Second Hope Circle's November newsletter, includes news, an Action Alert and a grant competition! 
Second Hope Circle

SHC's November Newsletter!

Shc's Monthly Newsletter!

Includes News, An action alert & the Aviva grant contest!

Plus find out about our newest participating rescues/shelters

Oh and find out about a new way to support SHC! 

I don't have as much to report for the month of October but it's still been quite busy! A couple new organizations have joined up - bring out total to 26 rescues and shelters across Ontario! There are several fundraising initiatives going on right now so that the SHC fund can continue to operate and grow. This fund provides much needed resources to shelters and rescues facing emergency situations. Sometime in the future I would love to support our amazing organizations through spay/neuter, training costs and other expenses so that they can continue to do the work that they do! 
                                                                                                                                                                                                      - Kimberley Richards Project Director and Founder

Action Alert!
      The Thunder Bay and District Humane Society is facing a crisis financial situation! If they do not raise enough funds by December they will be forced to close. Currently they receive no monetary support from the Government, city of Thunder bay or the OSPCA and rely solely on donations from the public. Any support is greatly appreciated at this time, their services are a vital part of the community and help to re-home hundreds of animals every year. Please visit their website for more information and to find out how to make a financial contribution.

Aviva Community Fund Competition:
       Second Hope Circle is still competing in the Aviva Community Fund Competition. We're hoping to enhance our SHC fund. If we win, we can continue to offer funding in emergency situations for our participating shelters and rescues. But not only that, SHC will be able to offer funding for things like behavioural training, less urgent medical procedures (dental work and more), spay/neuters, spay neuter clinics and TNR programs. This will make a difference for our participating organizations and the animals they care for. It will save lives and help animals become more adoptable. If you're interested in supporting this venture please vote once a day every day! You can vote through the website or you can also vote through Facebook! 
**The third and final round of voting starts on Monday November 14th. Please vote everyday and share with friends!

     I would also like to mention here that a couple of SHC's participating rescues and shelters are also competing in this competition! Not everyone can win, but by sharing, voting and spreading the word about this competition you can increase the number of votes all around! Let's help Ontario's animals have a brighter future!

Thunder Bay and District Humane Society:

The Animal Guardian Society:

Fall Updates and News:
       A couple adoptions happened this past month, we wish Fluffy and Lady a wonderful life in their new forever homes! Adoptions are my favourite part of Second Hope Circle's mission! We have also received several funding requests so I will be keeping you posted on those in the future! It will be so nice to hear how the animals are doing after their procedures. 
      I organized a very successful Think Recycle Drive in my neighbourhood. Over 50 ink cartridges were collected and 5 cell phones. These items are such a wonderful way not only to reduce our impact on the environment, but also to earn funds for Second Hope Circle so that we can reach our goal of becoming non-profit and also continue to support our participating organizations through funding. If you are interested in learning more about the Think Recycle program, would like to make a donation or organize your own recycle drive please contact

      On October 20th I was featured talking about Second Hope Circle in the University of Guelph newspaper! Publicity is always great and will hopefully increase awareness about SHC and adoption of pets in Ontario! You can read the article here (go to page 3):
       Sheba's Haven Rescue was chosen as one of 6 animal rescues/shelters (around the world) to receive a Christmas donation of toys and money! The Santa Paws Drive supports 6 animal organizations each Christmas and this year they are focusing on organizations that help special needs pets. Sheba's Haven Rescue takes in senior and palliative care dogs. Through Second Hope Circle's and your nominations, this wonderful organization will be receiving treats, toys and money for their doggie residents. Woohooo!!! Please consider making a donation to help animals and organizations around the world! Donate:

       Many updates have occurred on the SHC Blog and on the Second Hope Circle website! Both were a little outdated so I'm very happy with the changes! I'm currently working on updating the participating shelters & rescues events page. The new format will allow you to see all of the month's upcoming events as well as past events. The useful links page has also received a makeover and unless I've missed one (feel free to let me know!) the entire site now has inclusive language. So whenever you see 'shelter' you should also see 'rescue'. Both types of organizations do amazing work and Second Hope Circle is happy to work with both!

Newest Participating Rescues and Shelters:
     I hope that you will join me in my excitement and welcome our newest participating shelters and rescues! Since the agreements got sent out to every rescue and shelter I could find back in June, I have received responses back from all over Ontario. When I sent out our first newsletter a month ago, there were 23 participating organizations. That number has now gone up to 26 and I hope it will continue to increase every month!

Kingston Animal Rescue - Primarily small animal rescue in Kingston. KAR Fb Page

Jack Russell Terrier Rescue Ontario - Jack Russell rescue for Ontario. JRTRO Fb Group

Hungry and Homeless Cat Rescue - Cat rescue in Ottawa. HHCR Fb Page

If you are interested in seeing a list of all SHC's participating rescues and shelters please go to our useful links page!

SHC's Newest Fundraising Venture:
      There is a new and easy way to support Second Hope Circle! We have now opened up a 'shop' on This website allows us to sell products with our logo and other sayings and earn royalties for each item sold! It's a great way to sell SHC merchandise because we don't have to buy in bulk hoping there is interest in the items we buy! There are tons of different items like magnets, t-shirts, hats and even skateboards! Plus you can show your support of Second Hope Circle or your love for your rescued pet (like 'I love my rescued pets')! It may be a bit early but Christmas is coming up so perhaps you can use the Second Hope Circle Zazzle shop to find the perfect gift! If you have any suggestions or requests for images please don't hesitate to email Thanks!

     I hope you enjoyed our November newsletter! Look forward to receiving the next one in a month's time. If there are any emergencies between now and then you'll receive an action alert as well. If you have any adoption related questions please pass them along! 
                                                                                                                                                                                           Thanks! Kimberley Richards Project Director and Founder

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