope Circle's October newsletter, includes Fall news, a grant competition and more! 
Second Hope Circle

SHC's October Newsletter!

Shc's October newsletter!

Includes event updates, news and a grant contest!

Plus find out about our newest participating rescues/shelters

Oh and find out about an October promotion for shc! 

Second Hope Circle is really taking off! I'm so happy to tell you that 23 rescues and shelters in Ontario are currently participating with Second Hope Circle and that number is growing every week! By connecting organizations across Ontario I hope to encourage collaboration among members of the animal community. By working together we can increase our impact and really accomplish long term goals like controlling pet overpopulation and an overall reduction in euthanazia due to space. There are so many projects that I want to start working on right now, but I have to remind myself one thing at a time! Always feel free to get in touch with me, share concerns or questions and contribute relevant resources and ideas! 
                                                                                                                                                                                                      - Kimberley Richards Project Director and Founder

Aviva Community Fund Competition:
       Second Hope Circle is competing in a grant competition again! This time we're hoping to enhance our SHC fund. If we win, we can continue to offer funding in emergency situations for our participating shelters and rescues. But not only that, SHC will be able to offer funding for things like behavioural training, less urgent medical procedures (dental work and more), spay/neuters, spay neuter clinics and TNR programs. This will make a difference for our participating organizations and the animals they care for. It will save lives and help animals become more adoptable. If you're interested in supporting this venture please vote once a day every day! You can vote through the website or you can also vote through Facebook!

     I would also like to mention here that a couple of SHC's participating rescues and shelters are also competing in this competition! Not everyone can win, but by sharing, voting and spreading the word about this competition you can increase the number of votes all around! Let's help Ontario's animals have a brighter future!

Thunder Bay and District Humane Society:

The Animal Guardian Society:

Fall Updates and News:
      A lot happened in September! Second Hope Circle went to BunFest on September 25th. It was a wonderful event that not only allowed me to connect with the public but connect with other organizations and businesses! It was a fun day filled with cute bunnies and enthusiastic owners. You can check out photos on the Facebook page.

      Several animals were also adopted! We wish Rayna, Tessa, Keele, Pearson and Carebear a wonderful life in their new forever homes! If you are thinking about adopting or fostering an animal in Ontario please feel free to get in touch with Second Hope Circle. You may not think a special needs or hard-to-place pet would be the right fit but that doesn't mean we can't help you find your new best friend! If possible we'll send you a list of rescues/shelters in your area along with contact information and if you're looking for a specific pet we can help you in your search! Any way that we can help the animals of Ontario find their new forever homes is totally worth it! 

     In October so far there have been two emergency funding requests. I'm so happy to say that a sweet little rat named Luna was able to have emergency surgery and a deserving dog is now able to have a dental extraction. It's great news all around and I'm so thankful that this fund was able to help them! 
     Second Hope Circle is also currently working on two projects. The first is an initiative to help Canada Volunteer update their Ontario animal organization listings. This will ensure that as many Ontario animals rescues and shelters are listed on their website and will be available to people looking to volunteer! Advertising and awareness are so important and I'm happy that I'm able to contribute. So far up to the letter 'E' has been updated so stay tuned for a more complete list!
     The second project that we are embarking on in partnership with The Feline Fund is to compile a list of potential adoptive and foster homes for FIV+ cats. These cats generally need to be kept away from other cats to reduce the risk of transferring the virus. Some veterinarians recommend euthanazia but this is misguided as the kitty's condition is completely manageable and most go on to live fairly normal lives. By compiling a list of people who are knowledgeable/willing to take on FIV+ cats, we can help those currently in shelters and rescues that are desperately seeking a place to go.
     If you're interested in learning more about either of these projects please feel free to email!

Newest Participating Rescues and Shelters:
     I hope that you will join me in my excitement and welcome our newest participating shelters and rescues! Since the agreements got sent out to every rescue and shelter I could find back in June, I have received responses back from all over Ontario. When I sent out our first newsletter a month ago, there were 11 participating organizations. That number has doubled and I hope it will continue to increase every month!

Precious Paws Rescue - All breed dog rescue (and cats!) in Barrie. PPR Fb Page 

Sheba's Haven Rescue - Palliative and senior dog rescue in Inverary. SHR Fb Page

Little Res Q - Turtle rescue in Toronto (also have foster homes throughout Ontario and Quebec). LRQ Fb Page   LRQ on Twitter

All Breed Canine Rescue - All breed dog/cat rescue in St. Thomas (Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford). ABCR Fb Group

Thunder Bay and District Humane Society - Cat, dog and small animal shelter in Thunder Bay. TBHS Fb Page

2nd Time Around Spaniel Rescue - Spaniel dog rescue in Oxford County. 

CK Animal Rescue - Dog rescue in Southern ON. CKAR Fb Page 

Hammy's Little Rescue - Cat rescue in Grandbend (Near London). Contact Miriam: OR 519-237-3590

Paws United Dog Rescue - All breed dog rescue in London. PUDR Fb Page

Boston Terrier Rescue Canada - Boston Terrier rescue throughout Ontario. BTRC Fb Page   BTRC on Twitter

Ladybird Animal Sanctuary - Cat, dog and small animal rescue in Hamilton. LAS Fb Page  LAS on Twitter

Canadian Dachshund Rescue Ontario - Dachshund dog rescue throughout Ontario. CDRO fB Page

SHC October Promotion:
     Are you interested in showing your support for Second Hope Circle in a visual way? Well with this month's SHC promotion you can do so for free! In honour or my favourite holiday (Thanksgiving!) and of course Halloween at the end of the month, you can receive an SHC window or bumper sticker for free! These stickers are usually $3 and $5 respectively (raising money for the SHC fund). All you need to do is email Second Hope Circle with your mailing address and answer the question 'How did you find out about Second Hope Circle?' (along with your preference of bumper sticker vs. window sticker). Exciting right?! One sticker per mailing address and sticker requests must be submitted by the 27th of October (12am). You can also request flyers to distribute to your local pet store/veterinarian. 
Find out more about the stickers (size, appearance etc.) by checking our Facebook album or on the website

     I hope you enjoyed our October newsletter! Look forward to receiving the next one in a month's time. If there are any emergencies between now and then you'll receive an action alert as well. Feel free to share our information with friends and encourage them to be responsible pet owners :) 
                                                                                                                                                                                           Thanks! Kimberley Richards Project Director and Founder

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