Second Hope Circle's April and May newsletter - includes news, updates and our summer fundrasing goal!
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April & May Updates!

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Our fundraising goals to become registered!

What has SHC been doing?
            The past couple of months have been steadily busy. While I have nothing major to report, the everyday routine is actually quite fun! Several website updates have been made, including an update to our list of participating organizations and some of our useful links. We had some amazing Koodo Microvolunteers check out the site and suggest edits that have really improved our website's quality! Another volunteer was kind enough to create a new Twitter background for us and it looks great! Thank you microvolunteers! 
            The main thing that I've been doing is prepping for and applying to events. Not only are events a great way for Second Hope Circle to fundraise, they're a wonderful way to interact with people and let them know about Second Hope Circle and our services! I've been busy making cat & dog toys and thinking up other fundraisers for these events. We'll also have print outs of all our factsheets and people will be able to ask questions and find out more about special needs pets in Ontario looking for homes! Check out the events we will be going to... hope to see you there!

  June 9th and 10th: Ecofest Barrie at Heritage Park (Barrie ON) -

  June 24th: Pooch Party at Richmond Green Park (Richmond Hill ON) -

   August 18th: Pawlooza at the Plunkett Estate (London ON) -

   September 23rd: Bunfest at the Rob Rumball Centre for the Deaf (Toronto ON) -
         Adoptions are my favourite part of Second Hope Circle's mission! Several adoptions happened in March, April and May; we wish Agatha, Magic, Voodo and Tom a wonderful life in their new forever homes! Oh and remember the sweet little kitty 'Mina' that topped our last newsletter... well she's been adopted too!

Newest Participating Organizations:
     I hope that you will join me in my excitement and welcome our newest participating rescues! There are now 36 participating organizations! I can't wait until we reach 50! If you are interested in seeing a list of all SHC's participating rescues and shelters please go to our useful links page!

Ontario Spaniel Rescue - Rescues spaniel breeds in Ottawa Ontario. OSR FB Page. OSR Twitter

New Hope Animal Rescue - Animal rescue in Guelph Ontario. New Hope FB Page

Interesting Resources to Check out:
     Below I've included some interesting resources that I've come across through my involvement in Second Hope Circle and my quest to help animals in Ontario! There are a lot of cool organizations out there with so much information! Feel free to pass along this info to your friends! If you are looking for a particular resource or would like to suggest a topic that Second Hope Circle should tackle in our next factsheet please get in touch!

Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre - dedicated to helping turtles in Ontario, they are able to treat turtles with life threatening conditions!

The Toronto Pet Daily - A blog with lots of cool pet articles. Check out this article on the top ten reasons to adopt an older cat!
Chocolate Toxicity Calculator - A useful tool that can evaluate if you should take your dog to a vet after it has consumed an amount of chocolate. Not to be used as a complete alternative to a veterinary opinion, as you should always take your pet to a vet if you are concerned.

Koodo Microvolunteering - Awesome website that allows nonprofits to post small tasks they need help with and volunteers to tackle them online in a short amount of time.

Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada - Organization promoting animal welfare and research in Canada, and they also have a grant program for animal welfare projects!

Our summer fundraising goal is $1000: 
     We are trying to raise enough money to become a registered nonprofit organization this summer! This is important because not only because it will give us more credibility with the public and other organizations, we will also have more opportunities for fundraising and grants. It costs approximately $1000 to register through legal fees and application costs. Any excess money raised will go directly into our emergency fund for rescued pets! Please consider donating and help us reach our goal!

Online Raffle: 
starting around the 25th of June. We are looking for people and businesses to
sponsor baskets and donate items and gift certificates. All businesses that donate will
be promoted on our Facebook, Twitter and website. Plus they will be included in a list of
sponsors in each basket. If you would like to donate please get in touch!

Donate online through our 'Go Fund Me' Page. It's easy to donate via Paypal on this
page, plus there are fun incentives when you donate!

Send a Cheque to the address below, made payable to Second Hope Circle: 
Second Hope Circle                                                                                                                                 
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P.O. Box 61019
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