December 15th 2011

What an autumn at Small Planet!  Here we share highlights with you and look forward to your news, Frances & Anna

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Diet for a Small Planet 40th anniversary recipe photo contest!

EcoMind book tour to 14 cities, a rewarding whirlwind of learning!

From Hawaii, where Governor Abercrombie’s agenda is food self-sufficiency, UMass Amherst where students dedicated a  permaculture garden , one special memory is Mt. Holyoke College (my talk is on C-Span).  A student told me that after reading EcoMind, she stopped scolding fellow students about the environment and started sharing her excitement about solutions. She’s making EcoMind her Christmas gift for friends and family. Yay! -- Frances

Dismayed about the demise of public discourse?  Take a stand with us!

Upset by the collapse of basic standards in public discourse, I was shocked that Oxford University Press, the “gold standard” of academic publishing, is also caving: Its top officials defended their publication of a book on life-and-death questions of food and hunger containing no citations for its many inflammatory claims and no disclosure of the author's tie to the Monsanto Co, about which he writes favorably. So, six distinguished colleagues and I are asking all who believe that democratic society depends on fair and fact-based exchange to please sign our petition at Scholarly Standards at Risk imploring Oxford University Press to uphold basic standards in scholarship. -- Frances

“Food and Climate Change: The Forgotten Link.”

My book Diet for a Hot Planet is alerting people everywhere of the food-link Now there’s a new report from GRAIN that underscores my message. It says that 25 to 40 percent of current excess carbon dioxide comes from “destruction of soils.” That means that moving to ecological farming would “allow the offset of between 24-30% of current GHG emissions.” -- Anna

10th Anniversary of Small Planet Fund celebrates Real Food Challenge!

A smashing success of laughter and learning, our December gala exceeded our highest hopes. Anim Steel of the Real Food Challenge told 140 guests (munching fabulous organic food from Cleaver Co.) how students on 350 campuses have persuaded campus decision-makers to commit to making at least 20% of campus food “real”—respecting “human dignity and health, animal welfare, social justice and environmental sustainability”—by 2020: The goal? One billion dollars moved to real food purchases in ten years. -- Frances & Anna

Occupy Wall Street, get $$ out of politics!

In EcoMind I say that, once thinking like an ecosystem and getting curious about root causes, we can see our power to remove money’s control over politics—a key to environmental and economic sanity. The Occupy Movement can unite Americans around this realization, crossing political differences. In Don’t Think of a Pig: Why 'Corporate Greed' Is The Wrong Frame, my son Anthony Lappé and I make this case. -- Frances

40 Years of the Food Movement, travel through time with our interactive timeline

Discover here well over 150 landmark moments on this extraordinary journey from an era in which “organic” only brought up memories of a failed chemistry course to today, when organic food is one of the fastest growing food categories; from a nation in which farmers markets were still illegal in some states to over 7,000 today, growing 17 percent in just the last year. -- Anna

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Diet for a Small Planet 40th Anniversary Recipe Photo Contest!

Forty years have passed since Frances originally published her seminal work, Diet for a Small Planet.  In celebration of this milestone, we want to hear (and see!) just what your favorite recipes from Diet are.  Send us a photo of your favorite recipe from the book-- one lucky winner will receive a copy of Frances' newest book, EcoMind: Changing the Way We Think to Create the World We Want.  To enter, e-mail us the name of the recipe and your photo by 1/15/2012.  Winner will be notified by e-mail, and the winning photo will be placed with its recipe on our website.

Give a Holiday Gift that Inspires

Jane Goodall says that EcoMind is “powerful and inspiring.  [It] will open your eyes and change your thinking. I want everyone to read it.” A chapter by Frances also opens Dream of a Nation, which Alice Walker says “offers hundreds of ideas and examples of how smart, committed, and daring we can be”  in facing environmental, economic and societal challenges. 100% of the proceeds from Dream of a Nation support the civil society movement.


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