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SHC Needs Your Help!

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Important SHC News!

We desperately need your help!

Please vote and help save lives! 

Aviva Community Fund Competition: 

    We are currently competing in this grant competition so we can ensure the continuation of the SHC fund past January! Why is this so important? The SHC fund helps animal organizations in Ontario save lives! By helping out our participating orgs in emergency situations (life or death medical procedures or lack of funds) we are helping rescued animals in Ontario find forever homes. This is the final round and our last chance to win a grant, so please please VOTE! Share with friends, tell co-workers, fellow students and local businesses! We need everyone's votes and we need people to vote everyday! Plus we are hoping this grant will allow us to increase the use of the fund to include spay/neuters, less urgent medical procedures and behavioural training. This will help decrease the number of unwanted animals while increasing adoptions for rescued animals!

How to Vote:

     1. Go to this webpage:
     2. Register to vote (please contact SHC if you run into any difficulties)
     3. Confirm registration through email sent, remember to check your spam folder
     4. VOTE! (You can vote every single day!)

Alternatively through Facebook

     1. Go to this webpage:
     2. Accept the application's terms of service
     3. Search idea number 11701 or 'Second Hope Circle'
     4. Vote daily through Facebook!

(After registering to vote through the website or Facebook, voting should only take 5 seconds!)

        Thank you so much for your support. This grant will help SHC help our participating shelters and rescues save lives! By voting you will be a huge part of this and I can't thank you enough! So THANK YOU! 
                                                                                                                                                                                   - Kimberley Richards Project Director and Founder of SHC

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